Favorite Space Line?

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Blacktron (I) and Futuron were the big space themes when I really got into Lego, so these will always be my favorite ones.

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I really liked classic space for the following reasons:

Long running theme - Classic space was not really a theme in modern terms, it was the "3rd pillar" of the legoland sets (town and castle being the other two) that went on for nearly a decade with a consistent color schemes. This allowed a kid like me to amass a large enough collection of parts in common colors and decorative elements that I could create MOCs of my own that fit the theme without trying to explain to my parents why I needed multiple copies of the same set.  I would get a few new sets for xmas and birthday every year and after awhile, I had a decent enough parts collection that I could build MOCs while having some of my favorite sets built up.  I understand that this got "boring" after awhile, but once the switch to short run themes with differing color schemes happened, it was hard to build up that critical mass of parts since the primary and accent colors would change ever year or two.

The older sets had better parts selection that lent well to creating MOCs even from just one set.  I always liked the box art with the alternate models.  Sure the primary model was sometimes clunky and the alternates even more so, but it did cause one to think about building something on your own.

Lack of "overt" bad guys - the classic sets were about as close to "town in space" as you could get.  There was no focus on bad guys, antagonism, etc.  The classic space guys were out cruising around in their ships, launching rockets with satellites from their bases, etc.  Now, we created plenty of our own bad guys for the classic space folks to fend off... but we created the story and the bad guy MOCs to go with it.  Every thing now is spoon fed - insect aliens vs galaxy squad, aliens against earth defense, space police against bad guys, etc.  Classic space was just there, with cool ships and bases until our imaginations got going.

I grew up and missed out on futron, blacktron-1, etc.  I was able to get most of Blactron2 sets, Ice planet, and on.  I liked Ice-planet mostly because its color scheme was similar to classic space.  In general I think everyones "favorite" theme will be what they grew up with as a kid.  There are plenty of kids today that will probably be reminiscing about NexoKnights and Ninjago 20 yrs from now.


Maybe to turn the discussion in a bit different direction - what was your favorite sets?

Galaxy Commander was an awesome ship - I liked it way better than the Galaxy Explorer.  The colors were great and the play ability was off the charts.

Starfleet Voyager is probably my all time favorite ship - it was sleek and fast looking


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