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  1. It's shocking to me how we haven't seen a set based on the most iconic and famous scene of the film series;
  2. That was Green Goblin based on the show Ultimate Spider Man, where he was just hulk sized. The true Ultimate Green Goblin is a giant demonic Goblin creature, occasionally with wings Also (considering these villains are based off of the Ultimate comics), I just want to share this photo I found of Venom, in said Ultimate comics... Looking a lot like Mega Venom here https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/marveldatabase/images/9/95/Gwendolyne_Stacy_(Clone)_(Earth-1610)_vs._Edward_Brock%2C_Jr._(Earth-1610)_from_Ultimate_Spider-Man_Vol_1_128_001.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100604150508
  3. And Spider Gwen. Happy with the both of them at least
  4. Just thinking though... We have one set that's supposed to be Juniors, and one which is likely Mighty Micros. Then we have $20 and $40 sets, plus Venom. Between Spidey 2099, Miles, Sandman, Vulture, Carnage and Green Goblin, maybe another ANAD Spider Man too. $20 would have like 3 figures, let's say Miles, Green Goblin and Vulture, and $40 would have about 4; say ANAD Spidey, Spider Man 2099, Sandman and Carnage Unless one of these characters (Vulture is my most likely choice here) is in that Juniors set, I think we may have seen all the characters...
  5. I've seen appearantly Carnage is in the $40 set. Also that is not a spoiler
  6. ARRRRRGH! YOU CURSED BRAT! LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE! I'm melting! MELTING! Oh what a world, what a world! Miles is... Well he's nothing but a rehash really. I can tell people will probably complain, but then a lot of people just want LEGO to release previous figures again because they missed the first one and have never heard of eBay
  7. Quicksilver838

    Black Canary Severe Quality Problem

    Damn my thoughts exactly
  8. Heres a link to the relevant topic in the gaming thread, the youtube page with how to find the full character roster is there
  9. 76131 is supposed to be the £100 set. Bit expensive for Mighty Micros Looking back at all the sets confirmed; 76117 is the DC Firefly set. I reckon 76118 and 76119 are DC as well, maybe even 76120 as well, purely because it seems too low to have a wave of just two sets. If 76134 is supposed to be a Juniors sets, it wouldn't have the same set numbering at Superheroes sets, so I reckon 76132, 33 and 34 are Mighty Micros. 76128-30 are, as just announced, Far From Home sets This leaves 7 sets here. 76121-22 I think will be Captain Marvel sets (or maybe just one, and the other is DC) The rest, are 5 sets, with two confirmed to include Captain America and Iron Man. Therefore these will probably be Avengers 4 sets. I have absolutely no clue as to what 76131 would be (especially as some were lead to believe it was the GCPD)
  10. Quicksilver838

    DC Comics Cinematic Universe

    I really can't tell who is more off the rails with their movies; DC or Marvel Sony. DC announcing and removing spin offs for Birds of Prey, Deadshot, Lobo, Blackhawks, all before we get Batman or Green Lantern. And Sony giving every Spider Man character their own Spider Man-less film; Mysterio, Morbius, Kraven, Jackpot, SILK!!
  11. Would be cool, but I'd rather get normal sets with different costumes. Except based on LMSH2 having Kang as the villain, multiple different versions of the heroes and the build incorpates the different game elements, like old west, 2099 and Noir
  12. I really don't get how we know anything about FFH but nothing about Captain Marvel or Avengers 4 yet
  13. With one villain per set, and one Spider per set, I'd assume other characters like Ned may appear
  14. My spoiler tags epicly failed, spoiler tag inception alert 76128
  15. 76128, 76129 and 76130 are all Far From Home sets EDIT: Damn you @Falconfan1414, beat me to it. I did not see that coming