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  1. I mean it has to be Hydro Man, Sandman and Molten Man. Granted sand is created through rocky science, but having one of these guys made out of sand rather than rock... In a Spider Man movie... Can't be a coincidence. Unless they are just Mysterio's creations
  2. Geez these guys sound like they're from an old Power Rangers episode
  3. Quicksilver838

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    They also said the title wasn't Endgame. Either way I always knew it would be, deep down. And when it came up in the trailer I geeked out
  4. Sandman??? In... ... I'm sold. If he appears in a set, he better have a damn regular shirt. A bit of a minor villain, but judging by how Spidey is going across the globe, it could be Cyclone; a villain he encounters in Amazing Spider Man Vol 1 143 when he goes to Paris
  5. Quicksilver838

    Marvel Super Heroes Wishlists

    I agree with you there, but there's at least ONE more Bruce Banner Hulk I absolutely NEEEED!!!;
  6. What exactly is this for?
  7. Dr Stranges hair piece was used on Bruce Wayne and Ulysses Klaue. It's exclusive printing, but not a new piece. There was also Thanos' Butter Knife, but I think that nobody cares about that But I do agree that a new Thanos would be the likeliest of new molds. Maybe a new accessory for a character, maybe a new hair or helmet piece for Hawkeye/Ronin. It's hard to speculate when the trailer didn't shine too much light on the story of the film
  8. It's not like LEGO is forcing anyone here to buy the figures if they aren't up to our standards, there is an option to not buy them, and let the people who just don't care about having the finest of details on the arms and legs give their money. Between Ronin or WS suit Cap, I couldn't care less if they use plain legs, as long as they look good
  9. There's a great offer for £2.99 on eBay. Not the figures, just the box. I don't understand the internet anymore
  10. Can it really be deemed a waste when we dont know the capacity of her role in the film?
  11. There are three things that are certain in life: death, taxes and ^this^. You can't avoid ^this^, it's mandatory, progress however is optional
  12. Probably because it's one sided, and if they use a one sided head with a hair piece, people would just complain about that Basically LEGO can never win, but they're still getting are money, so they are
  13. Quicksilver838

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Thanks! The torso and legs are from Dracula in the Monster Fighters line Seems fitting seeing as he basically is a vampire
  14. Define correct hair piece The Q'ira head suits her. It really displays the generic face everyone was complaining about in the trailer and pictures
  15. Just wanna throw out there (in case anyone missed it), the name change is a Top Gun reference, which is kinda neat seeing as she's an air force pilot. The name has grown on me I like the look of Fury, I'm still a fan of Talos, although I do agree that the head piece looks weird without printing, especially as the head starts it off. As for Carol, like the look, wasn't the hair I was expecting, but it works. Hoping Avengers 4 sets will include her helmet Also I'm really digging the Quinjet, probably my favorite MCU jet, maybe tied with Royal Talon Fighter