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  1. Beautiful - thanks for sharing!
  2. Terrific job! The red wheels look a bit off to me, personally, but I can appreciate what you were going for, there. Wish this was an official set so I could buy it! :)
  3. I agree. It's too much "its own thing". To think we were spoiled, last year, getting Benny's ship, the mech, and even the green Futuron minifig in that town set! Oh, I love for the days...
  4. Anything in the modern era (WWI-present) is pretty much off limits, with the exception of maybe some of the planes. I'd love to see it happen (and quite frankly Lego's stance on this is a bit hypocritical), but I think a more realistic hope might be something more in the Napoleonic area? They've touched upon this with their various Pirates lines already, after all.
  5. Meh, whatever. I don't know anything about this guy, definitely don't agree with this. One thing I will mention, however, is that I miss Lego's "alternate builds" pics on packaging - which I do think encouraged creativity - and I somewhat lament that licensed sets are first and foremost as far as the company's agenda goes. But that's about as far as I'd go with that.
  6. There's some kind of Classic Space mini ship included with the Benny Dimensions set, too... I guess it's supposed to be his spaceship from the movie. Looks pretty cool. Man, us Classic Space fans will take anything right now, eh? :)
  7. I wonder if these would be used for Classic Space recovery at sea, since spaceships tend to land in the ocean upon returning to earth. :) I toyed with the idea of doing a boat for this purpose. There's a nice hull in old grey and blue (unfortunately, mine belonged to a kid who sawed through it).
  8. A book with the Galaxy Explorer on the cover? I'm in. The miniscale version included is a nice bonus, too.
  9. Very nice. Looks like it could exist in real life, and I love that you've got it with Classic Space guys without going for an overbearing blue/light grey colour scheme.
  10. Very cool! I might have to try and make that base at some point. Gotta say, those yellow arms are distracting. They look too much like bare arms in space - glad Lego didn't go for that. :)
  11. Yeah, I was going to say as well, he's a little short in the legs. But holy moly, did you ever capture the look otherwise! Nicely done!
  12. Thanks for the review! Reminds me I've gotta pick this one up eventually... Great set. :)
  13. You know, it'd be pretty cool if they actually did put a sci-fi slant on something like that. I know I'm always touting the appeal of Classic Space and all, but if they could mix that with a NASA-like earth station/launch facility that'd be awesome... I mean, who wouldn't want to buy a Galaxy Explorer-like ship with big friggin' rocket boosters attached to it on a vertical launchpad? It'd be the perfect mix of something fresh and new with a classic, nostalgic type of appeal. :)
  14. Essentially how I feel as well. I would much rather it match the originals exactly, but... Well, I mean it's still a green Futuron fig, so I'll take it. :) Honest to goodness, I would buy ANYTHING Lego makes with the Classic Space logo on it. If they start putting it on Ninjago crap I'll buy 'em. ;)
  15. Yeah, well... I guess that stuff really just doesn't appeal to me. Honestly, without that old CS logo I'm not sure I'd be interested in any sci-fi type theme, for that matter. Guess I'm living in the past, lol. Hmm. Well who knows, I suppose. I wouldn't hold my breath, though. :) I finally picked up a 493 Space Command Center and can't help but think that something like this would work terrific in the Juniors theme... I believe someone had mentioned that earlier, but anyway, it'd be a great way to reintroduce the Classic Space concept. Plus, even though I know a lot of the "Neo Classic Space" MOCers love the more advanced designs, but I think I'd prefer something that looks more at home with the old sets. Oh well, wishful thinking either way, I suppose. :)