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Heroica RPG First Anniversary

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A full year has gone by since Heroica RPG launched in the Games Forum at Eurobricks, and it has grown to a beloved community project with over 80 players. Not only can you enlist as a hero and embark on adventures around a unique fantasy world in Heroica RPG, but you can also create your own content for the game and help with managing the plethora of aspects in it.

To celebrate this first anniversary, the game manager Sandy has created several special events for the game:

* An in-game Lottery, where players can win rare and unique items in a raffle – which has already begun! *

* A whole new shop has opened at the Marketplace, selling much-coveted artefacts. *

* Three new quests hosted by the game manager will begin in August, one of which is something totally new and exciting – an unlimited quest concentrating solely on battles and gaining experience. *

* The Training Room will be updated with new levels of job classes that will be available to high-ranking heroes: the Expert and the Master Job Classes. *

* And there’s a special surprise to all those who have contributed a quest or another topic to this game – without you guys this game would not be what it is today, so thank you! *


If you’ve never even heard of the game, come and check out the fun the players are having. And what better time to join the fun than now?

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