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[MOC] LDD Star Trek TNG Worfs Quarter

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In Worfs quarter we can of cours find some weapons, like the Bat'leth (Lego Batman batarang) hanging behind the couch or some spike punch and other stuff.

Of course he keeps his bat'leth trophy he won on Forcas III on the table side table !

On the table in front of the couch there is the sculture of fighting Morath and Kahless...

Also we can find his fancy futuristic sculpture chairs (?) next to the entrance.

You find the LDD file here:



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Oh my this was instantly recognizable. I think this is one of the best TNG interiors I have seen.

Most of the quarters sets were just reconfigured for various crew members, so if you did this right you could easily just swap furniture for other characters.

And it is a chair...

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OMG, did Word really have purple pillows and bed linen?

Seems like - at least that how it is shown in the Episode "Parallels", which is one of the rare times (I remember) where his bed is shown.



Then on the other hand, he travelled to alternate universes and it maybe Trois decission for pink linens :wink:.

But Worf always had a soft spot ! :grin:

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