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  1. But now he does....
  2. Personally i think the 8880 was the hardest model to build. In only 36 steps you build a truly remarkable model that has never been matched. Nowadays every set is "dumbed-down" in the buildinginstruction to a gazillion steps.. ...
  3. This is awesome. An absolute masterpiece! Do we get a movie too?
  4. According to Brickset i've got aprox 76,000+ parts. Furthermore i've bought/received about 20,000+ parts in various batches/boxes. Most of the parts are build in sets, MOCs and Doodles. ... But any set is prone to scavenging for (spare)parts....
  5. In a "door" (or whatever you may call it) there shouldn't be that much holes... It probably saved out a sticker too....
  6. here a quick "doodle"of how I think this speederbike is.. Just for size I added a model
  7. Not bad at all... Lets see and wait for the other sets..
  8. The site seems to work just fine http://www.technicopedia.com/
  9. The right one in blue and yellow please Willing to share the LXF file?
  10. I need this connection in LDD Can somebody please help me?
  11. I like the speederbike! Any news yet from the "Spielwarenmesse"in Germany?
  12. Heck, even Porsche sold more Lego Porsches than real Porsches...
  13. Rest asured that Lego sold more Porsches than Porsche...