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  1. Now can I upload image? Are you think this is that usefull than this? After get least 4 of original I will cut it in half or order more cada's joint.
  2. Hello I'm new to train tech forum. Here is my extreme tight turn monorail. If I operate car in reverse it make very noticeable clicking sound due to teeth on banana gear but overall works well.
  3. I get spike motor and want to know how to work it. It's nealy impossable to disassemble without breaking. Even shaft is strangly locked to upper parts. Back part(dark azure), number 39546 Motor, circuit board, wire and wire clip(don't have part number here) 2 stage planetary gear reduction(I don't count gear tooth) Some massive bevel gear Magnet encoder shaft and upper parts, number 39544(can't disassemble more so can't fine shaft part number) Lower part, number 41775 Lower part Upper part and shaft, bevel gear, stage 1 planetary gear Black part of shaft is magnet Stage 2 plenetary gear and encoder circuit board Inside of under part Motor assembled with planetary gear and other basic thing Motor is same size with PF/C+ L motor, train motor's internal motor. Bigger than 130 used in M motor. according to motor size, I think spike medium motor use 130 like M motor. Inserting massive bevel gear for shaft Bevel gear and shaft connect like this. connect shaft part to base motor part. But according to strange connection of under part, You nees motor part put in to under part first. If add upper or lower part like this picture, you can't put under part. If you have any question, say to me.
  4. I think it's probably because the small motor's internal gear ratio is higher than the others. Actually, if you turn each motor connected to the dummy battery box by hand, the LED of the battery box shines brightest when you turn the small motor. Although it has serious efficiency compared to others to use as a real generator, perhaps because the internal motor is small.
  5. IDK this is real but front black shock looks like harder than ducati's pearl gold version.
  6. Progress 4 BW3 is keep turn off after drive just 1m straight due to low current limit so I change to Cada's motor and battery now work very well. I tested C+ motors also but it is to much slow. Original 1.4:1 gear reduction is also work but it also make turn off after 30 sec free drive so I reduce ratio to 4.2:1 and it's work fine. After that, I changed roof to use tile and add headlight, bumper and wing. Still need to tweak but now I can say it is 95% finish.
  7. I usually stop making because my design sence. Hyundai N74 1:10 - chassis done but BW3 current limit problem and exterior problem. Tamiya hot shot RC - stoped by BW3 problem. Waiting CADA's battery and motor now. Ferrari 512 M - chassis with 5+R transmission is done. But exterior problem. TC24 spaceship - also exterior. DJI robomaster - drive base done, BB bullet shooting done but I don't know how to connect both. Only have on idea 1st prize in baldi's math - I'm thinking how will make those pipe frame Tiny desk enginner - I'm thinking string link Mini AE86 - only tested main drift wheel. now thinking how will make exterior. Ford escort RS1800 mk.2 - micro chassis tested Tesla model X - chassis made but not tested Korean MBT K1A1 - made only gear pack and part of caterpillar
  8. So, my model's main function is based idea of this moc. I think those scissor link flying mechanism will very well fit on this contest. Original model is motorised manual but I want make my entry as RC model so I used 2 motor for rolling small fake wheel. I hope it can steer well. Currently I used black and orange beam but I will buy trans clear 15L beam and change to it. Maybe I will use 1~2 Sbrick. Don't care about something on front.
  9. Normal frame can use differential only with normal axle but those frame can use with 5.5 stop for stronger wheel connection.
  10. Finally finish my version of studless 8480 Space shuttle. I got idea in 1 year ago but started and finish recently. This model use 1 C+ dumb battery, 1 C+ L motor, 1 spike essential's small motor and 1 chinese C+ extension cable, 3 red light brick. Feature Motorised Cargo bay open/close Crane with satellite up/down Crane with satellite rotate(limit in 90') Satellite solar panel expend/close Sequential rear booster light Manual Folding landing gear using lever on left wing Moving flap using lever on right wing Moving flap in vertical tail fin Working lever in cabin(Second transmission lever for B model) It's also easy to change batteries, as you only need to remove the vertical tail fin and two motor switchs. I planned also made B model later.
  11. Speaking of pneumatic, I always wanted electrical valve. Considering it only need 3 position and spike essential's 3x3 light matrix, one C+ port can control least 9 switch at once. And same way, PF-C+ converter also need to control 9 motor at once. And similar to pneumatic motors, if we have a rotary pneumatic pump (approximately 3x3x5 in size?) it will be much easier to integrate the pump into the motorized model. Motors with shafts coming out of both sides, or motors that are water-tight, are also useful. A small solenoid actuator operated by an electromagnet with a stroke of about 3 studs (equivalent to a 5L v2 cylinder) would also be useful, but I don't know what to use right now.
  12. Free slide(like 8t frictionless) 16, 20t and 24t will be useful
  13. Boxart concept Comparison with original model All gearing Booster function Bey function Crane turning function Crane lifting function Solarpanel function Working flap Working landing gear I finish B model now. Function is same with original but I add leftover wheel on bottom of submarine so model can rolling on floor. There is 2 switch on backside of cabin. Original model located pole reverser switch on there but I connect those switch with batterybox's switch using link. Actual battery is located on bottom of submarine so battery can easly changeable. Frone switch control vehicle. Work very well but hard to go outside from sub because of thick cable and fast speed. Rear switch control main motor. Can flip onnly one direction like original B model. When switch is on, 2 lightbrick on side start blinking alternately and rear propeller turning. Each side lever control sub's cargo bey's upper and lower part. Like original B model, flip direction of lever choose working direction of each part of bey. Of course periscope is working too using yellow wedge belt wheel like original B model. Opining both bey of sub and take out vehicle
  14. Damn I also think undercover police. I hope see final model soon.
  15. Wheel for classic car which is polybag scale? Anyway I want that.
  16. Remove stop part. I remember like that.
  17. you can't deny. I'm going to get several and cut some of them for making as your's. Fore some reason it is double sided but axle on middle part like softaxle. You have axle on those part but can't use it. I don't know why.
  18. I can't show picture to you cause it's now in embargo but 100% confirm your version MUCH better than offical parts.
  19. Old 3L diff has single bevel 28t for drive. If this part come can make diff lock much simpler. Knob wheel is very stronger than regular gear but current part you can make only 1:1 gear ratio. If knob wheel has more teeth it can use for heavy duty drivetrain. 9.5L hard shock is to rare in this time but very useful due to it's strength and length. I'm very happy TLG make alternative shock in M1000RR/daytona but it is to much hard.
  20. Single bevel 28t Double/single bevel 60t, 140t Large size ring which has same size with large banana but looks like friends ring Knob wheel which has more tooth than 4t Worm gear shaped 2x2 round brick and crown gear shaped 4x4 round plate which can mesh with splat gears catapiller tread link but no tread to make shape of heavy duty chain Little softer version(same strength as old 9.5L hard yellow shock) of M1000RR/daytona's shock Ring gear which has teeth both inside and outside Modifited version of part 18942 lack gear but has connectivity on both end like large banana Half stud thick gears(not bevel type) 5x5 size frame but has 24t ring gear inside Transparent panel Longer half stud thick liftarm 1x3 half stud thick liftarm but has axle hole only like cam without cam part
  21. Speed controll switch on PF system Every time when I use PF poll reverser switch I think this will very useful with servo motor. I already submit on new elementary's part contest. But PF is discontinued now.
  22. So can't make this kind of thing? Or how about add wheel for 'slide' looking like this? If not, than I think add on rule about is better.