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    Obviously, a big interest is LEGO. I know. Shocking. Throw in Pirates and Indiana Jones, represent them in colored circles, and this site becomes the perfect intersection of my interests in the imaginary Venn Diagram I just created. I'm an advocate for merriment, a disciple of comedy, and a solicitor of laughter. I'm a reader. I'm a writer. I've just recently emerged from the cocoon of my Dark Ages to become a beautiful AFOL flutterby. I revel in and encourage playfulness, mischief, and humor. I want to be a villainous velociraptor when, or rather if, I grow up. Preferably one with a monocle and a handlebar mustache.


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  1. Capt. Thomas Foolery

    REVIEW: 4195 Queen Anne's Revenge

    Great review! I built this set myself this past Sunday and was giddy as a school girl throughout the process (except for during the sticker application, which is odd they didn't bother printing these when one considers both the sign and ship painting of the London Escape set are printed). How anyone could rate this as poor is beyond me. If I ran into such a scurvy scallywagg, I'd promptly send him off a plank into a kindly waiting party of sharks. While there are some shortcomings - no door or wall from the ship to the captain's quarters and a few mentioned in the review, the overall build far outweighs these. I, for one, absolutely love how deliciously macabre this whole ship is. There's nearly an entire score of skulls on this ship! NINETEEN! I swear it's as if LEGO just quadrupled their entire skull production in the history of their company for this set alone. And it's exactly all these skulls and the bone railings that make it such a unique addition to the world of LEGO ships. I love it. It really taps into that childish sense of pirate adventure for me. Plus, even though there is no deck, it does appears as if they've designed the build in such a way as to easily add a deck, thereby increasing the realism a bit. Overall, a fantastic set and I didn't even need to wax adoringly on about the minifigs (which I'm now trying to pass a law in my state to be allowed to legally marry them since I love them so).
  2. Capt. Thomas Foolery

    ToR - Holiday Special - (sign up)

    As much as it goes against my Red Coat nature to fraternize with the enemy, I'll allow the holiday spirit to possess me for you, Dan. Looking forward to seeing the finished product! Happiest of holidays to all!
  3. Capt. Thomas Foolery

    LEGO VIP Program Point Problems

    You can apply that $20 credit to your next purchase. There should be a section for it when you checkout. And while I can understand LEGO wanting to make sure people aren't taking advantage and trying to get free points, the amount of time it takes for them to respond should be more than enough to determine something is wrong with their calculations when I only get 47 points for an item (before tax and shipping) that is $54.99. Just can't figure out why it's happening, and then why they can't correct it.
  4. Capt. Thomas Foolery

    LEGO VIP Program Point Problems

    I don't know if this is the proper location for this topic, so I apologize if I made an error. I was simply hoping to get a general sense from other LEGO fans about the LEGO VIP Program and to see if they are having as many problems as I am. I have now suffered multiple instances of LEGO shortchanging the amount of points that are due to me after making purchases at and belonging to the LEGO VIP Program. Lucky for me, I checked my Points History (as I would suggest all of you do, if you are a member) and noticed that I was not receiving the full amount of points due to me. The odd thing is, the amount of points missing have no rhyme or reason. Sometimes, it's as simple as a point or two, others as many as 7 points (actually, 14 as it was during the October double points promotion). After contacting LEGO, I eventually received a polite reply and a credit. But by the time I had actually received that reply, I noticed my most recent purchase had the exact same problem (short by 16 points this time!). When I pointed this out, I was essentially accused of miscalculating because I must have thought sales tax counted and that I should fax my receipts. Just to set the record straight, I've never made the mistake of believing they would give credit for sales tax, shipping, or even round up to the next point when all their prices end in .99. This has really irritated me because LEGO is usually so good about customer service and I can't believe they're making such ridiculous errors in calculation (e.g. Purchase Price of an item is $54.99 and I end up with only 47 points for some reason). Have any of you had similar errors? What have been your results with customer service? Why do you think something as simple as a point system isn't working?
  5. Monocle yes...mustache, eh, no...

  6. Capt. Thomas Foolery

    ToR II Winners Announcement!

