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  1. From the data... maybe its just a typo. But 8 inches is just over 20 cm, not 22. Same goes for 12 inches, which is not 32 cm. We dont know if they go by cm or inch, nothing to put focus on just a little detail...
  2. Its like 20,5 cm wide not 22, so it is in a close enough scale when it comes to the tire size i mean we arent talking about rocket science here EDIT: 8 inches is 20.3 cm not 22, and 12 inches is like 30.5 cm not 32...
  3. GoldVillage

    42080 Forest Harvester

    Its a very nice little set, but so is all 2H sets. The custom version someone in here did by changing the colors looked even better also nice to see a that a large licensed set like the volvo loader can working pretty good without neither pneumatics and pf. The set i for sure gonna get is the forklift, sure some limited lifting height but it looks amazing.
  4. Maybe its possible to make it go up about 3 studs more by removing the little 2l red axle that locks the rack
  5. Maybe if/when the price goes down, its extemely overpriced just compare it to another same sized volvo set like the 42053 and that one includes pneumatics as well...
  6. WOW... how smart was that! :P TY alot! so far so good, they loading fast now. Even several templates put together loading fast! such a simple solution on a, what i believed, hopeless problem.
  7. Interesting... so the lxf file themselfs cant go wrong because they have no "memory"? but the LDD program itself can get slow? then how come that the lxf files continue to open slowly after reinstal LDD on different harddrives, even on other pc and the same lxf files are still loading slow. Could the LDD memory be flushed in some way? Exacly right, i have also tested by importing only a few of them together and it start gettin really slow... even after a couple of imported file it slows down, Theres a total of about 7-8 different files. But i dont understand what this "templates" is, and nothing happens when pressing ctrl alt g.
  8. With different modules i meant the model is saved in modules... like front and a rear section, axles, cab, hood etc. I saved all those individualy instead of building everything in just one file. The build is 205 kb so far and takes 2+ min to load, in a comparison the L350 lxf file i have is 160 kb and it takes just 7 sec to load...
  9. A new build from scratch wont cause any delay, i wont to a total rebuild because it will take like forever and who knows... maybe the same problem will occur again :/
  10. I have been working on a project for 2 1/2 years and it has ofcourse been alot of re-dones and savings over and over old files, but i have kept the entire build in different modules and sections and everything has just became slower and slower, as soon as i import several modules and start putting the model together... it takes MINUTES to loading up. The entire model as it is right now is approx 2400 pieces in ldd, but even the smallest modules/sections of like 100-200 pieces takes many seconds to load (this wasnt the case before) Is there a way to fix this lag or has the files somehow just gone bad over the years? Im using a G4560 with 8gb ram, and the drives are SSD so it shouldnt be any problems, atleast it wasnt that before.
  11. I normaly hate stickers... but for this small truck it would had give it some life, like a grill sticker and a couple at the sides of the bed
  12. A great review for a not so great set :P but it looks cool... however it also looks somewhat unfinished, it lacks some stickers and what is the lone gear on the other side doing there? (under lifting bed) and btw, the straight through rear axle could be done different so easily, to improve the steering
  13. One thing i learned is that the piece count these days are higher than expected, i would go by this: 42079 (forklift): Around 700-800 pieces 42080 (forwarder): Around 1200-1400 pieces 42081 (volvo): Around 1500-1800 pieces 42082 (crane): Approx 3000 pieces
  14. It's slightly longer (because of longer wheelbase) and will most likely have a little higher piece count, but the 8416 has a taller lift mast.
  15. If they werent connected, they wouldnt had been built with yellow 7l axle but instead with a 5l with a end stop. More things going on below decks than meet the eye, i.e the 2 rotors at rear are probably connected to a wheel (or 2) so they gonna rotate when moving the craft.