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    [MOC] Project Transformers Breastforce /Liokaiser

    Great work! I'm looking forward to the other members and the final resoult! I might also steal the head design for some smaler transformers (if I start working on them again) Also, secure links dont work to embed. You have to remove the 's' in https for the videos to work. Good luck with the rest of them!
  2. EpsilonEta


    Thank you everyone! He is on my to do list. I'm basing him on the Fansproject toy but have only made a foot so far. Currently all my transformers are on hold. Thank you! I like your transformers too. The knee joint actually can't support the weight. He can only stand with straight legs. On the last picture he mostly balance with the bent leg wich is in it's end position. It's a kind of a waste to add all the articulation when I can't really use it with such a large robot but I want to get all the details from the comics.
  3. EpsilonEta

    [K-B08] Small talk

    Location: B08 Tags: Land vehicle, Exploration. Raven is inspecting the construction of an off shore base. (Mostly en excuse for getting down to a planet after traveling across the galaxy) Small talk One of the technichans is on a break and takes a ride on a jet ski. Michael is trying to start a conversation with Raen who seems to be in a bad mood (but that is hard to tell from her regular expression) So, how was the trial? It was ok. He was found guilty. Not so surprising when he basicaly confessed. The challenge was to determine the sentence for 18 counts of human trafficking and selling information to hostile aliens. Yeah, sometimes a lifetime in prison or death doesn't seem to be enough. That would depend on how the death sentence would be carried out. Throwout history humans have invented all kinds of executions meant to be long and painful. Some of my favorites are crucifixion, burned alive and execution by elephant. Elephant? Yes, the sentenced was crushed by a trained elephant. It was a public spectacle and could be drawn out for some time by... Ok. I get it. Horrible ways to die. Still not the worst ways. Did you know the Zards used to execute people by chaining them to poles and have Karraggs eat them. What's a Karragg? Insect like vermin on their home planet, like rats. If you collect a lot and starve them they can eat a Zard. It would take several hours but if the victims moth was protected they could stay alive for many of them. Ok ok, I get it. And because the Zards most common way of burial was to be eaten by the wildlife it's kind of like being buried alive too. Stop! No more talk about death and stuff. But I haven't even gotten to Vlad the impaler. The origin to the Dracula myth. Did you know he found a way to... Enough, ok! Raven sighs and Michael look out over the ocean. Waaa! What is that? It's called a Sea Dragon, an amphibious predator who can live in water and air. Are you reading biology rapports too? No. I just go through the large or dangerous creatures before I go down to a planet. Then Raven get a call. Raven. We need you back at the fleet. An alien fleet is heading our way. Sure. On my way. Sorry Michael, I have to cancel the inspection. Something interesting came up.
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    Challenge 4: There's No Place Like Home

    Tech and items don't count in challenges (should remember to put that in the rule text) So, sorry but puting rocket lanchers on your building won't give you extra awesomnium
  5. EpsilonEta

    [M-H03] The Commodore

    Cool vehiacle. Espesily the rounded front. And Raven was in charge of the attack so it's not strange to think she's responsible. Either she ordered it or lost controle of the situation so it could well be seen as her fault. And someone wanting revenge is good for story. Maybe I can make colaburations with you insted of mccoyed/koro
  6. EpsilonEta

    Challenge 4: There's No Place Like Home

    Opps (I blame the interactiv map )
  7. EpsilonEta

    [K-B08] Small talk

    Thanks. I have a few flick missiles and wanted to see what could be done with them. Many of the things would probbly look beter with other parts. Had to read about it but yes, it quolify Other, les formal executions/punishements would be keelhauling and cement shoes (or tied to canon ball for pirate stile ). So much to choose from. Glad you like the walkway. It was the first thing I thought of.
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    [K-B08] Jury duty

    Location: B08 Tags: Exploration, Spaceship (well, airplane) Raven is out test flying a new aircraft when she notice an area with unusually dense vegetation (for Greater Direstan at least) and fly in to take a closer look. While she is flying her assistant call. Sorry to disturb but you will have to return. You have been invited by MANTIS to attend a trial on Forring at the 20th of Marzn. On Forring? That's on the other side of the galaxy. Why am I even invited to a MANTIS trial? Octan was invited too. MANTIS consider this a matter of high importance and want representatives from all three companies to attend and Forring was better for Octan. It appear that one of MANTIS's own high accountants have been charged with selling information to the Zoids and by doing so, assisted in Human trafficking. Now they wish to demonstrate that, despite their reputation, they can and will prosecute their own according to the law. So I'm supposed to travel all the way to F03 just to sit through some formality. Can't you send someone else? You are kind of important for representing the company and you have a spot on the jury. Seriously. I'm busy enough just leading a company and now I'm supposed to judge too. Raven turn around and fly back to base.
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    [K - B08] A Mysterious Find

    Nice build. Both the speeder and terrain is really good. Now to the important part Good find but be careful studying the robot, it could be a Trojan bot. Keep it in a secure facility away from any networks or communications. (I would mention the infection risk but no one ever bothers to wear helmets outside anyway)
  10. EpsilonEta

    [K-B08] Jury duty

    Thank you all! This was a fun build and I like how the airplane turned out. Well, there's a thought. Maybe she will if she find a thrill in it. I will have to think about it. (I think she's rather happy doing spying and sabotage but it haven't been much of that latly)
  11. EpsilonEta

