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  1. One thing i learned is that the piece count these days are higher than expected, i would go by this: 42079 (forklift): Around 700-800 pieces 42080 (forwarder): Around 1200-1400 pieces 42081 (volvo): Around 1500-1800 pieces 42082 (crane): Approx 3000 pieces
  2. It's slightly longer (because of longer wheelbase) and will most likely have a little higher piece count, but the 8416 has a taller lift mast.
  3. If they werent connected, they wouldnt had been built with yellow 7l axle but instead with a 5l with a end stop. More things going on below decks than meet the eye, i.e the 2 rotors at rear are probably connected to a wheel (or 2) so they gonna rotate when moving the craft.
  4. Nah, theres most likely an axle beneath that connects the 2 mla ;)
  5. Great pics!! the mack truck looks absolutely fantastic ;) they nailed it pretty nice just maybe the tires are a bit too small (like they were on the volvo L350) but hold on a sec here... there isnt even one PF or pneumatic set in the 1H?
  6. Twin 49.5 tires will be out of proportions and wont look good, however twin 62.4 will look perfect.
  7. The small 49.5 tires will look weird in dual (too wide), a better guess would be the 62.4x20 tires
  8. Makes us two! this year was the year for a big nice forklift as a flagship for the 40th anniversary celebration. but... they set the bar too high last year, cant top that!
  9. [MOC] Mining Excavator

    wow so much functions in a small space, still dont understand how you nailed the bucket opening mechanism... some kinda wiring?
  10. Its true, its true, its damn true... i was going to buy it but not for that price, not even close. It should even have cost much less than the 42060 because it has 100 less pieces.... imo 42061 is worth $15 tops
  11. Hehe considering how much im being wrong i wouldnt even bet 2 cent, but having a gear switch in a rc model doesnt make sense either since you need to have the vehicle in front of you within an arm-length, so its a bit suspicious either way. M-motor used both for steering and crane rotation could ofc work good as well.
  12. That makes us two, also i think it wont even be driven at all but only have remote controlled outriggers and crane/winch. Reason? no servo included
  13. They charge us 70 euros for the 40th anniversary brick
  14. Indeed! and in talk about possibilites and the new worm gear, it could be very useful in a forklift together with the gear rack. Imagine the lifting capacity with 2 of these gear racks on top of another ;) I doubt they went through all the trouble with a new worm gear and gear rack in new grey color just to be used in some small 1H set. Fingers cross for some impressive construction equipment 2H sets!
  15. Ty nice set of pictures! Telehandler and jet plane looks even better than expected and FINALLY black triangular panels