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    [MOC] Skoda 110R

    Excellent build!
  2. Soviet/Russian missile destroyer "Sovremenny" (pr.956 "Sarych"), 1:200 scale, LDD+PovRay
  3. Russian carrier group. "Sovremenny" class destroyer and "Krivak I" class frigate - LDD+PovRay, 1:200 scale. "Admiral Kuznecov" carrier - real bricks steel :)
  4. seaman

    [MOC] Cold War ships, 1:350

    Thank You!
  5. Hello everybody! Allow me to introduce my new series of MOC. To begin - Russian frigates pr.1135 (NATO designation - "Krivak"). Built in LDD. Scale 1: 350. Frigates pr.1135 - a unique series of warships, held at the Navy of the USSR and then Russia, Ukraine and India since the early 1970's to the present. In total 49 ships were built, and the construction of a serious improvement is still ongoing. "Krivak I" ASW-frigate "Krivak III" coast guard patrol ship more photos and information
  6. seaman

    [MOC] SHIPtember WIP- Orange Crush

    Fantastic work!
  7. Thank You! "Berkut-A" - large ASW ship pr.1134A "Kronstadt" (NATO designation - Kresta II class cruisers). Many believe these ships are among the most beautiful in the world. I agree with this - the appearance of this ship combines the swiftness and power of the nuclear missile age with the grace of the sailing era. This ship Soviet designers managed to realize all their dreams. He was finally formed part of electronic and missile systems base which was a powerful SAMs "Storm", designed also to defeat surface targets. Based on the experience of operation previous projects have improved conditions for placing ASW helicopter. My model of LEGO warship is sustained in the scale of 1:200, for the construction took 1590 (1930 - full hull) bricks, 107 studs long. 1:350, 1:700 and 1:200 scale
  8. seaman

    MOC - USS Gerald Ford (40,000 peices).

    Aircraft carrier model is awesome! But it is not on a scale, IMHO ... At least the proportions were not respected during its construction :)
  9. In order not to create a lot of topics, I will add new models to this topic. Soviet/Russian frigate pr.1135 "Thunderbird" (NATO designation - Krivak I), 1:200 scale, LDD+PovRay. Workhorses of the Navy of the USSR. Taking into account all the modifications about 50 ships were built. A number of them are still in service. For its time, it was an advanced ship with a high degree of automation, good armament and good crew living conditions. My memories of these ships are connected with the holidays - there was not a single naval parade on the Neva in the 1980s in which these handsome men of a darkly gray color did not participate. The ship has a high density of weapons and a variety of equipment, so it is very interesting for modeling. However, the abundance of small parts and, especially, lattice masts made me work hard and literally "smash my head")) But the spent elements (torpedo tubes, 76-mm guns, launchers "Osa" and radar antenna posts) are useful in the construction of larger ships)) Option with 100 mm gun mounts - pr.1135m Krivak II. The model consists of 1224 (981 without underwater) parts, a little over 61 cm in length, if built from real bricks.
  10. You are right ... Now I am building a smaller ship at a same scale ... If the model comes out beautiful, then I will try to build it out of real bricks.
  11. Thank You! I slightly adjusted the main caliber. And new render.
  12. Such a surprise! Thank! Soon I will add more images.
  13. seaman

    Coaster cargo ship WIP

    Excellent work!
  14. seaman

    Daf CF 85 8x4 tipper truck

    Looks promising.
  15. seaman

    Table Armada, 1:700

    All my ship LEGO-models are 1:700 scale, built (rebuilt) in 2018: TAVKR Admiral Kuznetsov Clemenceau aircraft carrier Kirov-class battlecruiser Slava-class cruiser Sverdlov-class cruiser French cruisers. Cold War. Cruiser "Vittorio Veneto" Kresta-II class cruiser Udaloy-class destroyers Sovremenny-class destroyer French frigates. Cold War. British escort ships. Cold War. Durance class AOR Boris Chilikin class tanker Happy new Year to all!
  16. seaman

    Project GC in 1:40 and 1:100

  17. seaman

    [MOC] Cold War ships, 1:350

    Thank You, Edwin! Merry Christmas!
  18. seaman

    [MOC] Cold War ships, 1:350

    All my ship LEGO-models are 1:350 scale, built in 2018. "Aconit" frigate, 1:350 scale "Audace" class destroyer, 1:350 scale "Cassard" class frigate, 1:350 scale "Georges Leygues" class frigates, 1:350 "Maestrale" class frigate, 1:350 scale "Perry" class frigate, 1:350 scale "Suffren" class frigate, 1:350 scale "Tourville" class frigate, 1:350 scale
  19. seaman

    [MOC] Cold War ships, 1:350

    Thank you! Yes, of course I have long been going to make a model cruiser Kirov scale 1:350... But all does not dare )) I Think experience is enough, you only have to allocate free time. I usually make the ship from start to finish almost without interruption. Otherwise, the unfinished model may go into long-term construction... Don't want this to happen with the Kirov )) Thanks for the idea. I'll have to give it a try. However, in my experience this will lead to a complete reorganization of the entire aircraft carrier ))) I Earlier tried to solve the problem of aliasing of lines at the corner of the deck, making it a "swivel" relative to the rest of the hull. But the decision was unsuccessful. Frigate pr.1135 Krivak-class in the near future I will update. I'll redo the hull entirely in SNOT technique, as with the French frigates. I hope improvements will be noticeable.
  20. seaman

    [MOC] Cold War ships, 1:350

    World of Warships? I have built cruiser of project 68, scroll above in the topic. Maybe I'll do more later. But I'm more interested in ships of a later era.
  21. seaman

    [MOC] Cold War ships, 1:350

    French aircraft carrier "Clemenceau" escorted by the frigate "Suffren". LDD+PovRay. 1:350 scale.