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selling a part of my collection again.

To be clear, I only want paypal money. I know it sucks, but trading takes to mush time and I don't have time at the time ;)

Here's what I have, all figures are like new, unplayed with and come with a lightsaber with lightgrey hilt:

Plo Koon 5 €

Eeth Koth 7 €

Even Piell 7 €

Saesee Tiin 5 €

Shaak Ti 10 €

Quinlan Vos 6 €

Nahdar Vebb 5 €

Barriss Offee (clone wars) 5 €

Luminara Unduli (clone wars) 7 €

Kit Fisto 5 € (got two of these)

(who wants to buy the whole lot gets a 10% discount)

Shipping for a few minifigures costs 4 €, anywere in the world.

Signed for costs 4,5 € extra.

Shipping is at the sellers risk, the reason I say this is because recently I got my first lost package ever, in more than 10 years of collecting.


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