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  1. I like everything about this, except the wheels of the van. I think the wheels of set 42024 and others would look better on this model. Do you have those? Could you try those? For the rest, really nice model, good color usage, I like it.
  2. I like it. It looks pretty nice. You did a pretty good job with the panelling for the cabin and such. I also really like the color scheme. The white and lime works very nicely together. I'd be curious to see more of the inner workings. I don't know if the model is still built up, but if so, maybe you can do a few pictures when disassembling in the future? Is it true that the outriggers have a dual motion with a single drive? It sure looks like so. This looks very ingenious. How did you do the raisable rear axle? How does the rear axle steer (if it does)? There are a few things I like less though. Mainly the fact that the middle axle is wider than the other two. Also, there seems to be no mechanism for raising the bed, right? Anyhow, really nice work overall, I like it :)
  3. What do you not undestand about it? You just stack the bricks and plates as shown. The image shows the bricks in side view.
  4. Reviews are for potential buyers. There are more potential buyers for sets currently in stores. For people looking to buy old sets, there's plenty of opinion and fact material all over the internet for them to make their decision.
  5. What's this PF 2.0 thing you're talking about? Where did you get it from? I know nothing about a 2.0 in power functions.
  6. 34: 10 20: 6 21: 4 9: 3 33: 2 17: 1
  7. When will voting be closed? I'm thinking of letting my partner judge the entries as well, but that will be next Monday (14 november) probably. Did you plan on leaving the vote open up to at least then? If not, no problem, but then I will vote by myself sooner.
  8. Yes, probably. The new 1L worm was first seen in a telehandler, being meshed with a gear rack. (probably the new 1x14 one from the 42043 outriggers). So it's the same diameter as a 12t gear, normally used with the gear rack. As 12t meshes normally with 20t, I expect the new worm to mesh with 20t as well. Or with 12t on a half-stud interval, of course. I noticed the white parts on the container transport as well, but to be honest I doubt they're white. Could also just be gray. Anyhow, there seem to be quite a few cool sets. I want a few of those action trucks, or whatever they're called, just for the azure panels. They're a much better deal for the color than this year's funny car 42050. By the way, the other pull-back is definitely yellow. I also want the ship, just because of the theme, and for the dark blue stuff. I might get one of the orange sets as well, just for the parts. Maybe the container transport - the telehandler that comes with it looks really good. Good to see more variety in colors. In fact, there's almost no red! The tracked racer doesn't excite me, but the BMW bike looks pretty nice (even though I'm not into bikes).
  9. Definitely one of the better entries. It's a great acheivement how you fitted the tubing in so neatly. Yes, I really, really like this one :)
  10. Do I understand correctly that you modified a piece to build something that the Go Kart 42048 shows is perfectly possible in almost the same space without modifications?
  11. When you have multiple thin books that go together to form a single model, it's much easier to lose track. With a single book, at least you have everything together, so no "half instructions" anymore. And the fact that the books were split just somewhere randomly, instead of in a position that made any sense, has always been something that bothered me. But to be really honest... with the exception of Architecture or special sets, I only use the books once, so for me it's paying for paper waste anyway. So, purely personally, I wouldn't mind if sets came without books altogether. I can use my tablet if I want to build a set.
  12. What makes this cool is this entire progress you can follow. It's not just a truck, it's a journey into Lego building :) If you see where you started, I think you have come a long way already. I also like how the scale has become somewhat smaller than you started with. I thought the original was too big to work and look good. The new, somewhat narrower version, works and looks a lot better. I do feel for those universal joints though, coming from the motor that controls the dump bed. There's a lot of force on them. You might want to go with gears instead. (This also gives you the opportunity to gear it down a bit, so that it's slower, but stronger). By the way, if you're looking for ways to make the dump bed lighter, have you considered 8 x 16 tiles? For your next project, I'd suggest you try experimenting with panels instead of beams for the cabin. Panels help making the shapes rounder and they weigh less. Looking forward to further progress on this. Make sure to enjoy the ride! :)
  13. I'm starting to like this model more and more. Great work, also on the color scheme and detailing. But I don't like the gray 5 x 7 frame on top of the cabin. I think you could do with some black here, and achieve better detail with smaller parts. Also, I wouldn't go with the inverted gray 5 x 11 panels. They might "fit" your reference model, but they just look wrong. Rathre than trying to follow the reference, I'd just try to build a nice model. Just a suggestion: use white panels, and replace the top two panels by 3 x 11 ones. This leaves a gap of 2 x 22 studs. Try to fill this with white grill tiles. (although I'm not sure about having a single studded detail only. You might want to use studded pieces elsewhere to make it more coherent). The other alternative is to fill it with white round pin joiners, or 1 x 2 x 0.5 beams placed vertically on black axles with small spaces between. Then you hvae a fully studless solution that breaks the huge white side with some detailing without having to resort to inverted gray panels :)
  14. These instructions look so great, really wonderful! Even better, I have almost all of the parts. I might really build this one when I get the time, just to learn from it. So many thanks for making this! (I may change the front suspension though, I don't like the stress it puts on the 4 x 0.5 liftarms)
  15. Doesn't that pump setup not overstretch the blue pump? he distance between the two holes is more than 6 studs, after all. Also I think you should brace the other end of the red axle, or it will come off during pumping.