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  1. I Hear the Train a Comin'

    *tipping hat* *slight nod*
  2. Trans Europ Express http://en.wikipedia....s_Europ_Express Steam engines were generically modeled after the german BR locomotives. No particular model.
  3. Some more Tra(i)nsformations: Toy Shop Town Hall And for our Western aficionados:
  4. Nothing. I just put a Train guy in front of it and put it inside a track circle. That's the joke. ... Not so funny anymore once you explain it...
  5. OK, so I want to give this PF system a chance. I have two PF motorized locomotives that I would like to run independently but also coupled. How do I go about that? The question basically is how the PF motor fares if it is pulled and doesn't run on its own (i.e. the motor of the second locomotive). 1. Set both receivers/motors to the same channel? Can't run them independently anymore without taking the locomotive apart and change the channel. Not feasible. 2. Set each to its own channel. Can run them independently, but how does the second motor hold up? Does it even matter? Do I have to run both motors? Not very comfortable controlling two motors for the same train. 3. Power only one locomotive and pull the second. Yeah, right. Proves that 12V is still the best, where I can control this with signals and a decoupler... Any ideas? Thx in advance.
  6. Container Raffle Build

    Unfortunately my daughter can't really count yet so she built our container 1 brick too high: Does that still qualify?
  7. 2011 City sets

    Can we at least have the links back, please? Links were allowed last I checked, you just removed everything...
  8. That may have been true for the old server but I don't buy it for the new one. Pictures generate a lot more traffic. As far as I remember contact info was made anonymous when you viewed a profile and weren't logged in. Did that change? Then I can see the reason. Because I don't know and because I wasn't around anymore when those measures were decided. The board's really become annoying to use as a lurker and I just wanted to know why.
  9. Then you have to make the user profile accessible for visitors not logged in. Same goes for the search function. I don't like forums that force you to log in to search or see pictures or user profiles. Those are functions that also help decide possible new members whether they actually want to become a member. The search function helped me back in 2005 to decide to register. I have my reasons why I don't log in every time I visit here. But it's really annoying that I have to log in to use the search function or can't see user profiles (like my own with my posts from the past). E-mail addresses and IM account infos are made anonymous anyway so why can't I see the profile or use the search function? And don't say traffic...
  10. 1. No. 2. Individual 3. - 4. A revamp of + + with modern and nifty building techniques, new colors and room for PF-tuning as a standalone set like Emerald Night or the Santa Fe train. 5. Continue Modular Buildings, expand CITY and Trains, mix Creator and Technic (Model Team 2.0) and do something decent with Technic or kill it entirely and spend the money on other themes. It's no fun the way it is (1000 pins holding together 300 beams is *not* complex, it's just APITA to build!).
  11. Substituting 4.5/12V Train Wheels

    I used them when I was a kid because I didn't have much train stuff. So, from a kid's point of view and standard: yes, they definitely work on straights, and I think on curves, too, if you don't go too fast. You will most likely derail on points, though, because of the outer rim of the wheel. Then again, if you don't go too fast you might even pass a point, but not without the wagon "jumping" when the outer rim of the one wheel has to go over the track.