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  1. Sajuuk

    [MOC] [LDD] Mass Effect Alliance vessels

    Welcome! Pretty cool micro-scale Mass Effect builds! It would be interesting to see what both Normandy vessels look like at this scale.
  2. @Ragana9289 Thanks! Whilst it's Classic Space themed, it's actually set in a storyline I've been putting together for some time; however, if I were to justify it as an addition to the Classic Space LEGO IP, perhaps the cannons are just for mining asteroids and the missiles are just space probes? Also, in my storyline, the Tarrasque starfighter line is a modified, militarized variant of a civilian spacecraft line, which was pressed into service as a cheap heavy assault fighter for the Planetary Defence of the "good guy" faction. That, and I've been gravitating more towards the various blue colours for ships designed for Planetary Defence versus other colours for the Naval ships, so that probably explains where the Classic Space inspiration came about. @JintaiZ Thank you! @The Neighborhood Merchant Thank you! The front is definitely where I tried to put most of that classic 1930's car idea to practice. I found those stands whilst trying to find something similar to my Warhammer 40,000 flight bases, since trying to make a non-invasive stand out of LEGO for some of my MOCs was quite challenging..
  3. Sajuuk

    Avatar-Class Heavy Kushan Cruiser (HOMEWORLD)

    @The Mugbearer Of course! I apologize, as I just now realize how vague that sounds! So, the Kushan drive sections used a solid, linear "light" for their (plasma?) emissions. The Avatar had two of these that were laid out vertically, like this. The six 2x2 round tiles are more reminiscent of the Taiidan drive sections, like the one on the Qwaar-Jet. There might be a way to accomplish that via some translucent 24246 tiles aligned with some 1x1 and 1x2 translucent tiles? All of that being said, Hiigaran vessels from HW2 used drive sections more similar to old Taiidan ships, and the Vagyr used drive sections very similar to the old Kushan designs, so these Avatar cruisers could very well fit as a "post-homecoming" transitional design between the Kushan Exodus period Avatar and the End-TImes Hiigaran Destroyer/Battlecruiser. Still, and outstanding MOC!
  4. So, this is my first attempt at a Classic Space themed spacecraft (albeit not really following the rules of Neo Classic Space) as well as my first serious attempt at greebling. Not entirely sure it is good enough/technical enough for the forums, but would still like to share it. The hull is heavily influenced by classic cars from the 1930's, as well as offshore racing boats. Any feedback would be great, (better building techniques to use, better colour blocking schemes, etc.) even if you think it's a piece of gǒu shǐ! More photos on my Flickr or my Brickshelf (when moderated).
  5. Sajuuk

    {MOC] Sparrow Fighter

    Nice build! Just out of curiosity, is it supposed to be an unmanned fighter?
  6. Sajuuk

    Avatar-Class Heavy Kushan Cruiser (HOMEWORLD)

    Ah yes, the heavy cruiser I could rarely build because I had already stolen four to five Qwaar-Jet heavy cruisers from the Taiidan! Very cool build! My only suggestions would be to add the lights on the bridge located behind the ventral twin-ion beam cannon turret (oddly one of my favorite features of the Avatar for some reason) and make the engines look a bit more vertically linear; otherwise, it's a really solid build!
  7. Wow, this is pretty rad! Any plans to make a UCS style SA-32A version?
  8. Sajuuk

    [MOC] Asterion Mk. II - "Labyrinth" Pattern

    Wow, thanks everyone!
  9. Sajuuk

    LEGO Freight Hopper MOC

    Nifty build! I'm always a huge fan of truly retractable landing gear (something which I struggle with at times), and the landing gear on this MOC is really well done! This MOC looks like it would be very much at home in The Expanse universe.
  10. Sajuuk

    [MOC] Zero-X

    I like how clean and minimalist this build is! Very cool!
  11. Sajuuk

    Star Trek Enterprise Transformer [Lego MOC]

