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  1. It seems that Leia has legs instead of skirt as it was filtered a while ago in IG (it could be the same as the set 75229). The figure of Bail Organa seems to be wearing a cape. If I am correct, only two figures would be exclusive to this set, Antilles and Bail. The 5 figures that are seen in the image are: Leia (75229), Antilles, Rebel (75237), C3PO, R2D2 and Bail. We will have to wait to see photos with more quality ....
  2. The article is still available for viewing in amazon italy, B07FNSB9H4 I think Rey is the same figure that we already knew from other sets like 75105, 75148, 75178 and 75192 However Kylo, seems to be the new figure that was filtered a few months ago in IG with the new scar, although in the photo of amazon only the tearing of the clothes is appreciated. I imagine that it will have a double face and in the photo you can only see the face that does not have a scar.
  3. Hello friends. Does anyone have the two versions of the tarfful figure? Today I received the set 75233, and I can not see the difference between the figure sw0530 and the new sw0993, for me it is the same figure ... An authentic disappointment. :-( Before opening the new one, make a photo of the old torso of internally, where you can see the production number, which is the only thing different, thanks to that I have not mixed the figures.
  4. new raptors in the sets of "Lego Movie 2". Very cool to make a moc of "training of raptors" In total there are 3 blue velociraptors, all of them with small variations especially in the eyes.
  5. I think the "problem" between skirts and legs, could have solved in the BP with fabric skirts, so everyone would be happy
  6. The new storm on ebay is now on sale
  7. I delete the photo, I have read the first post carefully and I think that they can not be published
  8. manumi

    Hello from Spain!!!

    Thanks to all my friends
  9. manumi

    REVIEW: 75215 Cloud-Riders Swoop Bikes

    thanks for the review. I'm waiting to receive mine. I love the figures, every time I make more account that the quality of the figures and the price of the figures, they do not go in harmony.
  10. manumi

    Monochrome Minifigures

    jajajjaj Sorry, the translator has sneaked in!!
  11. manumi

    Monochrome Minifigures

    Yes friend. Simply use the same torsos as the original printed figures. In my instagram profile I have made many monochromatic creations of figures from the star wars world, in case you want to take a look:
  12. manumi

    REVIEW: 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City

    Hello friend, many congratulations for the review. I am a lover of minifigures, and I am doubting whether I like it or not, there are things that I like a lot and others that I do not understand or that I would have wished otherwise. Figures that I like: "Leia" Bespin dress (For me the best minifigure of the set) "Lando". The coat is impressive "Cloud Car Pilot" "Han Solo" I love new pants, I think they should print more minifigs on the sides of the legs. I think that until now there are only two figs with this impression. Figures that I do not like "Boba Fett" I thought it was very bad strategy to leave the same Boba as the UCS Slave, and change the face only for a standard clone head. They could have reedited the whole fig and added new impressions. "Lobot" Few modifications with respect to the previous figure of this character. "Chewbacca" I think this character needs a reedition of his figure, it has already been used a lot in many sets. Question: As I have seen in a review, C-3PO, it seems to have one arm and the head of another color to the rest of the body, this is so? If so, it could be considered as a new figure.
  13. manumi

    Hello from Spain!!!

    Hello everyone. I am a new member who read you in the shade, and I have decided to create an account in your forum. I am a collector of star wars minifigures. I hope to learn a lot from all of you and help as much as possible. a greeting