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For Mission to Mars I decidd to build more of a classical machine - a six wheeled rover.

I was heavily inspired by the upcoming Mars 2020 mission ( and wanted to integrate a drone inside the model.

First thing to build were the foldable Rocker-bogie suspension arms, which is unfolded with pneumatics


Each bogie featurs a steerable front wheel which is steered using a worm gear mated to a small turntable. Drive power is carried through the turntable to the front wheel.


The rear wheels are on their own bogie and are driven by a combiantion of Cv and universal joints:


A longitudinal differntial is used on each drivetrain which allows for the speed differences between front and rear wheels when steering. Differential is especially required when steering at 90 degree steering angle, since the rear wheels do not turn at all.

A driven differential is used to level the both sides of the suspension arms:


Differential allows for the movement of suspension and keeps the body leveled. A single M motor is used to adjust the leveling angle via a worm gear.

Suspension in action:


In order to unfold the rover, a pneumatic compressor was installed near the front of the body:


The same compressor also powers 4 small pneumatic cylinders which open up the tops sides of the rover:


A large actuator lifts the base of the 3D camera (placeholder for Wi-Fi camera) on the top and reveals the propeller "drone" inside the rover:


Since most rovers include some kind of an arm to dig and check samples, I decided to equip mine with claws. They are able to pick up and lift with the use of a single M motor:


And finally the rover can launch the propeller drone using an RC motor powered by BuWizz:


Here is the final wrap up of the features and characterisics:

  • 38 x 25 x 15 cm when folded
  • 41 x 25 x 57 cm when unfolded
  • Weighs 1800 grams
  • Powered by 5M, 2L and one RC motor
  • Controlled by 2 BuWizzes
  • Independent all wheel drive with longitudinal differentials
  • Rocker-bogie suspension
  • Pneumatic unfolding
  • Raisable 3D camera arm - placeholder for a WiFi camera
  • Leveling mechanism
  • Drone launcher
  • Working claws
  • Unlimited steering angle

And a quick video of the rover in action:


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3 hours ago, Ox1337 said:


How do you launch the drone? Which parts are you using as drone propellers?

Drone is launched by an RC motor. Propellers are from 9688 set. 

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