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Rocket Racer and Veronica Voltage Racer MOC-Ups

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So a few months ago I worked on what I believe to be the most game-accurate Rocket Racer and Veronica voltage car models to date as far as elements and colors (I used all old-grey elements to match the era). Most of the references used were from the opening cinematic and in-race car models, as the in-game buildable models seem to be compromised for the sake of simplicity. The one slight disappointment was the necessary use of a grooved 1x2 tile instead of the much older but more streamlined grooveless tile,but seeing as those haven't been produced since the mid 70s I figured they couldn't have used them even when the game was being developed.

Here's what I was able to come up with:



As you can see, I haven't added any decals yet. I've been hoping to find a custom printing service that would be willing to print the less-than original designs of these characters and logos onto pieces for me. Until then I'm still satisfied with the results.

Here's the ldr models for the cars for anyone interested

http://www.mocpages....1392588839m.ldr Rocket Racer

http://www.mocpages....1392588709m.ldr Veronica Voltage

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