    This is pretty neat! I love the concept: quite original.
  12. Thank you for the feedback @Peppermint_M! I get what you're saying: I'll definitely look into canting the wings/engine along the x-axis in addition to the current canting along the y-axis, as I really like the idea! If not on this build, then an idea for the future! What I will try to do (assuming I can come up with a solution) is add some sort of rotational pitch, so each wing can rotate independently, yet can still be level with the craft for the sake of the cannons (sort of like the Mandalorian ships from SW: The Clone Wars). Otherwise, I might look into relocating or redesigning the cannon assembly to accommodate a static pitch to the wings. It's funny you say that because the original MOC used light bley quite extensively. I wasn't sure if people liked it or not, so I went ahead and replaced the light bley bricks with dark bley. I'll definitely try to add back in some light bley bricks, although in a better fashion as I did before. Although, now that I'm looking at the original build versus this one, it does seem that those light bley wedges did seem to work to break up the MOC better than the mass of dark bley. Thank you for pointing that out! I'm also a huge fan of Chris Foss's designs, especially since he influenced the majority of the Homeworld series concept art and vessel design. I guess I really need to revisit those designs, especially in terms of how they are colour blocked. I focus too much on shape, and not enough on colour, so being a bit more adventurous in that aspect is definitely something I can improve! I agree...I think everything I make needs more greebles! I'm definitely going to look into how to make small, linear greebles that can fit into the space of a 1x(X) plate. I think it's high time I learned that by now haha! I think I'll start by trying the lightsaber handle and clip idea in light bley, maybe attached to a light bley lightsaber blade/bar and some mini-fig hands. The linear greebles thing definitely something I'm going to experiment with, and also try to retrofit onto all of my MOCs because they're all in dire need of some greeble love. Thank you! I am sincerely grateful for your feedbackI It's given me a lot to upgrade on this MOC, and I've definitely learned a bit more about building technique. I'll also poke around for builds that I really like on the forums and ask the creators about ideas that I could possibly integrate into my own building.
  13. Sajuuk

    Making Eurobricks More Active

    Thank you for the advice, Peppermint_M! Yeah, I get that social media culture has limited people's ability for constructive criticism or intellectual debate; however, I did not realize it had spread to the online LEGO scene. This is unfortunate as it essentially robs aspiring builders of peer-reviewed feedback. I also know that there is a ton of knowledge (that didn't exist a decade ago!) online which individuals like myself can access and consume (such as the Galactic Plastics Youtube channel, for example); however, a lot of it requires having a massive collection of bricks, or a sizable disposable income for Bricklink orders to acquire enough bricks to build along with any instructional material. It's really a shame that one has to be at the cutting edge of MOC building to even be recognized on this site, much less receive any sort of feedback on a build. For an intermediate builder like myself, that is incredibly disheartening, so I can imagine any beginner builders of people making new forays into other LEGO genres might feel. Honestly, this mentality of acknowledging only top-notch MOCs or those that have received some sort of accolade is incredibly elitist and very much a gatekeeper mindset that will work against growing the community. It limits diversity and inclusion, and will only serve to alienate anyone but a curated select crop of extremely skilled builders. This is totally anathema to the core idea that is LEGO. Changing this borderline toxic mentality that seems to have permeated the forums would probably go along way to making Eurobricks more active. Whether or not the impetus and energy is there to do so is another matter entirely, and one that I am not qualified to answer. Anyway, I'll try being more direct in asking for building advice, but I'm not entirely hopeful about the outcome. I totally get the whole "my style/not my style" argument, which I hate to say I used sometimes when I was a lot younger on the Classic Space forums. Perhaps all that growing as a person I did in my decade plus dark age has changed my entire mindset as a builder: where once I was a hot-headed, barely out of high-school kid who thought they knew everything; now I am a relatively level-headed adult who can be confident in their skills yet still comprehend that I do not know everything (far from it in fact!), and that I have so much to learn in terms of building technique and creativity. Perhaps that is the crux of the problem with the "style" response to criticism: that one's maturity and mindset have a lot to do with how one responds. Perhaps it was all the arrogant whipper-snappers like I used to be who ruined the LEGO internet for all of us, in which case, I am even more ashamed of my younger self than I am now, and I am deeply sorry. None-the-less, it is still sad to see that now everyone automatically assumes a general lack of maturity; thus, will only leave praise for MOCs that meet the "top-notch" and "award-winning" categories. This is a great disservice, as even the most ardent defender of their build will eventually incorporate feedback into their technique, or at least I hope they would! It's exactly what I did back on the Classic Space forums. Even though I sometimes railed against the advice I was given, I eventually came to do everything that was recommended: I used more SNOT, I tried to make everything studless, I used glowy bits for engines, I've tried to add more "features" like missile bays, interesting landing gear, et cetera, and I'm now trying to experiment with greebles, even though I am absolutely dreadful at greebling. All of my current MOCs now are the legacy of the feedback and advice I received from those really awesome and even more patient individuals on the Classic Space forums. Oh how I wish I could thank them and apologize for how insufferable I was! Perhaps a lot of advice to people who push back against it is just "investment" feedback? I don't know, just a thought. That being said, I also understand the desire to no longer leave criticism when one constantly encounters resistance to said feedback, and I am imparting no judgement to said action. Ones emotional time and energy is often better spent doing other things. I was just trying to provide a sort of counterpoint, and some evidence, although incredibly anecdotal and most likely not representative, that constructive criticism isn't always ignored, even when one encounters push-back. Again, sorry if this came across as a rant. I'm going to keep posting my builds, even though I am not hopeful for any comments or criticism. Classic Space is but a memory, MOCPages is dead, and "faves" on Flickr do me no good as it doesn't so much matter that someone likes a build, but rather what elements did said individual like so that I may continue to refine those ideas in new MOCs, so Eurobricks is probably my best chance to refine my technique. I'm also going to try to comment on those builds that people post which receive little to no feedback, and in general, try to be more active in the EB Sci-Fi community. I should also disclaim that I do not intend to be confrontational with this post. I am just venting some frustration, which may or may not be valid. Perhaps my position as a newbie to the EB forums is incorporating some bias into my observations, I don't know. Thank you for taking the time to respond, Peppermint_M, and I very much appreciate your advice and insight!
  14. Sajuuk

