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  1. Lovely, instantly recognizable (and I always liked the original set as well, so great choice). Too bad the suspension are non-official part usage. But I understand there are very little options there. The similarity with the original is very well done.
  2. The wheels look way too small in comparison to the size of the frame. So what I'd like to know: how did you calculate the width and wheelbase in comparison to the wheel diameter? Can you show your calculations, or drawings or whatever you used to come up with these dimensions/measurements? I mean, I'm sure they're not just taken out of thin air, right?
  3. Indeed. In my case, especially 36t and 40t gears. I rarely use those, but I needed all of them now :)
  4. I didn't even think of asking this. I just assumed this to be possible/allowed.
  5. What if you connect one of the round plates on the center of a 2 x 2 plate? Can you then separate one round plate? The round plate can then be separated from the 2 x 2 plate using a brick seperator.
  6. Lego sold more than 1 set of 42066. So it must have been multiplied/duplicated. I.e. copied.
  7. Wait, you can have more than one battery box? Not sure if I like that. But, well, rules are as they are...
  8. Actually, why did you choose to go for a rectangular gate? The forces concentrate in the corners. Why not go for a semicircular gate? There is a reason many bridges have round arches. (I know bridge arches are not circular, but a circle is easier to build than a parabola.) Also, I think 16L links are perfect tension members, as they are very light.
  9. This is just perfect. I always admire people who can build cement trucks, and this one is st a perfeft scale with so many details, and a nide color scheme. Great job, also how you managed to fit everything in!
  10. I think motorcycle wheels would be best. Large, but without needing too much space. Problem: I sold mine... That's why real BattleBots have weight categories. But, as TC11 doen't have weight categories, I'll just pretend that all bots will be scaled to have the same weight. So larger bots would be scaled down to match the smaller ones. My bot will probably be large too...
  11. I was thinking, it would be an advantage to use large wheels on a flat bot so it could work upside down. But if I go for that, building a nice body will be a lot more difficult. Dilemmas, dilemmas...
  12. The problem with shooting mechanisms is that you have a problem as soon as you run out of ammo. How long is a match? To be honest I prefer non-projectile weapons, also vecause that's what I'm used to seeing on TV (on BattleBots). So, expect a blade or a swinger or a hammer or a lifter or whatever. In fact, I have something in the making tthat looks painful :) By the way it's nice to see so much activity here! It's gonna be fun :)
  13. As cool as it sounds, I don't see this work either. I mean, if one bot has a rotating blade, and the other has a hammer, which one wins? How do you even decide that? I think voters should use their judgement about what's "cool" and "effective" by themselves. If I were to vote, I might do a virtual (imagined) showdown myself, using what I think could win. Someone else might do the same, with a wildly different outcome, because he imagines a different match between the same two bots. I see the hammer smashing the blade, he sees the blade cutting the hammer.
  14. Thanks for the answers. I have an idea in mind, now on to thinking about how to power the weapon. I know non-Lego strings etc. are allowed, but I prefer a purist solution. Also, you can have multiple receivers, and multiple remotes, right? As I see it, you need at least three functions (drive, steer, weapon), so you'll need two receivers/remotes. I mean, that makes the point by aminnich above almost moot, right?
  15. Is there really only one motorized function at a time? I mean, we see drive, but no steering. Then we see the switch flipped, and we see outriggers and nothing else. Then we see another switch flipped (probably) at the other side, and we see crane rotation, but no raise. For all we know there's only one motorized function per "mode".