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  1. Dan the Brickman

    Hello! A (RE)introduction.

    Hello! I am Dan the Brickman! I have resurfaced after a few years of being inactive due to this wonderful thing in life called college, and other life events. Now that Im done with school, I have some time and resources to spend on this fun lego hobby of mine. While I was gone I also took up professional photography, and obtained both skills and gear- I look forward to now using with my Lego projects! I see there are TONS of new members here to the forums, and with being gone for so long I figured it was a good idea to re-introduce myself.
  2. Dan the Brickman

    Boo Bitchcraft

    This is really cool. I have never seen any silhouette models like this before!
  3. Dan the Brickman

    20,000 Members!

    I was one of those people who stumbled upon this site while looking for new starwars sets. This site I found, had information I couldnt find anywhere else. I have to say, I have grown up alot, and changed as I used this forum. This, was actually the FIRST online forum I ever used. When I first joined, in my excitement and noobyness, I became one of those annoying people worried about their post-count. I also made a few mistakes, and almost got myself in trouble, but, fortunately I learned my lesson the first time, and the mods gave me a second chance.(thank you) I learned alot about forum etiquette and soon started joining in with more topics and became really active in the Pirate section for a while. I learned more about photography, and, my contest pics have gotten better in quality with practice. Now, with college starting, and other things In life, I dont have as much time for lego, but, I still come back here to check for the latest news, and get a smile from looking at some of the neat, funny, and unique MOCs posted here. I have come to appreciate how well moderated the site is, but its still balanced, and people get to have fun here. The contests are cool, and the community is awesome. Thanks to all the staff for your hard work to make this place what it is, thanks to my fellow members for all of your inspiring creations. and, May the Force be with you. -Dan
  4. Dan the Brickman

    Friends "Controversy"

    I have 2 sisters, and, they both are very different. One of them, likes everything pink, and "girly". She is the kind who loves the princesses, and anything pink-the total stereotype that companies market too, when they market to GIRLS. my other sister, is a complete tomboy, and wears jeans, plays sports, and hates anything cute. They both actually like lego, and sometimes mess with my collection. But they each have their own tastes. I think its honestly stupid for people to make such a rediculous fuss over weather or not lego should make 'girly pink sets'. If you dont LIKE them, just DONT BUY THEM. sheesh. people these days...... ^This is exactly what I thought.
  5. Dan the Brickman

    MOC: Transforming Batmobile

    This kinda reminds me of the starwars transformers.
  6. Dan the Brickman

    Lady Guinevere

    Oh wow! That is too beautiful to use for cannon fodder! dont do it!
  7. Dan the Brickman

    REVIEW: 4184 Black Pearl

    Thanks for the review! Well, it is definitely not the best looking lego ship, but, it was designed as a playset for kids. Still, for $100, has some decent figures, and parts to get you started on a ship. Im surprised TLG waited this long to release it, as it would have sold better earlier I think, and it seems a tad early for a Holiday release.
  8. Dan the Brickman


    This is neat. My favorite one is Snow Spire. I have to admit, its surprising that some of these designs can support themselves, they must be tricky to build.
  9. Dan the Brickman

    Port for Imperial Flagship

    This is absolutely fantastic. Im glad the people at CP posted this on facebook.
  10. Dan the Brickman


    (shouldn't this be in the historical forum?) Otherwise, really neat. One detail that is great, is how you portray how each side fought. The British in their neat little rows, and the Americans, "Indian style" using the natural cover around them. Also, the little church is really adorable.
  11. Dan the Brickman

    Full Barrel Tavern

    Hehe, I just saw this on Facebook, and had to stop by and say it made me laugh.
  12. Dan the Brickman

    MOC: Tornado Alley

    That is pretty original.
  13. Thats interesting, and crazy!
  14. Dan the Brickman

    Elizabethan Privateer The Princess Ceinwyn

    I love it when I come to this site, and see beautiful works of art like this. Not only is the ship built very nicely, its presentation is wonderful, and I really like the "water" effect of its display stand. Thanks for sharing this.
  15. Dan the Brickman

    New BrickForge Products

    I might have to get some of those test tubes........