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[OL - MicroPrize BoEO] Residence Fort Arltress

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In addition to the glorious culture of Oleon and the influence of the Lotii, Fort Arltrees has been frequented by Carnites. The town still maintains a small garrison of Essian troops, which has blazed a trail for other Carnite states to follow.


Therefore, it is no surprise when we see Carnite architecture popping up around the growing town. 


This small residence was has recently been constructed by a large family from Aden in the wake of the Battle of El Oleonda (small residence micro prize for BoEO). It seems that in a spirit of healthy competition, they did not want the Essians to monopolize on the opportunities of this little New Haven melting pot.



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Nice build! I think it's kind of large for a microbuild, but that scale is always difficult. The bushes are kind of tall for me, but I do like the house! It's very recognizable with the wooden top structure and the typical balcony, coupled with the white plastered walls. A nice an unique addition to BoBS houses, I feel :sweet:.

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