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  1. dongo

    MOC: Crystal Palace

    Yep, Hoex, it will be in the Hispalug Expo and hopefully just by your Mega Moc. I've chosen to use more and more trans and reduce framework to minimum because the white hinges already make lines. I just wanted to build something transparent and taking the challenge of building a structure without tricks using a light but solid and stable structure. The moc is completed with a pond in front of it and I'll probably add some modern style sculptures because the real building is a museum.
  2. dongo

    MOC: Crystal Palace

    Hi all, This is my last creation, the Crystal Palace, a MOC based on a building that you can find if you visit Madrid, Spain.
  3. dongo

    Coastguard HQ Modular Building

    I love the colours, and the effect of the water is brilliant. Great Mod.
  4. dongo

    Ancient Egypt

    Thanks to all for your kind words. Pics from the inside of the pyramid
  5. A scene from the ancient Egypt with the pyramid, a temple, the sphinx, obelisks, oasis and The Nile. I had to change the scale to make the buildings bigger, and the trophies from the minifigs series are the best to achieve the effect. Hope you like it
  6. dongo

    Temple and ruin

    A Greek or Roman temple as it was built more than 20 centuries ago. But my interest this time wasn't the temple itself, but to represent the time between that brand new temple with its colours and elegant proportions and the current state of that beautiful buildiing after two thousand years exposed to climatic adversities, earthquakes, and above all the human impact with wars, destruction and who knows... Hope you like it
  7. dongo

    The architect's house (Modular)

    Sorry but MOC pages crash is the cause of the problem, I'll try to solve it as soon as possible. Done!
  8. B-RM-1D Mr. Pritzker bought an old house in his home town and made some changes to adapt it to modern times. He built an elevator to gain more space inside and he also redecorated all the rooms. In the groud floor we find the dining room, the kitchen and a corridor with the elevator. On the first floor we have the room and the bathroom and on the second floor the living room with two separated areas, one for the TV and the other for reading. At the back there is a balcony with a garden of giant cactus. More pictures in the gallery: My link
  9. dongo


    Thank you all for your comments. There is no much space inside to add more decoration. I may use the Anubis minifigs from the PQ pyramid as the decorative statues inside. The dark tiling outside was used as contrast to the dominant tan keeping the desert scenery. Hey, Legostein, there is already a trap door above the pharao to get to the upper level
  10. To tell you the truth, it is not 100% my own creation but my twelve-year old son's. I just gave him some advice here and there but it was him who had the idea and made it plastic bricks. I suggested using a hinge so that we could see the inner chambers with the guardian statues and the figures of the pharaoh and his wife. Above them, a door trap to gain the upper floor where the dead pharao rests for ever... or not Hope you like it
  11. dongo

    Unearthing the temple

    No more digging for Carter's team. They have finally removed all the sand and stones accumulated along the centuries and the temple of Debod now shines under the fierce sun of the Nubian Desert. Professor Carter is now taking pictures with his old "Leica" and he also finds time to take the last shot of the whole team in front of the temple. This MOC was inspired by the real temple of Debod that you can see in Madrid, Spain, my hometown. It was a present of the Egyptian government for the Spanish collaboration to save the famous temple of Abu Simbel from drawning after the construction of Asswan Dam.
  12. dongo

    Unearthing the temple

    Excavation continues... Professor Carter thinks he has succeeded in finding the temple of Debod and hurries the people in digging and digging... but he won't take a shovel!
  13. dongo

    Unearthing the temple

    The excavation continues under the sun. Professor Carter examines every detail of the temple.
  14. dongo

    Unearthing the temple

    The dune is half hollow and half solid. What it is inside we will see...
  15. dongo

    Unearthing the temple

    After a lot of digging a roof and part of a chapitel came out from the sand...