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  1. Fabian Lolker

    [MOC] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    Well, first of all: WOW! This is an absolutly amazing Moc. 1The whole truck looks incredible stable and well fixed, like I mostly see only in the offical Lego Technic Models. 2 The design of the trucks is just cool! 3 The functions work prett well and the solutions how you builded it is well done. The problem with the reversing of the outtrigger-booms: I think that the outrigger-booms push the end of the boom, inside, above, in cause of their weight, so that the boom touches a fixed piece, so that the boom can`t reverse. The solution could be: You have to build a guideway above the outrigger-boom, so that the boom can`t push above. In simple words: Build over the outrigger-boom-beam another beam. I hope I can help you- in order to finish this great model!!! Keep on!
  2. Fabian Lolker

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    Hi guys, I didn`t know if you all spotted the new summer sets for 2018. A picture and some viedos with the picture are realesed. WOW!! 42079 The Forklift.It looks very good and I spot a lot of manual functions. This model will be very playable. Very great model. Well done Lego Technic! 42080 The Harvester. Well, I not realy like the colours. As you can see, it has Power Functions and Pneumatik. I think a battery box and a M-Engine. Should be very playable. 42081 The Futuristic Volvo. 1 Claas Tires, Big Volvo Shovel and a little drone. It seems it has no power functions, only manual functions. But it looks very cool ! Well done Lego Technic! 42082 The Rough Terrain Crane. Wow. Unimog Tires, V8 Fake Engine, 4 manual outtriggers, a big crane arm with 2 linear actuators, a large boom and winch. The upper crane deck, I think can rotate. Crane Rotation, winch, boom and actors, I think, are those who are powered by the M-Engine and the battery box. The Flagship-Model of Summer 2018. WoW! Well done Lego Technic!! I don`t know the prices yet, but holy shit, I think it will be very expensive! Let me know your thoughts.
  3. Fabian Lolker

    Systems tractors and other machinery

    Very awseome model! Do you plan to make a building instruction , or LDD Model?
  4. Fabian Lolker

    [MOC] - 42055 MK 288 BWE

    Well, you are a proffessional technic builder! A very impressive, solide and stable build of the BWE. Also a great detailed moc and all coulours fit perfectly. I`m very look forward to see a video of this monster! But one question: How man BWE 420055 do you bought for this monster? Must have been very expensive, or not ? But thanks for sharing us this impressive moc! I look forwar seeing another mocs of you in the future!
  5. Fabian Lolker

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    My opinion to the B-Models: 42070: Worse. This model has nothing special. It drives motorized and has a front winch. It has less functions then the A-Model and for me it seems crazy. But of course its something different. 42069: Well, a awsome B Model! You combine A - and B- Model. The B-Model is very different from the A- Model. It seems very playable with lots of functions. 42068: The B-Model is also good. It seems playable and has the same number of functions. The A-Models and the B-Models mostly are very intersting and cool. With all positve and all negative statements I really look forward to see the reviews of the 3 sets!
  6. Fabian Lolker

    [TC10] Pneumatic Rock Loader

    WOW! BIg fantasti and crazy mod. Please, can ou show some pictures of the axles and the Steering mechanism? Would be great. And... I LOVE the ne big tires...
  7. Fabian Lolker

    [MOC] Airplane Catapult

    WOW. what a great moc! Can you build what with a torpedo launcher / or a attelerie Unit of warships? Would be great! Is this mod finish? or do you build a bigger model with this catapult included, like an aircraft carrier?
  8. Fabian Lolker

    Third Party Tires for Lego Technic Rims

    Hi everyone. I have a question. Where can I buy these wheels? .... cheap of course I didn`t find anything. Please I need help.
  9. Fabian Lolker

    Effe's MOC Corner

    what has become of this Moc? https://www.flickr.com/photos/57623735@N08/15282224280/ this is a real monster, what have to finish.
  10. Hello Guys I search about the best Military vehicle.I want to build a heavy Military vehicle with many functions in middle or big scale.Do you have any favourite militay vehicle ? Please send a picture of the vehicles. Thank you for your ideas .
  11. Fabian Lolker

    best technic axle

    Hi yes ,I have seen that . One problem is I havenĀ“t got special pieces like this : I saw lots of axles on eurobricks.But to this date I cant build one of these axles. My axles doesn`t suspend,they broke But thank you for this tip
  12. Fabian Lolker

    best technic axle

    Hello Guys, I want to build Military Truck.For a good Chassis I need a good axle.But all axles I build are not massive enough.And the steering are bad. I search about a driven,steering and suspendet axle. the scale doesn`t matter. Thank you for answers. Fabian