[MOC] [LDD] Mass Effect Alliance vessels

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First of all, since it's my very first post : Hi everyone ! I'm just a french student that loves Lego, and I'm happy to meet you all !

Well, down to business now... I really love Mass Effect, and since I'm currently replaying the entire series, I looked for some nice lego models to build. While I found a great deal of them, I was also kinda disappointed to not find good representations of some vessels that I really love, the Alliance vessels for exemple.

So, I decided to give it a go myself, and here's how it looks like :

41739484584_044297de94_c.jpgSytems Alliance cruiser by Adraen Clirio, on Flickr

42474115891_4ba15ca708_c.jpgSystems Alliance Dreadnought by Adraen Clirio, on Flickr

I have other point of view on my Flickr gallery.

If you have questions, comments, criticism (constructive, please), or if you want the LDD files, fell free to, I'd be happy to answer.


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