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  1. This, in my opinion, was the only good thing about PAM.
  2. PAM going the way of the dinosaur = Good Riddance! I hope it gets replaced with Fan Favorites! More Sand Green please!
  3. LEGO makes a non-ABS prototype brick

    I sent a message to TLG, including a link to this thread. Here's the reply:
  4. LEGO makes a non-ABS prototype brick

    I hope someone at TLG reads this thread, just to consider the points we raised. Maybe some here with connections to TLG would step up to the plate and send them the link.
  5. Lego Memes

    Worst part is, the next human to step on that brick will lose doubly.
  6. Monorail - Extended Track System

    An idea I have had about the curved (4-stud-wide) monorail tiles, is they can be made such that they will fit between the rails of LEGO's curved train tracks. It will be like having dual-gauge track. Likewise, they would have stud sockets positioned such that they will snap onto the sleepers. Also, make longer-radius monorail tiles to go with ME curve track. Question: How to have the monorail enter and leave the track? Or transition through points?
  7. Monorail - Extended Track System

    Could the rails be made with clips on the bottom that snap into the grooves of 1x2 Grill Tiles? When said tiles are attached to studs, there is probably not much for any clips to grip.
  8. Monorail - Extended Track System

    How about a non-sloping adapter piece? The idea is, a raised monorail track that transitions from stanchions to, say, a hilltop, would benefit from this, using your monorail tiles on the higher ground, and connected to LEGO monorail track on either end.
  9. Strange bags...

    When I sold LEGO bricks on Bricklink, I reused the baggies from LEGO sets, and sealed them with a bag sealer from Uline. The "strange bags" are most likely the same as those in the thread Zux linked.
  10. ME would not need to make motors. Just use Power Functions. All that would be needed, is a pickup to provide power to the motors. Since PF only needs a steady supply of 9 volts, the track would serve merely as a power source. No speed regulator needed. Instead, you would only need an adapter, to step down and convert the 120V AC (or whatever voltage your house gets from the power co.) to 9V DC. An adapter that you may have saved from a defunct appliance may work, but most likely will not handle the current demand (most put out less than 1 Amp), and will burn out, causing a serious train delay.
  11. Video: 15 Lego train crash

    Crush, Texas 2.0!
  12. LEGOLAND non-production parts

    I meant Fall, which will be starting on September 22. If there were also leaves in dark red, orange and yellow, building a fall scene would come naturally. I did not think of poinsettias. If I did, I would have been more specific, to avoid the Fall/Christmas confusion
  13. LEGOLAND non-production parts

    And it's almost that time of year!