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Brickshelf: Now, THAT's a hospital!

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I agree! He's got to be one of the most cynical doctors in existence. ER's not that bad either. I've just started to watch the original episodes as my mum bought the first 6 (yes, 6!) series on offer. Out of about 130-odd episodes, we've watched about 5. So not long to go...

I am not trying to be completely off topic, but I have to say something about ER. I loved the first two seasons of it, then about the third season it became boring and it had nothing to do with patients as much as it had to do with what doctor was doing who and too many of thier own personal problems. It became like the Soap Opera, "General Hopital", only that it is on prime time. Plus a lot of the good characters and actors left and that made the show just plain boring.

House on the other hand is just great. Yes he(House) does have personal demons to contend with, so as not to say the show is all about patients, but the cases are much better in my opinion than what they had on ER or any other medical drama on TV.

Don't get me started with Grey's Anatomy. >:-(


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Both hospitals are nice. The one that Hobbes found looks more hospitalish and has a nice front design, but the one that Starwars4J found is bigger and most hospitals are big.

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