Any Lego motors beginner ideas for my son?

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Hello everyone and thank you for letting me in :)

I'm a 49 yr old guy from Norway that has not built much Lego in my life unfortunately, But I *really* see the value in it for my 9 yr old son, and I'd like him to spend less time gaming and more time building Lego.

So I went online and bought some Lego motors, axels, bushings and gears, but I'm not very good at this (crap infact :D ) and it seems we both could use some beginner-tips on where to start.

I'm looking for VERY simple builds/tips perhaps combining two motors somehow ? (I tried to search on these forums and keep ending up in massively complex builds that makes my jaw drop but alas) :)

Thanks again folks!

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Hey thank you 1963maniac...unfortunately I seem only to get very complex stuff there as well :D

But we've tried a few combinations now including a base-frame "car" with one engine at front driving one wheel, and one engine in the back driving another and we managed to remote it as well...so there's progress :D

Next I'll be trying to get him to build something with a "rotor" of sorts and try to get it to rotate as fast as possbile...I would assume the largest gear directly to the motor and then hook up a tiny gear that will be hooked up to the rotor.

Also been pondering about some pulley-system, and perhaps a conveyor-belt-system of sorts :)

Is 40 teeth the largest and 8 teeth gears the smallest you can get?

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On Rebrickable you can limit your search to smaller number of parts.

No, there are many more gears. Check "Bricklink", parts, Technic gears.

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Yeah thanks, :)

I know there is many more gears, but I was wondering what is the largest and smallest gears...and if that is the 40 and 8-teeth ones?

...oh that Bricklink is just awesome!! Thanks!!!! :)

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