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MOC - Motor Team

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Like my Lug's brother Hoexbroe (from HispaLug), here I present to you my participation to Intergalactic HispaLug Rally Contest - CRIHL.

The truth is that it is my first ship moc and I have been doing lots of prototypes, never convinced me the end result, until I made another small modules that I liked and then I was joining it. The first thing I did was the main nozzle, is one of the details that I like and I've broken my mind enough, then I did the base with the front cabin. With no more crystals ships, I had to do the second cab inside the ship. Then I designed the cab sides and finally the upper shell with folding wings.

The whole ship is modular, so it can be mounted see step by step. Right now I have no pictures of it, but I promise that I will put it later.

Name's ship: Thor Viper GRX-330

Sponsor: Motor Space Corporation -

Pilot: John Luiz

Co-pilot: Mike Raph

Pilots Mike and John. As you can see, they have their own names in uniform! Also they are experts about quantum mechanics and put the ship ready themselves before departure!

Pilots in front!


Mike and John in the development of the ship with an electro crane:


The main cabin consists of basic commands to navigate, Luiz, a skillful pilot spaceships management is responsible for piloting. The pilot must be seated at an angle because even in space no gravity, the ship generates an intense gravitational field due to the kinetic energy generated by ship's velocity.



Thor GRX-330 Viper Front. At the front we find communications antennas and radar.


Detail of the propellers, as we can seen, the main nozzle incorporates baffles that are opened or closed depending on the power supplied.


When Space Motor Corporation's engineers designed the ship, they were not ignored the weapons. Under their wings down we find 3 lasers that are hosted online by each side, capable of destroying in a nanosecond any armored hull ...



Top view:


Front view:


Rear view:


The ship with the landing gear folded in flight.


If you want more details, please visit my Flickr Gallery ->

Without further ado, here are the cartoon, I hope you enjoy! :blush:

Best regards, Pretoriano.

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Interesting, very greebly spaceship. The transition from dark grey and blue to red and black is very well done.

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You've done a commendable job of making this thing look purpose-built, fast and deadly. I love the engine cluster, excellent work! Everything here looks like it has a function, it's not just parts slapped on without forethought.The transition to red doesn't make sense to me though, I would have left that dark bley.

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Thank for comments guys!

Steebles, the transition to red is because if you follow the sponsor's link, you will see a huge letter in red colour that describes the MOC. :wink:

Best regards!

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