[help identify] BrickStar 2016 minifigure

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Hello friends.
I bought this minifigure on the second-hand market, and I can't find any reference to its origin anywhere.

Can you help me identify it?

All pieces are original lego, and prints look original.

I think there is a contest called Brickstar, in which Lego awards the best official store in each country ... but I haven't found much information.
I hope you can help me

I attach links to the image with quality.
I have also attached the image, but it only allows 10k and has lost a lot of quality



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I’m afraid I don’t know about this minifigure, but there was a series of articles on Brickset in 2020 on super-rare minifigures. If you can trace them and their author, he might be able to help.

You may want to search for records of the event rather than the minifigure in the first instance and find the minifigure that way.

Also, I’m not a mod, but there is a pinned thread for identifying parts.

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Brickstar minifigure and tiles 2018 and 2019 (both listed on Bricklink) were given to lego employees that took part in special contest internally

I'm interested to buy this minifigure

I'm legoman_russia over Instagram if you are interested



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