Merry Christmas

    By Jim,

    The S3NSORH3ADS, a popular Mindstorms EV3 band introduced by Aswin, wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And so do all of us at Eurobricks! Please make sure to check out the video.


    Book II Challenge V Preludes

    By Ecclesiastes,

    Book II, is almost coming to an end. And our History Moderator Zcerberus is making some pretty awesome preludes!

    Anzar and his band approached the swamp along the eastern edge.  The once great fortress of his uncle now lies in ruin.  “Is this the fate of Dragon Keep?” he wondered.  The proud guarded manor of Breggan could now be summed up as nothing short of broken.  Nearly all of the ramparts and walls had crumbled.  The gatehouse appeared frail and likely to collapse at any moment.  The only structure that resembled anything of its former glory was the east tower.  Anzar looked up to see three wyvern welps circling the tower.  Again the thought of “trap” leapt forward into his mind.




    It sure is making me excited for what's coming to Historica! Want to know more? Make sure to check it out in Guilds Forum!


    Dwarven Trade in Dale

    By Ecclesiastes,

    Like every year the CCC is getting people to build fantastic stuff. A good example is this part of Dale made by soccerkid6. The amount of detail mixed with a few popping colors makes this a very appealing scenery!


    Make sure to check it out in History Forum!

    REVIEW: 71017 LEGO Minifigures - LEGO Batman Movie Series

    By Rick,

    The next series of Collectable Minifigures due for release is the Batman Movie series. It will be out in January 2017 and will, for the first time, feature a record number of 20 different minifigures. Our resident CMF review expert WhiteFang has been working hard to give you an early first look at this series, which brings a lot of new elements and some highly specialised moulds.


    Check out the extensive review in the Licensed Themes forum.

    Modular Space Centre

    By Jim,

    Is it a town modular? Is it a space centre? It's both, and it's awesome! Make sure to check out the cool details!


    Expand the Winter Village Contest VII

    By Hinckley,

    It's that time again!! The 7th Expand the Winter Village Contest is here!

    Expand the Winter Village Contest 7

    Check out all the details here.


    Sandvik MH620

    By Jim,

    Some people build awesome MOCs. Some people take their time. Some don't. Check out this outstanding creation made by M_longer in only three weeks.
    Make sure to check out the full topic, with loads of pictures and cool information.


    The EB Xmas Raffle - Winners calender

    By CopMike,


    Starting today you can go here and check out the winners each day for 24 days!

    Thanks to Siegfried for the tech-behind-the-scenes and LuxorV for the lovely calender background :wub:!

    And all of you that participated! Check out all the cool moc´s here.

    And yes - keeping up with the tradition with snafus, the prizes haven´t been delivered by Santa yet so it´s even a bigger thrill this year what who wins :laugh:! But I hope that can be revealed pretty soon!

    REVIEW: 71014 Collectable Minifigures - DFB Series

    By Rick,

    Hardly breaking news, but WhiteFang has finally got his hands on a full series of 71014 Collectable Minifigures - DFB Series and has written a thorough review of the series for Eurobricks readers.

    CMF DFB.jpg

    Check out his rigorous review in the Special Themes forum.

    Pneumatic Nemesis

    By Jim,

    Sadly, because of a misunderstanding, this entry didn't make it to the voting phase of the Pneumatic contest. Since it is a very extraordinary creation, I think it deserves some promotion. Click the image or this link to check out this action packed MOC created by Aris!


    Secret Cottage in Farnor Forest

    By Ecclesiastes,

    I was able to see this stunning scenery at Fanwelt in Germany a week ago. And I wouldn't want you guys to miss this one! Especially the trees are fantastic. Modestolus certainly made these in a unique way which I haven't seen before!


    Make sure to visit History Forum to have a closer look at all the details!


    Eslandola's Monarchy giving away Its Power

    By Phred,

    Garmadon and Kai NRG are graciously hosting a small competition with real prizes in Brethren of the Brick Seas Forum. :excited: 
    There is one week left of this Mini-Challenge: The King's Demise.  Enter builds for how people will react to Eslandola's monarchy giving power to it's people.


    Hispabrick #26 released

    By Superkalle,

    Hispabrick issue 26 is hot of the presses. Still free and made by fans for fans.

    In this issue you will find a lot of the information from the LEGO Fan Media Days, interviews to brick artists Sean Kenney and Chris McVeigh, author of The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book. And much more....

    You can download it here



    Holy Collectible Minifigures Batman!

    Captain Nemo
    By Captain Nemo,

    Lego has finally unveiled their latest and highly anticipated CMF line, one based on the upcoming The LEGO Batman Movie


    Before they swoop onto shelves on January 1st 2017, come discuss these Bat-tastic new figures over at the Licensed Forum 

    Best Friends on Vacation

    By Pandora,

    Ever wondered what what the Friends get up to on vacation? Well, check out this glorious build from Eurobricks Fellow Cara, and you can see all sorts of activities from pony riding to just chilling out on the beach. Perfect for chasing away the winter blues if you're in the Northern hemisphere, and suitably topical in the Southern, check it out in the Town forum!


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