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  1. Hi all, Does anyone know a release for the Lego City Airport transportation line to hit the UK, When it is? Its released in Germany already, How long does it take to get overseas? Lukemax
  2. It was supposed to be the wet plunger they use to douse any embers after the cannon has been fired, But i do prefer using a antenna like normal LEGO pirates use, But i ran out!
  3. Lukemax

    HMS Ajax - 52 Gun Ship of the Line

    Folders Punblic now :)
  4. Lukemax

    HMS Ajax - 52 Gun Ship of the Line

    Hopefully the folder goes public soon, Here a pic of the captain :)
  5. Just added some close ups shots
  6. 82d Hello all!, Today I'm releaseing my pictures of my grand flagship ship i have been working on for quite a while now, growing from my HMS Vanguard below, this ship was the next stage up. HMS Vanguard Inspiration?, HMS Victory of course!, the yellow and black lines. I wanted to create a large warship that was still within the basic Lego standard plates you get, the brown hull's, The sails were a little tricky aswell, but i did this by combieing multiple masts into one. the usauel masts just felt to short. There was alot of hard and tricky internal support for such a large ship, i will admit, and choosing a right figurehead would be hard, so i just went with a sheild like the English HMS Dauntless from POTC. This is the 1st time i tryed mounting the red rowboats on the side of the ship, If i could change anything i would of proberly of made it 2 baseplates. Right now im working on a new heavy frigate, Smaller, But more deatailed. so hopefully it will be finsihed soon :) new coulers aswell that i quite like! Custom officers onbaord if you can notice, With Captain Steel at the helm, hopefully she will survive a few battles! Anyway on with pictures :) Heres the folder, Soon public hopefully :) Thanks You Lukemax
  7. Thank you, I shall do one day :)
  8. Lukemax

    HMS Vanguard

    New images in Folder of the ship
  9. Lukemax

    TCS Vanguard Spaceship (Corvette)

    Topic Public now, Sorry
  10. Hi all, This is a Spaceship i made some time ago, but finally uploaded it today. Based on Battlestar Galactica/Dadeluss from Stargate Mix of Lego/Mega Blocks (Yes im sorry, Big crime) Just a sort of test to see how i could go i want to work on bigger and more advanced stuff, less flat and blocky is what i aim for. Anyway tell me what you think for a 1st time spaceship (Little Fighter also included!) Heres a Picture :) Heres the folder: Thank You Joergen
  11. Hello all, After the launch of my Lego frigate (HMS Vanguard) and my selection of updated lego tall ships, I release my Selection of troopers 1st Up!, My Red Army The Pretorians Based on the British Army of course, My camera isnt that good but i have: 3 x10 Line infantry 1 x10 Grenidiers 1 x5 Man 95th Rifles Based troops 2 x10 Special Marine squads 1 x10 Marines (Not Pictured, For my boats) 1 x10 British Artillary (Special Torso) Multiple officers with special torso's 1 x5 Cavalry Troops 1 x5 Man British Naval officers (Not Pictured, For my boats) My camera isnt so good but maybe u can make out the troops Folder Here: 2nd up, My Blue Army "Rhinelanders" Based on French/Prussian/Swedish troops, Not sure where this army is heading 2 x10 Line Infantry 1 x10 Imperial Guard elite Troop 1 x10 Marines (Not Pictured, For my boats) 1 x10 French based Artillary (Special Torso) Multiple officers with special torso's Folder Here: EITC POTC Troops x2 10 man infantry squads (Special Torso) x1 5 men Officer squads (Special Torso) Folder Here: What else i wanted to do to expand my army: Rhineland Naval officers (Based On Danish Naval Troops) Rhineland Jaegers (Blue Sharpshooters) Blue Cavalry Troops + More Red army cavalry Maybe build a USA type army? Thanks Lukemax
  12. Lukemax

    HMS Vanguard

    thanks for all the nice words, I'll get a few more pics up soon :)
  13. Lukemax

    HMS Vanguard

    83d Hello all! I present my first ship that was constructed 2 years ago, finally got around to uploading it :), More to come! HMS vanguard, My blue warship, Based on HMS surprise and the black and white 1800 british ships at the time. URL to my brickshelf gallary here, Under VanguardShip Thanks Lukemax
  14. Hi all, i have a few photos to upload, where is the best place to do that brickshelf? then link t to the post? Lukemax
  15. Lukemax

    Custom Brickarms Flintlock Musket and Pistol?

    Hi all, I remember Brick Arms where planning on doing a Musket, Anyone know any further news on this? Thanks Lukemax