Intigrating official sets into MILS modules

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Hello there. I am considering the idea of making a multi-themed diorama that makes use of the of the MILS concept, but this is also going to be a project that will be incorporating a large number of vintage sets from the 90s and I'm not entirely sure how I should go about it as many of these sets include baseplates, both flat and raised. I am also looking for ways to depict both surface and underwater oceanic scenes as part of this for things like ships as well as aquazone related sets.

The sets in my inventory that make use of baseplates are as follows:

1906: Majisto's Tower

4565: Freight and Crane Railway

6262: King Kahuka's Throne

6278: Enchanted Island

6988: Alpha Centauri Outpost

6389: Fire Control Center

6397: Gas N' Wash Express

6455: Space Simulation Station

Set dependent on elevation:

6540: Pier Police

In addition to these, I was thinking about making an airport that made heavy use of baseplates for the taxiways, and there are likely other structures I haven't obtained yet that have a similar issue. I'm also not entirely sure how to compensate for roadbed elevation for trackside structures such as train stations and cargo handling facilities (something I've also asked about in the trains area).

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You can put a baseplate on the bricks of your MILS module instead of plates and it'll be the same height as a normal MILS module.


(Picture taken from this topic)

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It might not fit the MILS system then.

If I understand correctly, it is not allowed to be larger than 32x32 and it cannot overhang. One of the few solutions is to "peel" the baseplate off the set and then build the MILS requirements in.

Or you'll need to simply sit it on a 32x32 that has the MILS bricks in.

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