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  1. [MOC] Skeleton XL

    Really like this car! Redrim is better
  2. [TC10] Wheel Loader

    Hi guys. Sorry wheel loader is fail but new projects by tc10 coming soon.
  3. [TC10] Wheel Loader

    Thank you. It I also was good if you consider the design from the beginning. But, I wanted to use a large cylinder, I think that trying to make is first to consider the design. Thank you:) I understand
  4. [TC10] Wheel Loader

    HI! I'm back I think design is more bigger. I like KOMATSU WA1200-6 ever seen in a Wheel Loader. When it tires change is 94.3x38R and chassis strtch. And,more functions -pendular suspension -minipump work m motor I start modifty SEE YOU SOON
  5. [TC10] Wheel Loader

    Thanks comment:)Yeah I think bucket arm is not smooth work. I rebuilding bucket arm Thanks:)
  6. [TC10] Wheel Loader

    Sorry I'm Miss;(
  7. [TC10] Wheel Loader

    Yeah I'm back [PROGRESS] -AWD is cmplete but hit the full size gear on turntable so use half size gear. http://bricksafe.com...JPG/800x600.jpg -4cylinder boxer is complete -Moving pneumatic cylinder -longer slim cylinder plus -Black exhaust pipe http://bricksafe.com...JPG/800x600.jpg thanks.
  8. [TC10] Wheel Loader

    actually no but I don't have short big cylinder :(Thanks comment:)
  9. HI guys I'm entry for TC10 I build is Wheel Loader Functions that will be included: -AWD -Steering (complete) -4clynder boxer engine -Working bucket (complete) -Pneumatc open engine hood -engine detail progress
  10. [WIP] 6x4 military vehicle

    Sorry this MOC failed:(
  11. [WIP] 6x4 military vehicle

    Thank you for providing information