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  1. The minifigs should stay the way they are. Dont like those licensed minifigs... prefer the yellow ones, dont really know why. Got myself the lone ranger silver mine these days and should I ever plan to do something wild west I will customize the minifigs into yellow...
  2. Endriu

    MOC: Friends Animal Park

    Just beautiful!!!
  3. Endriu

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Like many have already said, the best thing were the minifigs, I would have been able to buy the kings castle but it didnt really look appealing to me - was kinda bland - this disappointing feeling towards the castle made me realize I needed to build my own castle one day!!! :) I bought sets 70400,70401,70402. 70400 is a nice battle pack if you ask me, the other stuff is just OK, I guess. Personally I would really like some long term commitment from lego in regard to castle. I mean, they should bring out a couple of waves in the beginning of the year, half a wave during summer, and repeat this cycle. Each wave should consist of at least on villager pack (some village building, village animals and of course VILLAGERS :)).
  4. Endriu

    Freebuild: The Reach

    Many thanks in advance! I am still struggling with my tree builds - really love the bigger trees that you have and especially how the leaves are so well put together
  5. Endriu

    Freebuild: The Reach

    OK - its the daltonist in me :) just btw - what color have you been using for the water in the beacon tower? - any chance you could do a tutorial on those trees?
  6. Endriu

    Freebuild: The Reach

    Truly fantastic!!! Just to be on the safe side, the plates on the ground, is this sand-yellow?
  7. Endriu

    MOC: Piazza Maria

  8. Endriu

    Brick colors

    Thanks! There is a whole lot to improve. But for now this is the way I wanna go! - I am thinking about creating some sort of a jungle area, some lush landscape ...
  9. Endriu

    Brick colors

    Thanks, as of now I have been just playing around a little bit :) even though its nothing special feel free to have a look at my latest creation :) upload pic
  10. Endriu

    Brick colors

    Exactly!!! :) I remember talking to a guy once and telling him about it - he couldnt really believe it :). A delivery truck with a tuborg label was standing next to us, he asked me what the colors on that label were. Well, that one was easy I thought, green writing on brown background. He looked at me in disbelief and said: For real? You dont see the colors? - it was then that I learned that the writing was actually something like light or bright brown on very dark green background... :) so much for colors! Yes being a daltonist is not fun - but I am sure that theres lots of worse things out there... :)
  11. Endriu

    Brick colors

    Thank you for your words! I am building 'all the time'! - Last of my builds was a small cliffside with some palm trees on top... not good enough to post though.... :( The reason behind my questions about brick colors is that I have a problem with colors, its hard for me to distinguish colors, or even name them when the shades are untypical. Lego is helping me with it a little bit as I learned to match the colors with the descriptions :) like dark green, bright green and now bright yellow-green, if I didnt know the official description, I wouldnt be able to name them. - So matching colors is not easy for me at all.. :)
  12. Endriu

    Brick colors

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too. Looking at mocs its mostly dark green, though.
  13. Endriu

    MOC: my Eldorado Fortress!

    Looks great! The only thing that I am not a friend of are these doors with visible hinges on the outside, but thats just personal taste!
  14. Endriu

    brick colors

    ... I mean like here for example: http://www.google.pl/imgres?imgurl=http://www.fotothing.com/photos/1bd/1bdaa883e5c988fd0ce110c7baada0f3.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.fotothing.com/Olympe1961/photo/1bdaa883e5c988fd0ce110c7baada0f3/&h=339&w=550&tbnid=kR0ZSaujlmG0lM:&zoom=1&docid=HK0uiIOiKtGaVM&ei=2wBRVcujOsK7ygPYhYCgCw&tbm=isch&ved=0CDEQMygOMA4
  15. Endriu

    Add some light to Pirate sets!

    looks amazing!!! btw what are the serial numbers to those light bricks?