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  1. Can these be used as straight tracks in a pinch (ignoring the curved part)?
  2. Is there no way to modify the existing mold? Maybe block off the narrow end with a piece that makes the mold function as a wide-end-only mold, so only a narrow-end mold need be made. I'm thinking, mill a slot across where the 2 meet, press in a solid block of metal, then mill said block to make the new mold configuration. Ignore the narrow end, as you will need a new mold for that, anyway. Or, cut the mold in half, screw metal blocks onto the cut ends, and mill said blocks to function as part of the now 2 molds for the 2 halves. Certainly, this would be way cheaper than making 2 new molds.
  3. Probably due to popularity. Less popular sets will get retired after only 1 or 2 production runs, while more popular sets will get more production runs, keeping them on the market longer. Just my theory.
  4. Agree! The only place for such nonsense is here: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/107696-hail-our-new-overlords/
  5. splatman

    When A Set Says "X Amount of Pieces"...

    I've counted the pieces of a small set (totally do not remember what set that was), and the piece count did not include any not used in the main build.
  6. Those 8x11 plates have not been manufactured since probably 1963. Also, they are only available in Light Gray.
  7. If you have not already, ask on a 3D printing forum. You will probably get better answers there.
  8. If you will be buying sets for yourself just for the bricks, you will end up with pieces you won't want to keep. So closing your store for good might not be the smartest thing. If you wish not to do the eBay thing, lump your inventory into bulk lots and price them to move. e.g. all 1xn bricks in one color in one lot, all trees in a lot, all other plants in a lot, etc. Advertise the daylights out of it. Whatever does not sell in the end, move to stockroom, close your store, and when you have a new pile of pieces, list and reopen. If you do sell everything and delete your account, you can always start a new one and open a new store if/when the time comes.
  9. splatman

    For how long will the LEGO company exist?

    A company may not last forever, but there's nothing stopping any from being in business for over a millennium. See this list @ Wikipedia. If that's anything to go by, this planet might be seeing new LEGO sets past Y3K. What will those sets be like, that's another matter entirely. But, there's 3D printing, and quality is always improving, and TLG might just reinvent itself. Then again, 3D printing quality might never rival injection-molding, so buying LEGO sets might always be a thing in some form or another (think how brick and wood construction remains popular despite steel and concrete becoming common).
  10. splatman

    Introducing..... the JUMPER BRACKET!

    I'll call it: Bracket, T, 2x2 1x2.
  11. Let LEGO know about it. You expected a quality product, and you got less than that. Do not let TLG think for a second that they can get away with that.
  12. Powered rails would still have a place. Power Functions still needs a power source. Why not get it from the rails, saving the hassles that come with batteries?
  13. Not open them, just get a look under the flaps (use a strong flashlight), prying just enough to see if the glue is legit, showing no signs of tampering. If you still have your doubts, there's always the "shake shake" method, especially if you have more than 1 box of a set, and they were purchased from different sellers/stores, shake them all and listen if their sounds match up. Different contents will produce different sounds.
  14. Some people just don't know how to be rice. I mean nice.