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  1. Like I already said in the 2017 thread: First I didn't care much about yet another 4x4 (with threads), but this model grows on me. Sariel already made a good review which got me tickled; but Jim's fantastic review got me for good. This is a must-have set! Thanks Jim....
  2. This model is probably made for the Ramboll company as a gift for customers and staff by a Lego professional. So therefor it has no setnumber but it IS a official LEGO set. I guess there are no more than 300 sets made. What is it worth? For collectors of exclusive/rare sets probably a lot; but for me personally not more than the sum of the individual parts.
  3. So there is a way to make this set even look better. I have to say: this model grows on me. At first i didn't care to much about it; but with the review of @Sariel it got my attention. With the review of @Jim it will have me convinced.
  4. Awesome use of the buckets and the geartracks.
  5. We learned that the people at CS do not have any info about a set with a 42067 designation.
  6. The news is that there is no news?
  7. @Edwin Korstanje Working with you is so much fun. It makes the massive amount of time I put in for every instruction totally worth while. Every time we do an instruction I rally get scared of the statistics: For a 52 page instruction-book with 83 building-steps i put in: Total amount of hours on CAD building: 32 hours, 48 minutes and 12 seconds. Total continuous rendering time: 6 days, 19 hours and 31 minutes Total amount of working hours; 240 hours and some minutes Total amount of different files used to create the completed instruction (in 20 different maps:) 2.038 Total amount of bytes in this project: 14.338.457.600 (13.3GB) Don't forget the countless hours of conferencing with you and the customer and so on... @Leonardo da Bricki Sets like these are not for sale.. Sets like these are exclusively made for specific shipyards, who sell them to their staff or their own customers.
  8. Wasn't it like Han Solo said; "Don't make the Wookie angry... He'll ripp your head off." So.... Chewie looks GREAT....
  9. Just got the Scout Trooper and Speederbike. It is a magnificent model!
  10. And the site says it wil be available on july 28Th not june 28th. The model it self looks better than I thought!
  11. But now he does....
  12. Personally i think the 8880 was the hardest model to build. In only 36 steps you build a truly remarkable model that has never been matched. Nowadays every set is "dumbed-down" in the buildinginstruction to a gazillion steps.. ...
  13. This is awesome. An absolute masterpiece! Do we get a movie too?
  14. According to Brickset i've got aprox 76,000+ parts. Furthermore i've bought/received about 20,000+ parts in various batches/boxes. Most of the parts are build in sets, MOCs and Doodles. ... But any set is prone to scavenging for (spare)parts....