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  1. Just received my card today, Washington DC
  2. 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    18651: Just remove the part from the build, save it as a copy, upload to bricklink then add it by hand, seems to work just fine, but for some reason it doesn't automatically recognize it.
  3. 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    you are correct, same thing on my Falcon, I didn't pay attention to it until you just pointed it out. Frankly I"m not entirely sure why those 2 pices are used there. Looking at the pictures of the falcons the radius of the gangway is the same all around. Perhaps different shade, but there shouldn't be an indent or w/e you wanna call it.
  4. [MOD] UCS Slave 1 (anti-droop/bend when on stand)

    I just looked at my Slave I, it's been on the stand for about 15 months now. Everything seems to be in order, though I guess i'll add these parts in just to prevent it from drooping in the future.
  5. 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Great, thanks for the LXF, I can surely use the space that putting it vertically will save :D
  6. 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    efferman were there any mods to the falcon itself other than taking out the landing legs or are the holes already in place and lined up? (I'm at work so can't look at my falcon this very second)
  7. 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    efferman did you secure the panels on the top somehow? I made the mistake of trying to look under the falcon last night and ended up spending an hour putting it back together
  8. 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    That's quite an impressive stand, I've been thinking of building something similar, though the weight is a bit of a concern to me.
  9. 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    If you could take pictures of the engine mod without the top panels that would be great, i'd like to replicate something similar but need a definitive part count as I most certainly don't have extras of them.
  10. Does anyone know what the blue axle pins are for in steps 377 (2x) and 426? 2 of them are in the engine assembly and one in the forward section. The 4x2 beam they attach to is holding the top panels but the axle pins themselves seem to serve no purpose whatsoever or am I missing something?
  11. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    i'm just happy i got my hands on one :D
  12. Just fyi I managed to pick one up this morning (30 minutes ago) in Tyson's corner store in Washington DC. They got "a few" but couldn't give me a number due to their shipment just getting in, just fished one out for me. I expect other stores in the states will get some as well, should check with managers for their delivery dates. It's Monday/Thursday for me. I expect the other stores in the DC area got a few as well. There was a guy behind me picking up one, so I don't expect them to last. However people in the later time zones may get a chance to pick one up.
  13. From what I was told at the store 3 stores in Washington DC got a total of 17 sets split 11, 3, 3. I live near the one with the most. People starting lining up at 4 and mall security apparently kicked them out so the Lego store employees "had to do something". The gave out tickets to the first 11 people in line. That's not really what gets me though. While I did expect a line I didn't expect them to sell the sets at 6 or 7 am, because they "had to do something".
  14. Been trying to order one online all morning after missing out in the store, never got to the checkout, now says out of stock :(
  15. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Tysons corner lego store in Washington apparently got 11 and they were sold out by 6 this morning even though the store doesn't open till 10. Tons of people outside by 10 I was first in line, needless to say I didn't get one.