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I want to use old parts in my MOCs. That's why I use MLCad and LeoCAD.

What I've done to render my MOC

I open LeoCAD:

- I loaded the model in LeoCAD

- I go to "File" => "Export" => "POV-Ray"

- I select Output File - here I am not sure - I need a existing file?

- I select POV-Ray Executable "C:\Program Files\POV-Ray\v3.7\bin\pvengine64.exe"

- I select "Render Scene"

- I press "ok"

Okay - I can see from the date that Leo worked with the selected Output File

I open POV-Ray:

- I open the Output File

- I select "Run"

- after 5 seconds I get the following result

I am not happy with it - how can I improve it? Thank you for your help!

And hey: I don't mean my building skills ;-)


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I think LeoCad's POV-Ray export thing is quite basic. I've never tried or used it though.

But, the better way is to open your LDraw file in LDview (I recommend to use the beta version 4.2) and follow this amazing tutorial to render some nice images using pov-ray. :classic:

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