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Build a frigate with Captain Green Hair.

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Ok guys,

I'm planning on making another frigate and i want to share the full build with you.

This means you can build it too.

If you'd like to participate you'll need a lot of parts.

I'll start a list in here, which will be extended during the project.

Bear in mind that estimating the needs for this project is quite difficult and that at this point there might be some too many or some too less mentioned on the list. I'll do my best to make it as accurate as possible.

List of parts:

1 old bowpiece

1 old sternpiece

5 old mid sections

30 2x4 old brown bricks

8 2x3 old brown plates

4 2x2 old brown plates

4 2x10 old brown plates

4 1x2 old brown plates

1 1x8 old brown plate

100 black jumperplates

20 2x2 black tiles

4 1x8 black tiles

20 1x4 black tiles

20 1x2 black tiles

28 black hinges, prefferably old style.

Black plates, a lot and in all sizes...

Some plates in desired colour for the gundeckstripe, and also some 1x2 tiles in that colour. (I choose dark red)

Tan (or grey, or what you prefer) plates in various sizes to make the decks.

More to follow....

I'll lock this thread up, so i can later add the images of the build. The project may take up to 6 months, but i think it will be fun.

Discussion of the project can be done in this thread. I'll also give personal help over MSN to the first 5 members thhat post in the discussion thread that have the parts to do it. Bear in mind that the list will be extended.

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Step 1, preparing the hull

Logically the build starts with connecting the hull parts, i always do this with old 2x4 bricks:


I always add some plates on the inside for extra strength, these might be removed later:


Next we take the 2x4 bricks and lay one layer of them over the lowest part of the hull wall, be sure to overlap the seems:


Next up we curve the lowest part up to the high parts on the bow and stern, to make the overlap between brown and black look less pixelized:


Here's a closeup of how i did it:


I think this is easy, but those with MSN support that have questions know where to ask them.

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Step 2, widening the hull

Ok next up we widen the hull with the use of jumperbricks, tiles and plates.

First up we lay down a layer of jumpers and tiles on the shown area. If you don't have enough jummpers, you can always add some tiles in between like i did:


Next up we put on plates, placing them 1/2 a stud out:


Then again we put on jumperbricks, except for the first and last 5 studs, we place tiles there. (Do not use 2 wide tiles):


Lastly we again place plates at a 1/2 stud out and then tiles on their outer studs:


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Step 3, placing the hinges

As i said the first and last 5 studs of the part we made wider should be 3 plates, or 1 brick higher:


Next up we place the hinges like this:


As you can see they are all flush with the tiled edges:


on the parts where the wall is 1/2 a stud wider, the hinge is placed on a jumperbrick.

This is the absolute minimum of hinges to use, i'd rather had placed 2 more in the middle.

I'll be ordering those, i truly reccomend you add them.

I'll post pictures when i do.

Hope all is clear like this, but feel free to ask questions.

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Ok, so like i said i added more hinges, and i also changed the lengths of the build out steps a bit.


This is what the bow now looks like, soon more on this part:


I left 4 studs open at the stern:


From the top you can now see the nice sidewards curve, another reason to use jumperplates:


And lastly one of the side, showing the horizontal curve:


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Step 4, building up the bow and stern.

Next up we start the basis of the bow and stern, starting with the prow:


At the stern we use some black flags to close up the gaps next to the rudder:


Nothing behind them as you can see:


Next up we use horizontal hinges to make the bow round:


On the front there is a 1x4 plate under the hinges:


Step 5, building up the tumblehome.

First we place plates under the hinges, immediately giving us the correct angle:



Then we place plates in between the hinges, like so:


I overlapped the first ones from the middle, connecting the parts:


Lastly we lay in the part of the gundeck that will be visible:


Note: if you decide not to make an interior and a closed top deck, you can now start laying on your colored stripe to make it lower.

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Ok, before we continue, i have made a little change.

The hinges in the middle, where the deck is, have been spaced out 5 studs. I have done this to have 4 studs in between the gunports.

If you want to have 3 studs in between to have more cannons, then don't change the hinges.

Step 6, building up the gunports

On the middle 3 wallparts i have placed another black plte. You can clearly see that they are 1 plate thicker then the others:


Next i have placed 1 dark red plate over it and started to space out the gunports. In this picture you can also see the change in the hinges:


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Ok, so i have build up the walls completely:


A closer look:


NOTE: all the wall sections are still separated and not connected to one another!

I have also started to build up the bow, a nice fake gunport there will make the number of guns complete, 20 total on the lower gundeck:


With the flap open:


Also note the extra horizontal hinges i have placed in the wall:


Next we start building up a bit of support for the upper decks,, note that it is important to build over the hinges to make the whole solid:


I don't really care about an interior, but if you do you have to make supports on the hinges, like i am doing in the middle of the gundeck (which will be visible):


And a final closeup of the stairs, which i almost forgat to put in:


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Important notice, i have moved the lower deck 6 studs forward, changing the hinges to 5 studs apart in front!:


Ok so i have gone ahead and designed 1 side of the ship, if you have questions after this post please ask them before i build the other side, so i can show you in detail when building the other.


Note the height of the wall in the middle, the small waterhole and the top of the stairs, all the separated wall sections are now connected:


Also note the plates with bar on the inside of the wall, they are meant to tie ropes to later on and they are placed closely to the masts:


I have finished the supports for the middle deck:


Designing the headrails is always a pain, but here is what mine look like:


You can see that they are still a bit preliminary, feedback is much appreciated:


And here is how they attach:


The rests for the walls have been placed as well, they are made of a technic brick placed on headlight bricks:


The front of the rests align with the masts:


I have designed a bit of a preliminary stern, feedback on it is much appreciated:


The underside:


The galleries:


Here you can see how the wall slopes a bit over the galleries, pic is a bit fuzzy, sorry:


Here you can see how it is build from the inside:


So that is it for now, i hop all is clear, otherwise do not hesitate to ask questions!

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Ok, here are some more pictures of how the stern is going to be build, not the hinges under the windows and how the single pane is attached:



I have started to build up the support in the aft section, note that all is build over the hinges:



Note how it levels with the small supports under the gangways:


Ok first part of the deck in:


Now i can decide where to put the steering wheel, compass and smaller cannons:



I have closed up the bow:


And made a preliminary figurehead, note how the top headrail connects to the 3 stud brick on the fig's armor.

This is an armor from Brickforge, but the same result can ofcourse be achieved with a neck bracket:



The toilets on the small deck in between the headrails (credit goes to Admiral Bejaune):


Again the inner works:


Adding the bowsprite:



Some pics were taken in fake light and therefore not of the best quality. :pir-cry_sad:

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Well it's been a while since I posted here, but the ship is nearing completion.

All the rigging has been done, all I need to do is add sails.

I decided to first share some pictures without sails, so you can see the detail in close up.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

First up an overall shot from the side:


From the stern:


The bow, note the brickbuild anchor:


The part of inetrior that is visible from the hole:


A birds eye:


Some close ups:







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