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M1097 Avenger

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The Avenger Air Defense System, designated AN/TWQ-1 under the Joint Electronics Type Designation System, provides mobile, short-range air defense protection for ground units against cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, low-flying fixed-wing aircraft, and helicopters.[1] The Avenger was originally developed for the United States military and is currently used by the Army. Until recently, the system was also used by the Marine Corps

Originally developed as a private venture by Boeing in the 1980s, the Avenger was developed over a period of only 10 months from initial concept to delivery for testing to the US Army. Initial testing was conducted in May of 1984 at the Army's Yakima Training Center in Washington. During testing three FIM-92 Stinger missiles were fired. During the first test firing the system achieved a direct hit while moving at 20 mph (32 km/h). The second test firing, conducted at night while stationary, also achieved a direct hit. The third test firing, conducted while on the move and in the rain, did not achieve a direct hit, however, it did pass within the missile's kill range and the shot was scored as a tactical kill. All three test shots were conducted by operators who had never fired the missile before.[1]

In 1987, the Army awarded the first production contract for 325 units.[3] In 1989, the system began its Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (IOT&E) series of tests. The tests were conducted in two stages with Stage 1 consisting of acquisition and tracking trials at Fort Hunter Liggett, California and Stage 2 consisting of live-fire testing at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. In February 1990, the Avenger system was deemed operationally effective and began replacing the M163 and M167 VADS.[4].

The first operational deployment of the system occurred during the buildup for the 1991 Persian Gulf War. With the success of this deployment, the Army signed an additional contract for another 679 vehicles, bringing the total order to 1,004 units. The Avenger was again successfully deployed in support of NATO operations during the Bosnian War.[3] The Avenger system received widespread public exposure when it was placed around the Pentagon during the first anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.[5] The Avenger has also been deployed during the US Military's operations in Afghanistan and Iraq

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carry by normal humvee & easy to upgrade.



system launched

testing start..


searching the target...






welcome to my mocpages & leave your message here :)

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Very nice. Does it fire flick missiles? Could be a nice playability addition. I respect your color choice. Old dark grey looks very military on your pictures. HMV-s are also good not too fancy. In overall I like these very much.

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