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  1. We already have like 8 cars too many in the 1H. 2H should be all abut construction equipments (and similar) i.e backhoes, excavators, forest machines, tractors, loaders etc etc u get it,,,
  2. Worse year ever (i bet next year gonna be even worse) with a licensed john deere with basically no functions, a mini telehandler, and a micro wheel loader in a polybag(?!) - all of these with only 1 function each. 2H better be good but dont count on it... we probably just gonna get some more supercars
  3. Downhill... big time! we getting like 8 cars (including a bike) but a wheel loader ends up in a polybag
  4. We getting like 8(!) useless none-function cars as "real sets" but a wheel loader ends up in a polybag... ?!
  5. Ofcourse it is, why would they give us excavators, tractors and backhoes when they can give us like 7-8 cars AGAIN? last year when we got like 7 cars i said next year gonna be even worse...
  6. But Huddig makes the best backhoes by far, i.e 1260 series
  7. True, worse year ever! 6 cars lol... this ? belongs in lego city or in model team. Next year we should DEMAND 6 excavators, or 6 wheel loaders, or 6 cranes, or 6 tractors etc etc etc (u got the point) Anything less wont be tolerated
  8. Assuming your right (which i hope u are) then we getting a full functional digging arm - thats equal with 3 independent functions (lower boom, upper arm, bucket) for approx 40 euros. It wasnt done on the larger 8294 so i highly doubt it will be done now
  9. Looks like this: Since the bucket most likely is linked to the "dipper stick" this piece is added just to simulate a hydraulic movement for the bucket
  10. Yes it sounds promising ;) just lets hope they dont include like 100+ beams just to increase the piece counts... and im not a fan of pullbacks but im a fan of monster trucks (especially grave digger) so lets hope they will be 4wd with a 4-link suspension, how cool would that be :D
  11. I would sacrifice all 6 cars... But he obviously misspoke since the 42100 is more like 5-6 kg and not 3.5
  12. But since many of the sets has plenty of pieces for their rumored price tags (i.e Senna) so far, the excavator could have about approx 500-550 pieces and even large LA's.
  13. Even a couple of mm of slippery will cause problems, a we can see what happens at the left of the orange clutch switch gear... I would try to lock the entire gearbox in more tight by adding 15 length beams on top, and bottom