    [M - F03] FTP

    I wouldn't say I'm familiar with them but I know what they stand for and where they are used so I got the plan he was going for (But I think those protocols should be outdated by now ) I made a similar joke/reference in my fourth build. Here is a quote: (Raven was naging on secarity already back then ) A litle offtopic so I go back to your build which have cool wall textures and use of transparent bricks but I'm not a fan of peices not conecting properly (the tiles on the 92280s) Still a good build overall.
  12. EpsilonEta

    [K-B08] Jury duty

    Thank you. It's an Easter egg (good timing too) for one of my earlier builds (also used in my challenge3) Thanks. I thought it was time to earn that exploration tag for a change Maybe the “trees” are scorpion tales Luckily Raven had to return before she could check it out. I wonder if she'd rater fight plant monsters then attend a trial at the other side of the galaxy
  13. EpsilonEta

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Wow, SpacerSteve was right The next one was MANTIS. Welcome to Andromefa TLC.
  14. EpsilonEta

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    I think it's in here somwhere but I just tell you instead of searshing around. You go to the Planets and Players Index and find your entry. click on the "sigfig" link and copy the image adress. This one: http://bakahomepage.com/EB/AG/media/img/playersig/fiddyb.png Then you go to your profile, click "edit profile", find "signature" and add that image.
  15. EpsilonEta

    [K - G10] Orbital Observation

    Correct. But the most important thing is that you have fun building (says I who just added a airplain to my build. But it was fun building it )
  16. EpsilonEta

    [K - G10] Orbital Observation

    Nice build. You can get spying for your job bonus. A ship interior is a building but do not qualify for spaceship. (finaly, military and building are two different tags but a lot of people write them together because of the tech text but it's no big deal. To bad none of them give us anything) But remember, the game is about building and having fun. Don't worry about the tags (I have sene far worse)
  17. EpsilonEta

    AG - Rules and FAQ

    The inside of a military spaceship should get the military and building tags if it contains at lest one wall. The second is harder. I think we said that if a fleet get stuck it would have to build its way out but I will discuss this and the fleet move order with the others.
  18. EpsilonEta

    AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    Please buy a Domination for dummies to VK-318 Thank you.
  19. EpsilonEta

    [K-B08] Back in office

    Location: B08 Tags: Spaceship Raven is finally back to doing “CEO stuff” after a long and exiting story arc that I'm still working on. (I'll start post it in a few weeks) She have just about settled down in her new office on board the Resolution when her assistant finds her. Back in office What have you been up to!!? You where out flying when you suddenly took over a routine investigation of a missing ship and then you where gone for days!! When we finally heard from you you invaded Octan for no reason only to start hanging out with ALIEN!! You even sent people to “interview” Zoids, the slave taking kind, in Octan space!! And what was that thing about bombing an alien research base on Onix!? It's all explained in my latest report. You mean the one that is so secret only a few people on the main board, in the Milkyway, is allows to read it!? Sorry, need to know only. But the board did support me as continued CEO of the Andromeda branch. So what, you are just going to continue as if the past weeks just didn't happen!? Yes, and I expect you do the same. So why do you have battle armor and is that a rifle on the desk? Is it loaded? I just feel a litle exposed right now. It will go away soon and I'll start folowing you dresscodes again. Anything else? Well, other than wanting some answers, you have two weeks of dessisions, strategi, trade and relations documents to go thru. I put dessisions and critical info on top. Thank you. Some weeks later Raven get a message. From: Major Kartofski To: CEO Raven Subject: Status Report - Project Star-Lord Phase six of project Star-Lord is complete. Multiple flight tests and two GATE jumps have been performed and all data have been analyzed and minor adjustments made. All external consults except a few engineers from ALIEN have left the project thinking it's finished. Work now continue to refit and upgrade the ship with the latest Kawashita tech and colors. We expect … Raven read on
  20. EpsilonEta

    [K-B08] Low Level Search

    Yes, the base look a little empty. Another way to fix it would be to make small plants on small plates (2x2 4x4) and place them on the ground. Preferably on a green background (like a large sheet of paper from a hobby store). Just a suggestion. The plane look good. I like the folding wings and the radar dish part for a tail.
  21. EpsilonEta

    [O - F09] Witness

    I'm surprised they didn't drive away in a car with cans after But I'm all for not jamming every possible tag in every build.
  22. EpsilonEta

    [O - F09] Collecting Eyeballs

    That last picture (suddenly having a giant caldron, or just taking time from a secret mission to make soup) made me think. Is she related to pombe? His mother, or grand mother perhaps? Or more people have the pombe powers of madness. Cool build anyway. I like the color and the creatures.
  23. EpsilonEta

    [K - G10] An Unfortunate Oversight

    Interesting story. The lava look really good, especially in the last photo and fun use of the small demons. Raven will be very disappointed and really angry at whoever lost that probe.
  24. EpsilonEta

    [O-F09] Human Trafficking

    Kawashita deny any involvement with the slave taking Zoid hives and denounce all such actions. That "Kawashita employee" must have been a red shirt clone gone wrong
  25. EpsilonEta

    [K - B08] Back to the Basics

    Nice build. Now if you could just make the plants look more alien that be great That last was a joke inspired by your first line. It does sound like Raven to go “Good job on stopping a possible zombie mutant apocalypse while losing an arm in the process. Now get back to your real job”