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  1. It's possible Mr. Corsten had obtained rights or permissions to use the logo. Much like what TLG does to produce licensed sets.
  2. splatman

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    All I see is a gray Do Not Enter sign.
  3. splatman

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Build cabinets with tight-fitting doors for your containers. If you can make it work, use sliding doors. Unlike swinging doors, they will not whip up a dust cloud every time they're opened.
  4. splatman

    Bricklink stud.io pieces confuse me

    Part 3254c appears to be made such that it can be centered on a stud.
  5. I'm more confused over the banana.
  6. splatman

    Does bricklink allow return?

    Whether you can return items, that depends on the seller. Check their return policy. No return policy probably means no returns. Also check the seller's feedback. A scammer will have less-than-stellar feedback.
  7. The bricks themselves may be unaffected, but a smoke-smelling box will be turned down by anyone shopping for a MISB set.
  8. Can these be used as straight tracks in a pinch (ignoring the curved part)?
  9. Is there no way to modify the existing mold? Maybe block off the narrow end with a piece that makes the mold function as a wide-end-only mold, so only a narrow-end mold need be made. I'm thinking, mill a slot across where the 2 meet, press in a solid block of metal, then mill said block to make the new mold configuration. Ignore the narrow end, as you will need a new mold for that, anyway. Or, cut the mold in half, screw metal blocks onto the cut ends, and mill said blocks to function as part of the now 2 molds for the 2 halves. Certainly, this would be way cheaper than making 2 new molds.
  10. Probably due to popularity. Less popular sets will get retired after only 1 or 2 production runs, while more popular sets will get more production runs, keeping them on the market longer. Just my theory.
  11. Agree! The only place for such nonsense is here: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/107696-hail-our-new-overlords/
  12. splatman

    When A Set Says "X Amount of Pieces"...

    I've counted the pieces of a small set (totally do not remember what set that was), and the piece count did not include any not used in the main build.
  13. Those 8x11 plates have not been manufactured since probably 1963. Also, they are only available in Light Gray.
  14. If you have not already, ask on a 3D printing forum. You will probably get better answers there.