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  1. Stolen minifigures

    The sensor would have an exposed tab that displays the unexposed color. When the sensor is exposed, the tab changes to match. Do not know how that would work, but someone could figure out how to make it work effectively and cheaply. And safely.
  2. It's multitrack drifting!

    Next: Have 2 or more trains racing each other on 4 or more tracks, like in the video Steam Speed.
  3. My thoughts on CC: Reissue it with a interior. CC originally came without an interior. TLG was probably only testing the waters with the whole modulars thing, as they probably did not want to go all out with a fully fitted-out set and the price that would entail, because they did not know how well it would do. It took off, and so every Modular since then came with an interior. Re-releasing CC w/ an interior would mean only some designing would need be done, as the exterior would be left as it is.
  4. Your worst lego injuries?

    Sore fingers from intense building sessions. Stepping on bricks is no more than maybe a 1.5 on the pain scale. (Pain scale: 0 = no pain. 10 = Worst pain possible)
  5. Do modern white bricks still turn yellow?

    Let's put this to the test. Anyone have any white bricks stored in a basement, or even just out of the light in a cold climate like Alaska or Northers Canada? Another question i have: Has anyone retreated any reyellowed pieces? Did they rereyellow?
  6. Found this on YouTube. Repairing a minifig helmet with solvent (solvent welding).
  7. This, in my opinion, was the only good thing about PAM.
  8. PAM going the way of the dinosaur = Good Riddance! I hope it gets replaced with Fan Favorites! More Sand Green please!
  9. LEGO makes a non-ABS prototype brick

    I sent a message to TLG, including a link to this thread. Here's the reply:
  10. LEGO makes a non-ABS prototype brick

    I hope someone at TLG reads this thread, just to consider the points we raised. Maybe some here with connections to TLG would step up to the plate and send them the link.
  11. Lego Memes

    Worst part is, the next human to step on that brick will lose doubly.
  12. Monorail - Extended Track System

    An idea I have had about the curved (4-stud-wide) monorail tiles, is they can be made such that they will fit between the rails of LEGO's curved train tracks. It will be like having dual-gauge track. Likewise, they would have stud sockets positioned such that they will snap onto the sleepers. Also, make longer-radius monorail tiles to go with ME curve track. Question: How to have the monorail enter and leave the track? Or transition through points?
  13. Monorail - Extended Track System

    Could the rails be made with clips on the bottom that snap into the grooves of 1x2 Grill Tiles? When said tiles are attached to studs, there is probably not much for any clips to grip.