Hi there from Austria

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I am half Greek, half Austrian and grew up abroad, mostly in Spanish speaking countries. My main interests (apart from Lego) are technical scuba diving, underwater photography and underwater filming. I build with bricks since the age of 3 and for some decades now. My most beloved themes are Castle (and in general history) and most of all Space and everything that has to do with space. Actually, when Lego Classic Space came out I was so thrilled that I read one book after the other about astronomy and nearly even studied it. 

In the Lego-net I go either by the nickname Legocionado (from Spanish Lego-aficionado or "Lego fan") or by the name Giorgio Chronas, which would be my maiden (Greek) name. I do not like following Lego instructions, I rather do my own stuff. And what really intrigues me is building things that could do as a lego product. That is a kind of different building as I have to limit myself in the amout of bricks and so on. At the end I take that moc and put it on a shelve to stay there forever. By the way my oldest moc that is on my shelve is from the age of 12 or 13 from the eigthies.

Anyways, see you around :grin:



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