    Three cheers for the Red Coats and our commanding victory over the sniveling, inferior Blue Coats! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! The Red Coats orchestrated a sound victory, despite the complete lack of a Red Coat entry on the front page during the voting period for the second round (I smell Blue Coat conspiracy and I'm looking at you, Big Cam ). No matter, the Red Coats prevailed! Congratulations to all the winners, especially you Fugazi - that was one hilarious and well-constructed comic you put together! And once more, a giant treasure chest overflowing with gratitude to the incomparable Commodore Hornbricker as well as all the other moderators and staff who made this possible. It was the first LEGO-based contest I've ever entered and I had a great time meeting (and battling) the fine gentlemen (and mostly, scurvy bilgerats) on Classic Pirates. Now cue the Red Coat victory hymn...
  7. Capt. Thomas Foolery

    The ToR II Studio Headquarters

    Brilliant! I love this idea. It would certainly lend to an all-out free-for-all tournament. Would be a great idea for next time. Of course, I understand why it has typically been Red versus Blue as most of people's avatars tend to fall into one of those categories and that in turn, lends to more individual participation and chances to humiliate particular individuals. But then, as an Islander or a pirate, you could attack almost anyone on here. I'm really liking that idea!
  8. Capt. Thomas Foolery

    RULES Redcoat vs. Bluecoat Tournament of Retribution II RULES

    Just kind of curious as from a cursory glance, I think it would create considerably different prize awarding scenarios, but does the top 6 vote getters apply only to the second round of the tournament or the top six vote getters in overall votes (the totals of both rounds combined)? I had assumed it was just from the second round, but it was a little ambiguous so I thought I would ask. Thanks, and hope you had (or are currently having) a great vacation Commodore!
  9. Capt. Thomas Foolery

    The ToR II Studio Headquarters

    Oooooooooooh, mystery! I love it! I do hope that it is what I've been thinking, which you may or may not have already done (as a relative newcomer, I'm still learning the ropes on here). I thought it would be great fun to do a Pirates versus Coats Tournament. Why? Well, though I may identify with Red Coats for TOR, I am, deep down in my cold, black, dead heart, a pirate through and through. Plus, a Pirates versus Coats could heal the emotional scars and mend the wounds that this last Coat versus Coat tournament inflicted on this fine community. You know, bring both Red and Blue together for a common cause - unite them as one great power (only to be defeated by pirates, of course). For there is no greater way to put aside animosity than to discover a common enemy. And, because I haven't said it before...Commodore Hornbricker, I doff my tricorn in respect and honor for your brilliant hosting of the tournament. You are a true gentleman, a scholar, and a military genius. Your comics are also always hilarious and well constructed. A thousand kegs of gratitude to you, my friend! Three huzzahs for Commodore Hornbricker! HUZZAH! HUZZAH! HUZZAH!
  10. Capt. Thomas Foolery

    Fort Brighton East

    I don't get on here as often as I'd like and since I'm only now discovering this, it's pretty obvious I am behind the times, but... Holy Scurvy-Infested Ceremonial Gold-Plated Monkey Head on a Tribal Platter, Batman!!! This is absolutely incredible! It just completely blows me away. I knew you were talented from your TOR II entries, but I am just bamboozled and befuddled by the sheer awesomeness of this. The simple compilation of parts needed to undertake such a project is baffling to me, much less the skill and talent to make it a reality. I am in utter awe, Z. And I humbly bow before your genius. Thanks for sharing such an awe-inspiring project and also for taking my pathetic dreams and aspirations for a fort by comparison and shattering them to pitiable, laughable little pieces. Fair winds and followings seas, Z, Master of Imperial Forts! (I really need to explore this whole MOC forum better - I am shocked at the level of expertise and skill by so many of you guys!)
  11. Capt. Thomas Foolery

    Tournament of Retribution II Entry: Round 2

    It pleases me to no end to receive such praise from you, Commodore. Many thanks!
  12. Capt. Thomas Foolery

    ToR II Finalists!

    Yeah, wasn't the deadline yesterday?!? Where are you at, Oky? We've been itching to see what girlish adventures the Blue "Avenger" is up to now. Don't deny us that!
  13. Capt. Thomas Foolery

    Tournament of Retribution II Entry: Round 2

    Aye, tis true, matey! Great Red Coat minds think alike and you, good sir, certainly have a great mind. I fear that my verbosity will no doubt do me in and I don't stand a chance to place in the top six. It's really too much to read for this kind of format. But I really enjoyed writing it. Best of luck in the tournament, my friend!
  14. Capt. Thomas Foolery

    Tournament of Retribution II Entry: Round 2

    What is this? A Blue Coat besmirching the outrageously witty, clever, and honorable puns of a Red Coat? I will not stand for such besmirching, you...uh...besmircher! I challenge you to a duel! Of words! But as a Blue Coat, we can simply assume that it went exactly like the Sixth Sacred Trial in my entry did and save us both the trouble.
  15. Capt. Thomas Foolery

    Tournament of Retribution II Round 2

    Yet another great entry! And easily, the most "unique" usage of a LEGO banana I've seen in a long time. Even when the Special Edition comes out, we'll all know you shot first. That's the way it should be.