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  1. When it's Christmas in space, there's only one machine big enough to place the Christmas tree...
  2. Mr Benn

    EB Xmas Raffle 2013

    Here's my entry - it's Mr Benn changing into his Santa outfit, ready for some excellent Christmas adventure... I'd love to see all these decorations all hung on one huge tree! :D
  3. Mr Benn

    [LDD][MOD] 7937 Double Train Station

    One thing to consider here is the slight 'practicality' of what you've put together - there isn't really a reason for there to be a central island at all - as long as the trains have doors on both sides, you only need one platform per track. This is a failure of the inital design having two platforms and only one track width - I just extended my bridge to have it spanning two tracks, as seen with most of the small railway stations here in the UK. I'm not being crticial though, the station really suits being both widened and extended and the designs on this page look good!
  4. Mr Benn

    [MOC] Architecture - Lisbon Oceanarium

    This is a superb representation of a superb building, well done - I like that when you look in through the roof you can see the foliage and rocks from the different large exhibits. I've been maybe 6 times having spent quite a bit of time in Lisbon- it is well worth a visit as they have some brilliant displays, ranging from the previously mentioned Ocean Sunfish and manta rays in the massive central tank to California sea otters, penguins and thousands of amazing fish in the other exhibits :)
  5. Mr Benn

    EB SW Xmas raffle 2012

    Pleasingly mysterious package arrived with me today - a very nice surprise - many thanks CopMike :)
  6. It wasn't just the Daily Mail, this was also in the Daily Telegraph here: http://www.telegraph...r-Wars-set.html - I think it was page 3 or 5 of the paper! This is pretty decent publicity for Lego really - anyone with a lick of sense knows that the accusations are just a bit crazy, but they've managed to get pictures of the full model into severl national papers worldwide.. not bad going! I like the part in the Telegraph story where it quite diplomatically says "Jabba’s domed home and accompanying watchtower bear, according to the statement, an unwanted resemblance to Istanbul’s great Hagia Sophia, and another mosque in Beirut."
  7. Mr Benn

    MOD: Olivia's Modular House

    Hi - thanks for your comments! @Aanchir - I do agree that some of the floors look a little sparse and I agree about the ground floor - it's quite hard to both create enough space for the existing furniture whilst stopping it from being too cluttered! And I do agree that the front facade is a little more plain than the nicely SNOTted fronts of the other buildings, possibly because I've chosen those buildings - I think that next to Market Street it looks more comparable! With regards to how many extra bricks were needed, I think that I had a heap of green tiles already and got the stairs out of another set, as well as some pieces out of some of the pink brick boxes, and had to add the pavement bit in the front, but the majority of the pieces for the house did indeed come from the two sets, and there's plenty left over!
  8. Mr Benn

    MOD: Olivia's Modular House

    B-RM-10D Hi Everyone - just wanted to share my quick conversion of the Friends Olivia's House into a simple yet effective modular standard design instead! Pleasingly the house is already the right width and already designed to stack... although there are a distinct lack of stairs and back of the house - this MOD is pretty much a simple amalgamation of two Olivia's House sets together with just a few extra pieces, and the staircase design taken from the townhouse next door. Excellent for those of us who aren't natural MOC-ers!
  9. Mr Benn

    EB SW Xmas raffle 2012

    It's an old joke, but still a good one! :)
  10. Mr Benn

    Discontinuation Speculation

    I bought 3677 a few months ago now at one of the brand shops, but it was on sale, which generally seems to suggest winding down of stock - weird that it's still available so easily on S@H though!
  11. Nothing stays sealed with me - I don't ever buy to resell, so the only reason that I still have a whole ton of sets still sealed is because I haven't had the time to get them all out yet! I have to say that I don't think I could save sets sealed for any children who might like them later on - ultimately, you might as well just keep to resell and you'll then be able to get the stuff that they're interested in and want when they're old enough, rather than stuff that they might see as a bit passe!
  12. IIRC the Pet Shop instructions missed out one of the window boxes that is shown on the front of the box, but you get all the pieces for it so I guess it was just a glitch with the instructions. Ultimately I just go with what looks nice :)
  13. Mr Benn

    Layout: Serveja Vilage

    very nice diorama! I really like the little Portuguese house with the blue bordering, just like so many houses there, love the roof too!
  14. Mr Benn

    TLG Train Sets - What Triggers 'Buy'?

    Unfortunately trains are a very low priority for TLG - there isn't quite the interest in them overall as us train enthusiasts would hope! Check out this thread over at brickset, the posts by Lego_Nabii (who works for TLG) are very enlightening in this respect.
  15. Mr Benn

    MOC : an antique shop

    Really nice MOC! Love the exterior (though no sign? Maybe could put a shiled up or something?), and really love the cluttered-inside feel that antique shops have. If you were in the UK, you'd also have to include a tv production team recording one of an infinite number of antiques buying-and-selling programmes that we have here!!