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  1. zouave

    Chubby Tank!

    Nice job, it looks great. It reminds me of the tanks off Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.
  2. zouave

    The Steam Empire

    I couldn't find a picture so heres a rough description. Instead of the vertical propellers hanging outside the craft, this had column-like shafts going through the outer edge. It gave it a sleeker more forboding look to me. I did find this which may come in handy later. http://www.acyborgreality.com/wp-content/u...51-1024x640.jpg By a little side craft with flapping wings would you mean something like the flying crafts from Castle in the Sky or Howl's Traveling Castle?
  3. zouave

    The Steam Empire

    Hello all, I've finally able to get back to this. Me and a few friends have been working like crazy to finish a 30 minute animation for a small local film festival. Anyways, I've read through everything I missed and I see things have really progressed. I'm thinking of some vertical propellers but I can't find the pic. I'll search and post it later.
  4. zouave

    The Steam Empire

    It sounds like the steam castle is going to be epic. Since its flying, maybe a few propellers could be added for extra effect.
  5. zouave

    A few steampunk mocs.

    I think Tereglith summarised it all up. I like the brown speeder. The captains wheel reminds me of airship propellers off a Studio Ghibli movie.
  6. zouave

    War Prisoners

    Nice job on the wagon. It looks great. Serves those Yanks right.
  7. zouave

    The Steam Empire

    Nice job on the minifigs. I wonder what a combination of 1 & 2 would look like.
  8. zouave

    Steam Police Modified Baracuda Airship

    That is insanely awesome. The engine is great. Really great. The overall design looks nice too.
  9. zouave

    Steampunk speeder

    Just got back from the relatives so here goes. Great moc. The look great. I like how there aern't gears sticking out every where. The hidden compartment is a nice touch.
  10. zouave

    Confederate Supply Wagon

    Yet another great civil war moc. I like all the brown instead of black. Too bad Brickadier General doesn't come around anymore. He'd enjoy this. On the edited wording, shouldn't Virginia be shown with West Virginia still apart of it?
  11. zouave

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I watched Grave of the Fireflies. Its a great but sad movie. I'm normally not an anime fan but lately I've been watching alot of Studio Ghibli.
  12. zouave

    How do you listen to your music?

    I like to listen to classical on XM Pops on satellite radio. Its better than a ipod because I have no idea if I'll like what's coming next. You appreciate it better that way.
  13. zouave

    Artillery Transport

    Really nice job Brickster. The wagon looks great. Its a bit innacurate since there was little railway out west at the time.
  14. zouave

    Confederate Hideout

    Very nice Brickster. The bombed out building is nicely done. Just some possibly useful background info, there was Confederate force out west. Commanded by General Sibly with task of uniting California to CSA.
  15. If there ever was a series I wanted to collect it'd be the Adventurers. I also like your Western collection.