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Ritz Brick

[REVIEW]:8102 Blade Titan

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Here we are again with another review that was absent from the index.

The human side of the 2007 wave had never really appealed to me, but when the opportunity arose to buy these. I took it, I was in for quite a surprise when I built this.

Name: Blade Titan

Set Number: 8102

Pieces: 162

Price: $14.99 USD

Age: 7-14

Minifigs: 1

Year of release: 2007

Theme: Exo Force




I had ordered this through Bricklink a few weeks ago and no box or instructions were included. Here is what they would look like.


Takeshi in the top right corner has changed a bit from the original wave sets and will change again in Deep Jungle theme.



Same art as box.


Unfortunately I have no in progress build photos. The build although is pretty much the same, start on the torso, add the legs, arms, weapons and then some extra details.


Takeshi our lone minifigure has a new darker red with gold chest plate type vest. I really dislike the angry expression, looks a little to extreme, I would rather it just have a smirk or a type of 'yahoo!' after destroying something.


Side by side with new and old Takeshi and normal expression.


I was thoroughly surprised once built, at first this set almost repulsed me, but it looks way better in person.







Here comes big foot, built in similar fashion to Iron Condor and Sky Guardian.


The blade in Blade Titan


One of the playability features is that you can spin the shield and when it does spin, centrifugal force makes the blades extend out and act more like swords.


Here is a video showing it work, plus the Gatling gun which can rotate as well.

Here is our Gatling gun, I really like this aside from the skinny little arms.


An absolutely HUGE improvement is that the cockpit is almost completely enclosed which was a downfall in almost every other mecha.


*tickle tickle*



The white technic beam sticks out a bit to much for my liking, some little details such as the little satellite, plus what I'm thinking are four missles?


A final picture, this mecha has some serious fighting ability.



Playability: 10/10 The shield blades work very well, easily poseable, plus the Gatling gun is a bonus.

Design: 7/10 I don't want to give design a low score because of how plain the backside is, but the closed cockpit is a plus.

Price: 8/10 Great price, easily for the children to afford and is something they would enjoy.

Minifigure: 6/10 Alternate expression is not great, new dark red is nice, fits in well with the colour scheme of mecha.

Parts: 8/10 The shield blades are great, plus some other pieces that can more easily fit in with other MOCS, more dark red is always great.

Total: 39/50 Just a really nice mecha overall with great features and functions.

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An alright set from an alright theme, imo. Exo-Force was one of those love-it-or-hate-it themes, that suffered from a lot of skeletal construction and okay-at-first-glance designs. I think this set is better than usual, but it still strikes me as incomplete-looking, as most of the Exo-Force sets did.

Best set from theme was the Bridge Walker imo, one of the few sets I picked up and absolutely loved.

Thanks for a great review. :thumbup:

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