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  1. yogi_007

    My new steam locomotive

    What a beauty ! We didn't have such large steam engines in Australia that Im aware of. Im not an expert on steam trains but Ive never seen a louvred tender locally - what is its purpose ? Thanks in advance Yogi
  2. yogi_007

    Looking for Steam train Instructions - Help

    Thanks for the comments. This is not the steam engine instructions Ive downloaded - maybe Im confusing my websites but I have another BR23 that is not very robust. Perhaps I got them from MOC pages or rebrickable Ill see if I can find them again. BTW Thanks for the link to Railbricks and the parts list. Yogi
  3. yogi_007

    My LNER Class A4 4468 Mallard

    I second the echo for either versions to brick build. Im happy to pay but couldn't find this mallard in gareth BL store. Awaiting in amazement :) Yogi I mean instructions for either of these great designs !
  4. yogi_007

    Working Signal Box MOC

    Great work ! I like how simple the mechanism is and so playful :) Keep up the good work. Regards Yogi
  5. Hi Eurobrick Train fans =:) Im trying to find if anyone knows where I can buy these steam train instructions under this listing on ebay 281956356126. The seller mentions printed instructions in the listing notes. I have tried to contact the seller but I have had no reply. Ive looked on railbricks and have downloaded the BR23 instructions there but model is not very robust. Any help appreciated :) Kind Regards Yogi from Oz !
  6. yogi_007

    7-wide carriages with 3 wide end doors - ideas

    Thanks all for your suggestions. Ive used the tile idea on the sides of a 2 stud wide door. Its all in black so the small 1/4 width on each side of the door is mostly hidden. Again thank for you help :)
  7. Hi All, I have building question which I am hoping that you great train builders can help me with. I have decided to make my 6 wide carriages into 7 wide This is great as I can now have two rows of seats in the carriages. BUT, I can seem to me the ends work. I need an end door that is 3 studs wide. I have tried some snot techniques including a 1x1 brick and 5 plates to make up the remaining 2 stud width and have dabbled with all vertical plates but have a 1/2 plate width left each side. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance Yogi
  8. yogi_007


    Hi Peterab, Im in Adelaide and have recently been to Bricktopia - this was the first lego exhibition of any substantial size in almost 20 years I reckon. Ive heard of Brickvention but have never been. If your aware of any LUGs in Adelaide, Id be happy to join. Thanks Yogi :)
  9. yogi_007

    AT&SF #2926

    Hi Daedalus304, This is a massive engine and I have been looking for something this good for ages. Ive tried the old google search and even tried BL forum but no one has come close to a good looking steam train that I like. I see you have used LDD - any chance of sending me the LDD file ? I would like to make one for myself to full some of these carriages. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/111405576894?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649 Thanks in advance Yogi
  10. yogi_007


    Hi train AFOLs, I finally decided to register after a long time reading the forum. Im into trains and love the detailed lego trains like emerald night and the horizon express. Its a shame Im in Australia as I would love to visit some of the lego exhibitions in the US or Europe to get some more train ideas. Well that's it for now - Yogi :)