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  1. Wonderful train! Great job on the slopes and you did match the coloured stripes very well!
  2. interesting engine and great MOC!
  3. Wonderful! Nice train with beautiful details!
  4. Thank you all for this great feedback! Unfortunately I do not have pictures of the mechanism. Everything is still packed in boxes, no chance to take more pictures. The only details I have are at the end of the youtube movie
  5. In May I showed you my version of the trains that run in the garden of Karlsruhe's palace. This was a static display. In the meantime I motorized the trains and added the automatic train control with SBricks and raspberry PI (this can be seen in the movie, when one trains stops and after a few seconds the other train starts) I also put more care into the overall layout and the children got a playground (motorized with PF). As I did not know which size I could handle I chose the minimal layout to run the two trains. For this reason the curves are almost too tight for the long and heavy trains. The feedback was very positive, so I will continue with this - next time with some more straight track elements between the curves... The layout was displayed at the LEGO Fanwelt in Cologne, the moving carousel and swing can be seen in detail at the end of the short movie: (flickr) (flickr) (flickr) (flickr) (flickr) (flickr)
  6. Another great MOC! I like your work, and here again everything is close to the prototype. Wonderful engine.
  7. Wow, great tram! Clean design and nice details, like the lamps vor the doors.
  8. Great model, interesting prototype (I'm learning a lot about real trains across the world just by reading this forum...)
  9. Great engine, interesting to see how two different builders overcome the different challenges of this model.
  10. Another fantastic train MOC! I really like your beautiful work.
  11. This again is incredible. Hard to tell it's LEGO. Wonderful! Looking forward to see more!
  12. Very nice train!
  13. Great! I like the front.
  14. Beautiful train - great jobon the shape!
  15. Last weekend this ran for two days at Bricking Bavaria. In the youtube video you can see our city/train-layout: The two trains on the inner ring share one track and are controlled by an raspberry PI. For the raspberry I built this small hill to hide all the cabling: "bricks n bolts" and I are currently working to integrate more options to remote-control trains and work on the user interface. He has integrated the brickster modules and I could control a train with an ESP8266 with motor-shield. I just did not find time to configure the raspi as wifi hot spot. So only SBricks were used.