Forum Upgrade - One Month Later

    By Bonaparte,

    About 1 month ago we did a massive upgrade of Eurobricks, the first big upgrade since several years. At first it was a bit of a shock to some, but I hope by now you are all getting used to the new software. I already forgot how the old one looked.

    Since the upgrade the admin team has been working hard. We worked to improve the look and feel, we work to improve performance and fixed a lot of bugs and glitches. And we also introduced this new smiley :pir_tong2:

    We are almost done getting one forum theme (the default one which you see now) close to the way we want it. A few more details and it will be fully ready. 

    So what's next? 

    We are preparing some amazing skins and graphics for our theme forums.

    And you can expect us becoming spooky soon :pir-murder:

    Are you getting used to the new Eurobricks forums?

    Leave your thoughts here.

    Smooth sailing in the Brick Seas

    By Phred,

    Puvel has made this great little build based upon the results of his recent trade run.  The MOC has great part usage, nice colors and shows that builds don't have to be massive to be impressive.


    Come check out other great builds in Brethren of the Brick Seas of the Pirate Forum

    Review: 10254 Winter Holiday Train (with Power Functions)

    By Rick,

    Our very own Games Moderator Dragonator has taken a break from playing games and had a go at reviewing this year's Winter Village set: 10254 Winter Holiday Train. He also evaluates how easy it is to motorise the steam engine with Power Functions.


    Check out the in-depth review in the Town forum.

    Trick or Treat?

    By Peppermint_M,


    It is the spooky season once again. Come and take a look at this fangtastic contest in the Licensed Themes forum.

    Sensory Overload

    By Jim,

    Exciting new from SBrick Plus. The guys at vengit decided to develop the NXT/EV3 Adapter Pack for the new SBrick Plus. This means your beloved NXT/EV3 sensors can be used with SBrick Plus! Read all about it in the Technic Forum.


    10th Anniversary Modular Building: 10255 Assembly Square

    By Rick,

    The latest addition to the Modular Buildings theme has just been announced by TLG. 10255 Assembly Square celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the theme and is loaded with references to earlier Modulars. The 4,002 piece set features a little square surrounded by buildings on a 32 x 48 stud footprint.


    Check out all the interior and exterior details and see if you can spot all the references to previous Modular Buildings in the Town forum.

    The set will be available on January 1, 2017 through LEGO Shop@Home.

    The Empire Stikes Back Rebel Fleet

    Bob De Quatre
    By Bob De Quatre,

    Eurobrick's knight Mortesv just posted his Rebel Fleet! Around his stunning Nebulon-B Frigate, many ships are gathered, like a CR-90 Correlian Corvette, GR-75 transports, and some smaller starfighters. Check it out in the dedicated topic of the Star Wars' forum!



    Bricks issue 17 is out!

    By CopMike,

    Stuff to read!
    Bricks issue 17 includes Star Wars: Rogue one, amazing mechs and Sci-fi madness.

    Go here to check it out! 


    001 cover issue 17.jpg

    Stop Motion LEGO Photo Studio

    By Jim,

    Eurobricks member AnkTales, known for his cool stop motion videos, has published a brand new video of a home photo studio. Make sure to watch till the end!


    21306 The Beatles Yellow Submarine Revealed

    Captain Nemo
    By Captain Nemo,

    Groovy! Lego Ideas has released images of their 15th fan voted set: 21306 The Beatles Yellow Submarine 


    Check out the images and discuss in the Licensed Forum before this sub hits the store shelves on November 1st, 2016.   

    Review: SBrick Plus

    By Jim,

    I have been given the chance to work with the guys at Vengit to test the new SBrick Plus. This SBrick is compatible with the WeDo 1.0 Motion Sensor and Tilt Sensor. In my mini review I will explain some of the details for working with the SBrick Plus and show you a little demonstration.


    REVIEW: 21307 Caterham Seven 620R

    By Jim,

    Our very own Reviewer's Academy Teacher WhiteFang has just posted a great review of the LEGO 21307 Caterham Seven 620R. Make sure to visit the Special Themes forum and check it out.


    Eslandola pushes back against Pirate Scum

    By Phred,



    Eslandola (the Green Coats) have fortified an island claimed by Mardier, an NPC faction that has plagued our trade routes with piracy.  Come check out the fort built by Capt Wolf to halt Mardier claims for expansion and retaliate against their acts of aggression in the Brick Seas.


    And the next LEGO Ideas set is...

    By Rick,

    Old Fishing Store! Check out the video in which the Ideas team announce this new set which will come out in 2017 and discuss in the Town forum.


    LDD 4.3.10 update released

    By Superkalle,

    A new version of LDD was released today with what is estimated to be 44 new bricks.

    Cudos to TLG for the maintaining the (hopefully) steady flow of bricks to LDD!

    Read more about it in the Digital Design forum

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