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  1. Quicksilver838

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Bat Mite has a 2x3 Detective Comics #27 comic book tile. Very fitting considering first appearance Batman comes in the wave
  2. Quicksilver838

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Bat Mite up. Looks exactly as he does in LBM3 (sans cape, at least in this photo)
  3. Quicksilver838

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Classic DC to fail to finish off a collection of characters. Saturn Girl. Samurai. Gleek. First Appearance Superman.
  4. It's not gone yet, a Black Widow set is rumoured, and we know nothing about the future of MCU sets right now
  5. Quicksilver838

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Jay Garrick is up. I love this figure
  6. I'm pretty sure Anya may be based upon the upcoming season of Marvel's Spider Man: Maximum Venom. I know her current costume in the show is comic accurate, but I think the artwork of her whiter costume is for next season. It also matches with her Venomized variant in the shows banner
  7. Black Panther's up. He's got an interesting looking torso, but I need another image to tell how I feel about it. I'm also not sure what exactly it's based on, it doesn't look like anything I recognize
  8. 76148 Spider Man vs Doc Ock (Spider Man, Doc Ock & Anya Corazon) 76150 Spider Jet vs Venom Mech (Spider Man, Venom, Spider Man Noir)
  9. Sp//Dr is not coming in this wave, according to our blessed leaker SamWilsonFan
  10. I absolutely love that Hawkeye, it's everything I needed out of that figure. The hair is a little odd looking, I'll probably replace it with the S7 tennis players (if I can find it) And as for Noir, I'm glad I didn't buy a second Steath Spidey to make a custom out of, like I had planned. But here's the real kicker... I think this figure is actually based off Into the Spiderverse. I can't find a single image of Noir with webs on his face, but his film appearance has them, and matches right up with the figure If I'm just being strechy, someone please correct me, I only thought about this because I'm pretty sure he normally doesn't have a hat
  11. I just Googled WandaVision results within the last 24 hours, and apparently there's a casting call for what would imply to be those characters. If there are WandaVision set/s, I don't imagine we'd see them, but the future implications of the characters mean they're basically, in the words of the Titan, inevitable IM NOT WEARING HOCKEY PADS!! sorry couldn't resist
  12. Now SUPPOSEDLY... I'll add in a spoiler tag, but nothing is confirmed... He also mentioned that the Spider Man sets will include more "Spidey heroes". Here's hoping for that Spider Ham
  13. Quicksilver838

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    The movie may be a masterpiece, but keep in mind the target audience for that film, and the target audience for LEGO. The Joker isn't done yet as a comic based LEGO figure, but Phoenix will NEVER happen
  14. Which looked nothing like Michael Keaton
  15. It's 100% based off the game, adding photo for comparison And now, this is speculation pushing the boarders, but what if the Spider Man wave is inspired by his game? Vulture and Doc Ock at least could be Considering the 'love' that Cap's game costume got, I kind of hope not... It'd be something new and interesting, not like scuba Cap, or space Cap, or pilot Cap, but it's not really his best costume