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  1. drclark

    NCS MOCs

    They are great - they have a more original CS feel to them than many NCS builds. I like them all. drc
  2. drclark

    toastergrl's Classic Space Fleet

    The build and fix set - despite being somewhat <insert that tiresome argument> - could be a good foundation for a 918/924-esque CS moc. Nice builds, drc
  3. drclark

    [MOC] boat spaceship

    Nice use of a single purpose piece. How strong is the connection point between the hull and the rest of the structure. Did you do anything with the underside (or topside) of the hull.. is it filled in or did you use that space to incorporate a cargo compartment to carry a rover/buggy or something? Great little ship - drc
  4. drclark

    [MOC] Reptilian Star Fighter

    This started as a real-life build with my son that then got embellished in LDD and rendered with bluerender. The design is a departure from my typical "Neo-Classic-Space" builds. Its form felt much more "organic" and the green/dark-gray color scheme felt like it should belong to a reptilian race of aliens. It is armed with 2 powerful anti-capital ship cannons that draw power directly from the main engines. it has twin light blasters mounted on the tip of each sponson as well as 4 guided missiles. The cockpit detaches and serves as an escape pod. It is a compact design with only 230 bricks and as such I had to abandon my general rule of including retractable landing gear in my designs. After it was built, it did feel like it subconsciously drew inspiration from the new-battlestar-galactica cyclon raiders. I also rendered it as a Blactron ship which felt like it could have fit the general theme. A couple of more pics at brickshelf Enjoy, drc
  5. Maybe we might have a better chance of seeing a "space-theme" if we post our designs/.lxf files on the internet and hope lepin decides to copy them....
  6. drclark

    Space Base H17

    Unbelievable build! Love the lighting. Wish I could see it in person - pictures probably don't do it justice to see all the details. Wish I had the time and piece collection to build something like that. -drc
  7. drclark

    [MOC] Cargo starships

    I am blown away by all of them. I love the detail that can be achieved in micro-scale builds. I can picture all of these type of ships being in Galactica's rag-tag fleet of civies. I really like the ore hauler and the oversized cargo transport for creative use of pieces. Thanks for sharing! -drc
  8. Both entries were cool. Great job. -drc
  9. Hey Captain Mutant - I understand the enthusiasm for your lego ideas project but you just posted a link to it in this same thread 6 posts ago and in the "letter to lego space" thread at the same time. I am not certain of this forum's rules on self-promotion of lego ideas projects is, but continuing to direct threads discussing classic space to your project might be viewed as bad form by some. drc
  10. I too am disappointed that the "Moments in Space" contest winner is a carnival ride firmly grounded on earth. There were plenty of cool little spaceship entries.... too bad. Maybe its symbolic in that the winning entry's description starts off with "For every moment in space, there are millions of dreamers on Earth. Keep the dream alive with the Coin Operated Cosmic Rocket Ride!" So us Lego Space fans are forced to keep dreaming of a time when Lego had a vibrant non-licensed line of space sets.
  11. drclark

    [MOC] Tanker Rover

    I really like it - what wheels/tires did you use?
  12. With the public voting period over, any idea on how long it will take Lego to post the list of 25 that made it into the final selection round? Will they also be posting the vote totals for each entry (would be nice to sort the list by total votes) drc
  13. drclark

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The thing about piece count, I though the premise behind the Ideas was that the exact model may or may not be turned into a set - but the concept would be developed. Such as the case with "Ship in a Bottle". The set that was produced was significantly downsized form the model that gained 10K votes. In the case of the Adams Family house, if it was not produced solely because of the piece count, couldn't lego have still gon forward with the concept in a down-sized form? drc
  14. drclark

    Favorite Space Line?

    I really liked classic space for the following reasons: Long running theme - Classic space was not really a theme in modern terms, it was the "3rd pillar" of the legoland sets (town and castle being the other two) that went on for nearly a decade with a consistent color schemes. This allowed a kid like me to amass a large enough collection of parts in common colors and decorative elements that I could create MOCs of my own that fit the theme without trying to explain to my parents why I needed multiple copies of the same set. I would get a few new sets for xmas and birthday every year and after awhile, I had a decent enough parts collection that I could build MOCs while having some of my favorite sets built up. I understand that this got "boring" after awhile, but once the switch to short run themes with differing color schemes happened, it was hard to build up that critical mass of parts since the primary and accent colors would change ever year or two. The older sets had better parts selection that lent well to creating MOCs even from just one set. I always liked the box art with the alternate models. Sure the primary model was sometimes clunky and the alternates even more so, but it did cause one to think about building something on your own. Lack of "overt" bad guys - the classic sets were about as close to "town in space" as you could get. There was no focus on bad guys, antagonism, etc. The classic space guys were out cruising around in their ships, launching rockets with satellites from their bases, etc. Now, we created plenty of our own bad guys for the classic space folks to fend off... but we created the story and the bad guy MOCs to go with it. Every thing now is spoon fed - insect aliens vs galaxy squad, aliens against earth defense, space police against bad guys, etc. Classic space was just there, with cool ships and bases until our imaginations got going. I grew up and missed out on futron, blacktron-1, etc. I was able to get most of Blactron2 sets, Ice planet, and on. I liked Ice-planet mostly because its color scheme was similar to classic space. In general I think everyones "favorite" theme will be what they grew up with as a kid. There are plenty of kids today that will probably be reminiscing about NexoKnights and Ninjago 20 yrs from now. Maybe to turn the discussion in a bit different direction - what was your favorite sets? Galaxy Commander was an awesome ship - I liked it way better than the Galaxy Explorer. The colors were great and the play ability was off the charts. Starfleet Voyager is probably my all time favorite ship - it was sleek and fast looking drc
  15. The other thing I noticed is that several entries seemed like they did not conform to the size constraint for fitting on a 16x16 baseplate or the designers interpreted the "overhang" language very liberally. drc