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  1. Quicksilver838

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Not that I'm expecting much, but a £40 set sounds like we could hopefully get 4 figures; Wonder Woman, Cheetah, Maxwell Lord and Steve Trevor
  2. Quicksilver838

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Not to be the one to keep repeating the question, but are we definitely not getting another set? Just like many others, I deeply feel the loss of Red Guardian and Taskmaster's shield. It's still an amazing set, Widow's costume has to be the highlight
  3. Quicksilver838

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Unless Yelena appears in the white suit. Then you can just swap the heads around
  4. With 2 sets, we could end up seeing Melina Vostokoff as well. Or maybe just Taskmaster henchmen
  5. There's a Vulture flying around on Instagram, it's got the same old head, same torso as this year's sets, but it has the 2016 wings in lime green
  6. Ghost Spider for the Mysterio set. Plus a Mysterio mech. I know everyone else will say "oh no, another mech, superheroes sucks", but I'm really excited for this!
  7. Based on his classic design
  8. Not all the themes dropped at the same time, just give a little patience. If they haven't dropped by the end of today, then we can resume panic mode
  9. What If? sets would be great for getting characters we haven't had in sets before, say Korg, Kraglin, Korath, Arnim Zola
  10. The format was changed to avoid confusion with multiple threads, now it's like a 2019 thread to discuss all news, leaks, etc that have taken place over the year, and come Jan 1st, a 2020 thread will be started
  11. The goggles look like more traditional with a brown band, almost like pilot goggles. Also theres less flesh on the head than your photo, and its squarer, but rounded in shape
  12. The CMF Batman doesn't reuse the same head from the new sets, he has goggles on his head as opposed to the usual old white band
  13. Much clearer pics of Caps suit, plus Hawkeye. Still love this new Hawkeye, but I didn't expect to like this Cap as much. Completely based on the game, but despite how I strongly dislike (not hate) the game's design, I really dig this figure!
  14. There aren't any sets until summer, so you'd be waiting quite a while for release pics
  15. The difference between the older, more detailed figures, and these new ones, are that the previous versions were based on movies, while these are based on comics/the upcoming game. I'm not trying to argue a point, your opinion about how you feel on the arm/leg printing debate is your own, but a lot of the time it really just seems that the material a figure is based on just doesn't need a load of detailing to keep up with a track record of leg printing. *The legs on Captain America have never stood out as something that needed printing, whereas Doctor Strange has a much more interesting outfit which would benefit from leg printing. So really it's just easier and cheaper to use plain legs than create new printed legs for Captain America which are just a couple of lines. *Black Panther in CW had a lot of silver detailing atop his head, hence the printing on his ear piece, but his BP costume didn't have the same type of detailing, hence why it would've been left plain. *Hawkeyes previous figures have always been based on the movies, which have quite a lot of detailing around his legs, but this new one is comic/cartoon based, which doesn't have the same type of leg detailing, thus not exactly needing any leg printing IMO we all expect so much from the theme, but it's all more than we need. Characters with extreme levels of detailing will more than likely get it, but not everyone NEEDS that level of detailing. It's not because LEGO is lazy, or don't care about keeping up with keeping the same level of quality, it's just because not every figure needs the same amount of detailing Many themes have introduced pieces that are designed to be exclusive to only one character, the number of these parts have grown over recent years with themes like Overwatch, Minecraft, Powerpuff Girls, but Marvel have plenty of pieces that couldn't be used outside the theme, just for a couple examples, Iron Man's helmet, Loki's helmet, Magneto's helmet, Star Lord's mask, all 3 iterations of Groot, MODOKs head, etc.