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Settlement: Rassilon, Nest of Thieves, Sea Rats

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Colony Name: Rassilon

Ownership: Sea Rats


Location: The Nest of Thieves (Sea of Storms)


Mayor: MKJoshA

Who can own property in Rassilon: Any Sea Rat

Who can freebuild in Rassilon: Anyone.

Military Presence: 1 Medium Fort, 1 Platoon of Troops



Rassilon is located in square I-10 on the map, at the entrance to Ten Mile Creek. The port of Rassilon has the privilege of having forts. Three of these formed a triangle which allowed them to best protect the bay and other interests. Behind the base of this triangle sprang up housing that was sturdy and higher quality than average. Because of this and the fact that it was the best protected portion of the city residences here were naturally more expensive to buy or rent.


Builds in Rassilon:

(Please help me out by posting a link to your Rassilon builds in this thread.)

Licensed Properties:


Freddy's House

Cantu's House


Cannon Factory

Whale Oil Factory


Sugar Cane

Lumber Camp



Marco's Tavern


Rassilon Bazaar


Marital Arts Studio

Pirate Dojo

Arts and Culture

Statues of Justice


Cantu's Fort (Fort 3)

Other MOCs:

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Here ye, here ye! The town of Rassilon has money in it's coffers it'd rather see in the hands of scurvy scallywags! This month, the first 2 players to build any kind of property in Rassilon will receive 20DBs awarded. Post your property in this thread after you've licensed it and I will award you the DBs!

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