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  1. Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Empty LEGO boxes are just as good a candidate. Cut along the corner with the seam and lay flat. Larger boxes with their thicker, stiffer sides are good for making larger trays.
  2. Might be TLG's way of clearing out excess inventory of certain parts, so it's likely not all production overruns are ending up your local friendly neighborhood LEGO Store's PAB wall.
  3. Do only 2x long straights for now. As for switches, start with a large size, then produce smaller sizes as you recover the costs.
  4. Lego Memes

    Time to go on a Sortie.
  5. Lego Memes

    To go where no Lego brick has gone before.
  6. Thick vs thin base plates

    I find basebricks (That's what I call 'em) to be especially useful for multi-storey buildings and bridges. Any application where they will supported only along their edges or corners. All of mine have the grid with a tube in each cell.
  7. Storage and Sorting LEGO

    I have been curious about this. In all cases that I have read, outside of Glad and Ziploc, the brand is never mentioned. Could it be cheaply-made store-brand bags that are the issue? I have had so far no issues with any zipper-seal bags that I use, which include Ziploc, Glad, Hefty, and Uline. With the exception of Great Value (Walmart) bags. They sometimes don't seal, or they tear along the seal. No long-term issues, though, but it is still not a Great Value in my book.
  8. if you cannot display your minifigs in neat rows, there's this: In case there are any misunderstandings, this video is not mine. I just thought I'd share it.
  9. LEGO Brick without Lego Stamp? Help?

    Maybe TLG decided that since they put LEGO on each stud, there's no need for the extra expense of engraving LEGO on the bottom part of the mold. The "more rounded" part of the studs (can you post a pic of it, please?) is probably also a cost-cutting feature, as it would use a smidge less plastic (same would hold true for fewer words on the bottom). Every time a replacement mold needs to be made, the designers probably ask, "Where can we shave off a few cents, while maintaining quality and function?", then implement anything they come up with, into the new mold.
  10. Adventures into 3D printing train bits

    Do they allow you to bring your own filament? You should have taken the opportunity to design and test the connection points as well. I guess, when you do, test by designing a 4-stud-long piece, to cut down on material usage.
  11. Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Usually when there is anything that is harder than ABS. Especially sand. Wash first if you wish to make sure scratching is kept to a minimum.
  12. Stolen minifigures

    The sensor would have an exposed tab that displays the unexposed color. When the sensor is exposed, the tab changes to match. Do not know how that would work, but someone could figure out how to make it work effectively and cheaply. And safely.
  13. It's multitrack drifting!

    Next: Have 2 or more trains racing each other on 4 or more tracks, like in the video Steam Speed.
  14. My thoughts on CC: Reissue it with a interior. CC originally came without an interior. TLG was probably only testing the waters with the whole modulars thing, as they probably did not want to go all out with a fully fitted-out set and the price that would entail, because they did not know how well it would do. It took off, and so every Modular since then came with an interior. Re-releasing CC w/ an interior would mean only some designing would need be done, as the exterior would be left as it is.
  15. Your worst lego injuries?

    Sore fingers from intense building sessions. Stepping on bricks is no more than maybe a 1.5 on the pain scale. (Pain scale: 0 = no pain. 10 = Worst pain possible)