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  1. Marko

    MOC: Micro Uzi

    Very nice. Never thought in making weapons in human scaleb:)
  2. Marko

    MOC: 007 James Bond & Bond Girls

    Your minifugures could be set as "unoffficial" standard for 007 characters. Nice, really nice. I would love to see all Bond related MOCS in one thread. Occasionally some Bond stuff comes out but hardbto find it here.
  3. Marko

    My Lego City. A small layout for childs play

    Playability comes from the dimensions of town, height and reachability. I had two towns built on floor for my boys - one 8x5 baseplates mostly with licensed sets and other 8x9 with mostly city and sports sets. Both of the boys did not play too much or if played then with instant fights. Now I combined both towns to 5x12 layout on former dining table and built under the table mine with both mining theme sets, provided chairs to reach the center parts and voilĂ  - they play together and play much more. Also I like my towns better on the table than on the floor. It took me 5 years to realise it. I think you have the right balance here as for me LEGO is in good use if some play happens with it, be it AFOL alter ego :) Train on subterrain is realy good idea.
  4. Marko

    MOC: Fuel Truck

    Nice, clear shapes and techique. Exhaust pipe is neat detail there. Once again i like the tank shape a lot. Is there some real life inspiration truck like that?
  5. Marko

    [MOC] Ifugao Rice Terraces (completed)

    These stems look really real and also the terrain is nice.
  6. Marko

    Friends "Controversy"

    Regarding the article - I find these toys hilarious and would definitely buy one of these for my kids :D
  7. Marko

    MOC: More Swedish houses

    These are really nice and authentic. Good job, I like the usage of plates as roofs and also the true color choices. Keep bricking.
  8. Marko

    A Lego city 18 x 9 roadplates in size....

    Nice. I love your usage of the "official sets". This is the style I love the most. Really massive. Hope you are still able to do something as large and neat. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Marko

    EB Event Billund 2012

    Good idea, I as well could come if it is OK to take my wife and almost 4 & 6 year old boys with me. Regarding that how many of you will be taking wifes and children with you? And if they will not be too disturbing for the without family participants.
  10. Marko

    Panzer Battle diorama by LUGPol

    Authentic work, really realistic. I love the church and the sheer amount of tracked vehicles. Good serious work.
  11. Marko

    MOC: Lego U-Boat

    Serious work, details details and more details with lights make it once more a serious work.
  12. Marko

    camouflage colors used?

    Thank you for good post and specially for Ralph for two versions of HMW (these pics were exactly that I was looking for here with my post). Definitely the dark green version is better. Also I like the logic of Aanchir - depending on the back drop and the fact that there are no LEGO military sets. Still I believe that creations meant to blend in with "official" sets would benefit more in "naive" color choices like standard green and bley as when I look from distance my Toy Story soldiers set on patrol in my town they are quite well blended in with road plates green. So for combat purposes in LEGO world this camouflage choice would be better : ) With planes bley works well on last airstrip road plates that was released. But how about navy? LEGO standard for sea is BL blue. If I would like to make good camouflage choice in purist sense I would need to build my ships in bright blue
  13. Hi, Now with the Toy Story soldiers one can create very well hiding armies using standard green. Also you can make vehicles etc in the standard green for terrain fighting armies and in light or dark grey (depending on road plates vintage) for urban areas combat. Or you still think that military creations should be in real world camouflage colors? Please post here some of your military creations that use standard green and light/dark grey.
  14. Marko

    Anakin & Obiwan

    what can I say
  15. wow wow wow I rarely visit Train section and even less Technic section but always when I do I understand that LEGO is not only a toy but serious engineering tool Excellent detailing, specially the mechanisms. Thanks or sharing.