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  1. Dark Brick

    The LEGO Vault

    I guess I must have missed the thread already posted. Thanks. Mods, please close this for the sake of humanity and my dignity. Cheers, DB
  2. Dark Brick

    The LEGO Vault

    Hi all- I was reading my news like I always do and I could not believe my eyes when I saw this. This is everyones' dream come true. Check out the video! Lego Vault
  3. Dark Brick

    How much is your collection worth?

    Hi all. Ickelpete: Just to answer your query, www.Peeron.com uses the original MSRP of the sets when they first come out, then totals your entire collection based on those prices. Although not all sets have a price, but you could guestimate. As far as my collection is concerned, according to Peeron, 312 sets total(some duplicate), with a piece value of over 102,000. This comes out to be just shy of $10,200US. Now please understand that I have not included sets that are incomplete or individual pieces/minifigs. So I may have a higher value. I am not trying to brag, but that is what Peeron has me at. I would also like to point out that Peeron has some discrepancies when it comes to accuracy and it does not follow current market values. Please use the service as a guide mostly, especially when you are insuring you collection. Cheers, DB
  4. Hey everyone- For those of you looking for UCS models here is your chance to get an AT-ST. The TRU ad was in the Trib. this morning. I am not sure if this is a worldwide deal or just for the U.S.A. or even just for Chicago area stores. At any rate, the set goes for $62.99US instead of $89.99US. *wub* But the sale does not begin until 5pm today, so don't rush. |-/ Happy Hunting On!! DB
  5. Dark Brick

    Review: 7620 Indiana Jones - Motorcycle Chase

    Great review Hinckley. The comic was fantastic. I guess I may have to go back to TRU again after work tomorrow to see if they still have any of the sets left or any others in this series. I probably should have bought at least one last Friday, but I already had so much to buy as it was, but now this review makes it worth while. One other thing, you must live much closer to the Indiana border than I do for you to go to a Merrillville TRU. As for me I am definitely closer to the city limits. I will let you all know if I find any other sets. Cheers DB
  6. Dark Brick

    Review: 7620 Indiana Jones - Motorcycle Chase

    Just so everyone knows that the set was already mentioned in this thread: Indy I also stated that the set was over priced by Toys R Us as I did see them on Black Friday, about a dozen or so sets. Cheers DB
  7. Dark Brick

    Making a city.

    I think I speak for a lot of City/Town lovers that space is going to be your biggest hurdle. Due to the amount of stuff you can attain for a city, it could become quite overwhelming. I know that this is my current problem I just do not have the space to build a city, but I do have a lot of sets and parts to do it with. Money and time probably come second as you need money to buy sets or parts and time to go out or order these parts, plus time and effort in designing and building. This is not an issue perse, although work does come to mind at least for me. Finally like others have mentioned, just buy sets and parts that you feel you would like in your city. Make it unique, which happens to be the best thing about LEGO, your imagination would be your limiting factor. Cheers DB
  8. I will place my order soon. One quick question. Does anyone know if we can take the invoice to a LEGO retail store and get the stamps for this? Thanks. DB
  9. Well on Friday when I went to Toys R Us for the early morning sale, I did notice that they had the first Indiana Jones set. It is the motorcycle set, sorry I did not get the exact name of the set. It is small and no I did not buy it, until I know what LEGO retail stores will sell it for since Toys R Us tends to raise the price on most sets. >:-( For those of you curious though, I believe the set was $10.50US Cheers, DB
  10. Dark Brick

    Your thoughts on Lego licenses:

    Agreed. Although the Fire Nation Ship has some good soldier/knight type figs. Oh I did buy 2 of these at $20.00US a piece, but I returned the other due to the disappointing build of the first. Cheers DB
  11. Dark Brick

    Your thoughts on Lego licenses:

    I personally think that the licenses are LEGO's meal ticket ever since taking up Star Wars. I am sure all of you have seen the madness that is Ebay when it comes to this license, which of course makes sense for LEGO to continue making new sets. As far as the other licenses that LEGO holds, they are not bad(Batman), but they are not good either(Avatar). Before anyone says anything I would like to point out that I do have most of the Batman sets and I do own the Fire Nation Ship. Like gylman, I too have bought some of the sets on clearence or used coupons to lower the price. That said, I am suprised that LEGO seems to put more thought into the licenses rather than their core themes sometimes. Anyway, I just would like to see more orginal stuff(a new monorail perhaps) or older themes turned new again(Pirates anyone?). Cheers DB
  12. Dark Brick

    Indy set pics for 2008

    Slightly off topic from the current stance in this thread, but I have to say, kudos to LEGO for a job well done on these up coming sets. :-D Normally I would never really buy this stuff, but I may have to get my hands on it just to say that I have them. Oh and thanks for posting the great pics Navy. :-D Cheers DB
  13. Dark Brick

    Happy Birthday, der seb and Lord Beckett!

    Happy Birthday to the both of you! Hopefully it is a brick filled day of fun, family, and friends. Cheers DB
  14. Dark Brick

    2008 Picture thread

    Incredible! This is great news for us all, but bad news for our pocket books. One thing I would like to say is wait till the pictures are clearer before making harsh judgments. There is a quote on Action-Figure website about the RS: "The Rogue Shadow is a ship out of the upcoming Lucasarts Star Wars game for 2008: The Force Unleashed and appears to come with 3 Mini Figures also based on the videogame, one of whom appears to be Juno Eclipse." I guess these are the 5 sets: #7670 - Hailfire Droid and Spider Droid #7671 - AT-AP Walker #7667 - Imperial Dropship #7668 - Rebel Scout Speeder #7672 - Rogue Shadow Cheers DB
  15. Hi all- Me love you all long time, but quite frankly I have had very little time to be on the boards. Although I will say that I have been keeping up with LEGO news. At any rate I thought that this may be good for some of you. I found out yesterday that Discover Card now has a deal with LEGO. For those of you living in the States(U.S.A.) and where ever else Discover Card is available, you can now get some money back in your pocket for buying those expensive LEGO sets. There are restrictions, but no limits as to how much you can get back. The main thing to understand is that the only way to get the cash back is by logging into your Discover Card account and then going to www.LEGO.com through the link that is on thier website. In a way this is good for those of you that do not have a LEGO B&M store near you and you tend to buy a lot from LEGO S@H. There are two main things to consider when doing this and that is the cash back does not apply to the shipping charges or taxes. :'-( Finally I would like to point out a site that is very useful for those that always want to know the exchange rate of various countries prices for the LEGO sets that are being bought. So here is the web site. Curreny Site Cheers DB