    Making Eurobricks More Active

    New member here, who came out of a decade plus dark age and only got up the courage to start venturing back onto social LEGO sites (IE forums, image hosting with comments, etc.): I know I'm not very active here, even for a newbie; however, I have run into an "interesting" predicament, and this topic seems the best place to address it without starting a new thread. Whilst I am not an incredibly stellar advanced builder, I would like to think of myself as a solid intermediate builder; unfortunately, it seems like my MOCs just aren't worthy of anyone's attention. The last comments or feedback I received were on my first MOC post, and probably only because it won an award at a LEGO expo. Since then, I've shared four other MOCs (two recently, two a few months back) and not one person has anything at all to say about them. This is frustrating as I came here because my old haunt, the Classic Space forums, have since moved into the dustbin of history (alongside MOCPages now, sadly...) and I needed a forum on which I could post space MOCs and receive constructive feedback so as to become a better builder. On a related tangent, I have also noticed, at least on the Sci-Fi forums, that only advanced original MOCs, MOCs referencing various intellectual properties, and builds that are just recolours of other sets are the only topics that receive any feedback. Whilst I have not seen any "beginner" builds on the forum, I have noticed a disturbing trend of solid intermediate builds being completely ignored by the community, especially if they are an original, built-from-imagination MOC. This is incredibly disheartening, to say the least. I don't know if these problems are recent, or something lingering from long before I joined; however, it's difficult to want to continue to engage with the community as an intermediate builder with a small brick collection and limited budget, especially when all I want to do is learn how to improve my builds whilst retaining my own unique building style. I would love to see a more engaging Eurobricks forum community, especially with regards to MOCs, and be a bit more welcoming towards less skilled individuals. I would like to clarify that I'm not expecting any amount of undue praise or sugar coating: if my build is sub-par, I would much rather someone tell me that and add suggestions on where I can improve (building technique, different bricks, etc.) than leave no feedback at all. Or, alternative suggestion: have a sticky on the various theme forums that says "experienced MOC builds by AFOLs proficient in Photoshop only". Whilst the latter suggestion is mostly levity, this feels like the sort of unspoken rule that seems to permeate the forums, at least on the Sci-Fi sub-forum. On a positive note, I did use the feedback that a few individuals provided on my first MOC post and used it to improve that build. I apologise if this seemed "ranty", but this frustration has been building for some time. I hope this at least brings to light one possible issue with Eurobricks that might one day be resolved. Perhaps it is just the symptom of exiting a decade long dark age, and where once there was a thriving and vibrant online community full of LEGO enthusiasts and various niche sites, now there is but a paltry shadow of what once was; an empty wasteland populated by small, insular, and isolated communities that continue to dwindle as time inevitably marches on.
  15. Hey all, I don't know if this MOC is technical enough to be posted on the Eurobricks forums, but I wanted to share with you my current build of the first starfighter MOC I built after coming out of my dark age. It is designed to be a multi-role starfighter, equipped as both a heavy reconnaissance and strike fighter. The Stormdrake is outfitted with three powerful magnetically thrust vectored fusion drive arrays, heavy shields with numerous emitter vanes, a host of sensors and scanners including an advanced reconnaissance imaging and analysis suite, plus a high-gain sub-space radio antenna located on the aft ventral side of the ship. The fighter is armed with four particle beam-lance cannons as well as six plasma-burrowing thermonuclear anti-capital ship missiles. On a build note, the more I worked on this MOC, the more it took on a vaguely draconic appearance, especially the landing struts. A bit of fantasy whimsy in an otherwise sci-fi setting. The inspiration for this MOC came from designing a main hull similar to the Liberty Patriot light fighter from Freelancer alongside wings that vaguely resemble the Vagyr assault craft and lance fighters from Homeworld 2. The role/classification of this starfighter was also inspired by the modern-day combat roles of the F/A-18F Super Hornet. Anyway, thanks for checking this MOC out and let me know what you think!