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If we're getting any extra coaches for our new Emerald Nights to pull, we're probably in for quite a wait. With this in mind I thought I'd have a go at building a few of my own. The thing is though, my brick collection is very limited, so I had to resort to the more long-winded way of building; LDD. I was inspired by talltim's comment posted about Andrew Harvey's Pullmans on MOCpages showing a possible method for creating the distinctive oval-shaped windows that many UK Pullmans had (I believe they're for the toilets).


Two of those arch bricks and a 2x2 turntable base for the frame. Simple surely? It looks it, but having the arches back to back makes them tricky to secure to the rest of a coach, with the result that I've spent quite a long time messing about with various angled bricks. Tonight I finally found out how to do it, and here's the result:


A real Pullman coach should have completely brown doors set back slightly into the body with oval-shaped windows for most of their length, but that would mean more messing about with SNOT! Smaller windows aside you'll notice that it looks much like the dining car you get with 10194 and that's no coincidence as I've "borrowed" some aspects of the design. There's no interior and no lift-off roof but the doors still open. The limited number of tan bricks in LDD resulted in the cream upper section being represented by white, and even then a few parts are the wrong colour (the technic 1x2 near the chassis and the black hinge part on the doors I had to build up from plates for example). Out of interest I did a price check and there's no way I'd pay the £55 or so that LDD decided it would want for one of these unless I could get the colours I wanted. Even then I'd still have second thoughts! It's not turned out badly though and if anyone wants to take things a step further with their enormous brick collection (I hate you all! :grin: ) I'm quite happy to email the .lxf file for instructions.

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I've seen a similar door design when looking at some ideas for building an Orient Express train. I also like the way you created the round windows by using the two arches. That looks great! :thumbup:

EDIT: BTW, what's the center 1x2 brick for? Is that meant to be a light or just for added design?

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Thanks Brickster. I'm not sure if it'd be better to have the oval windows at just one end because there's not much room for windows in the middle at the moment. The 1x2 in the middle with the hole is for inserting the round studs in a similar way to the 1x1 studded plates on the dining coach you get with 10194. I was thinking along the lines of the BR crest which is usually prominent half way along the length of a UK mark 1 coach.

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