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  1. Stardusty

    Lytro camera

    It's basically a camera that allows you to focus pictures AFTER you take them. Because it captures rays of light (megarays instead of megapixels). Oh, and I've looked some pictures on their site and found this one (reason to click on the link is because it's LEGO minifig with custom Lytro camera). Click on the picture to change focus, double click to zoom. It's awesome, and it costs 400-500$. No expandable memory ( :( ), no shutter lag ( :) ), cool design ( :) ). Just wanted to know what do you guys think. IMHO, 400 bucks is probably to much for a piece of technology that was just introduced, and they still haven't developed software for Windows or Ubuntu (only MAC OS).
  2. Stardusty

    Astromech Workplace Contest

    I've just some out of my dark ages and SW themed contest seems like a really good thing for me. It would be silly from me to expect to win, or place in TOP 5, but I'm still going to try. WIth Miniland, probably, since I don't have any astromechs (I might borrow one, though). By the way, UCS R2-D2?!? That's mad! Can't wait to see all the entries.
  3. Stardusty

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    Duh, what was Ventress thinking. Groaner is my favorite, but the first one is very good, too. Thank you for a few good laughs, Oky.
  4. Stardusty

    Star Wars Theme Fan Tag

    There are another ways to fund that out. Check your post number and then go to advanced search. Search by author (you) and choose Star Wars subforum. Btw. Thanks, KimT. I love the look of this tag.
  5. Stardusty

    Star Wars Theme Fan Tag

    It has been more than a year. I have around 500 posts, and around 300 of them are posted within the SW forum (~ 60%). I would like to have one now.
  6. Stardusty

    Review: 9675 Sebulba's Podracer & Tatooine

    I've bought this set today, and I thought I'll be the first to review it. Well, obviously not. I'm still going to make a review, though. This is my favorite among all the planet sets, although I'm planning to get TIE Interceptor with DS, too. Thank you for a review.
  7. Stardusty

    MOC Luke's Landspeeder

    Very nice work! I don't remember seeing Luke's landspeeder in this scale before.
  8. Stardusty

    Expand the Winter Village II

    I've talked with last year's winner a few times after the last contest, and when he commented on one of my MOCs he said it was a good practice for second edition of 'Expand the Winter Village' contest. How did he know?! I'll probably enter.
  9. Stardusty

    HAV/A5-RX Recon Juggernaut

    Yep! Looks cool!
  10. I've seen mini models coming, but I was still amazed when I started scrolling down the page. Amazing job Legostein!
  11. Stardusty

    EB SW X-mas Raffle 2011

    Finnaly posted mine: Jinglebombs General Grievous decided to stop by and left some presents for Bomb Squad troopers. Obi-Wan is drinking tea and monitoring the whole scene. Some of you may know the song* sang by Achmed the dead terrorist. Originally, I wanted to make Achmed and include some SW characters, but my collection of white pieces is just to small. Ehh... *I was to lazy to include a link, but it's worth of googling. Thank you for the raffle, CopMike.
  12. Stardusty

    EB SW X-mas Raffle 2011

    It truly is hilarious.
  13. Stardusty

    Vote for your favourite Category B entries

    5) Dumbo scene - Clown, Ringmaster and Circus Clown Entry (Build by Oky) - 3 points Scene is very cute, and I like the fact that focus of the MOC isn't on Collectible Minifigure. Well done, Oky!
  14. Stardusty

    Vote for your favourite Category A entries

    27) Zoo Keeper Entry (Build by Ninja Nin) - 3 points It was my favorite from the moment I saw it. To bad the Flickr crop on thumbnail destroyed the picture.