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1944 Willys MB Jeep

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For my first post on EB, I'd like to share my first ever WWII creation: The 1944 Willys MB Jeep. I originally built it using Hound knights instructions over on flickr, but I've now modified it so many times it bares no resemblence. I've also turned it into an ambulance, given it a trailer and duplicated it.

The two MB Jeeps, as you can see here the brickarms M1 garand nicely wedges under the shovel and the jeeps have room for 3 infantrymen (comfortably):


Modified into an ambulance using Brickarms Monopods:


And then finally the M416 Trailer I made for it:


Recently I received stickers from Darthpineapple to add another detail onto the Jeep: Stars for on the hood!:


And the Flickr Set showing all Models and accessories of the Jeep.

Great thanks again to Hound Knight, Brickmania, Ranger of Awesomeness and DarthPineapple, all who inspired me to make these jeeps.

Also, here's one of my earlier models just for comparison:


Great improvement, no? I made an instructions video for the this model a while ago, to be found

Enjoy! If you build my model, please give credit! Thanks! (Hope I haven't done anything wrong in this post >.<)

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