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  1. Thank you, Space Police XVIII and pombe! The ME designation used to denote said aircraft company, but I decided to make up the company "Mécanique Du Elwinsen" for originality purposes. Also, thanks for the great advice, pombe! I definitely could use more work on colour blocking! As I read your comment, some parts of the MOC just lit up where I definitely should have done some palette swaps, so thank you for pointing that out! I'm also in the process of planning out a few micro space MOCs; however, I don't know if I want to do micro strike craft or capital ships.
  2. Hello Eurobricks Sci-Fi forum! This is my first MOC post on the site, and as such, I would like to post the MOC that won the "Best Medium Spacecraft" category at Brickfair VA 2019. Without further ado, I present the ME-408 Asterion starfighter, a multi-role space superiority and planetary/fleet defense strike craft. It is designed for rapid deployment either via capital ship ordinance launch tubes or planetary defense launch silos, and as such lacks traditional landing gear. Design-wise, this project began using leftover bits that were originally slated to upgrade one of my other starfighters but ended up going unused. I took a lot of inspiration, at least in combat role design, from the Saber of Halo: Reach and the Vipers of Battlestar Galactica; thus, I wished to design a starfighter that would be sortied more like a missile or torpedo rather than a traditional sci-fi strike craft. Also, I apologize for the less than perfect pictures; my camera abilities are a work in progress, as is setting up an area with proper lighting. Rest assured, I will endeavor to greatly improve my MOC photos on subsequent posts. A little fun fluff info from the work-in-progress sci-fi universe I've invented for all of my LEGO space creations: ME-408 Asterion -Pilot: Veronica Bianchi, call sign "Minerva" -Classification: Space Superiority/Defense Fighter -Manufacturer: Mécanique Du Elwinsen -Operator: Terran Federation Navy -Propulsion: 5 Sanderson Engineering custom fusion torch arrays with electro-magnetic thrust vectoring and acceleration, 2 Böhrs light gravimetric drive maneuvering units, maneuvering microthrusters -Powerplant: Böhrs IL-6 strike fighter H-3 fusion core -FTL: None -Primary Armament: 2 Hershel, Kiesel, and Rhône particle beam-lance cannons, 2 HKR turbo particle beam-lance cannons -Secondary Armament: 8 "Minotaur" General Purpose, High-Yield Missiles mounted in dorsal secondary engine pods -Defense: TFN Class-7 duranium hull-plating laced with kinetic energy capacitor circuitry, LizBeth Industries “Rollotor” regenerative EM deflector field generator -Detection & Communication: Böhrs "Vision" Mk. 4 sub-space sensor suite with basic weaponry targeting lasers and EM-spectrum optics array, basic sub-space radio -Landing Gear: Reinforced foot pads integrated with primary fusion torch thrust vectoring array Thank you for giving this creation a look! Any feedback would be welcome, especially with regard to better building design tips! I know one area in which I lack skill is in greebling, and most of my creations display this, as I tend to avoid even attempting to build/place any greebling.
  3. Sajuuk


    Hello Eurobricks forum users, my name is Erik! I have been slowly coming out of a dark age of over ten years, and came to find my old online haunts either nonexistent or nearly uninhabited. I used to be a regular on the Classic Space forums ages ago, and was sad to find out that it was no longer. With MOCPages being a ghost town, and finding myself in desperate need of building advice and MOC critique, I think that the Eurobricks forums is the community for which I was looking. With regards to personal interests, I am a huge science fiction fan, and most of what I build with regards to LEGO now-a-days are sci-fi creations, mostly starfighters and other space vessels. Other than that, I am an avid road cyclist that enjoys the occasional race, and I'm currently working on writing a series of Warhammer 40,000 inspired metal tunes. I also recently attended the 2019 edition of BrickFair VA, and one of my MOCs won "Best Medium Space Craft", which was absolutely mind-blowing! Anyway, you will probably see me in the coming days posting on the Eurobricks Sci-Fi forums; I am looking forward to seeing what others think of my creations, as well as learning all that I can about becoming a better LEGO Space MOC builder! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful community! Chapeau!